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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Other Casualties of the Charleston Massacre

Other Casualties of the Charleston Church Massacre

By Michael Hoffman

As readers of this column are aware, over the last few days, since I returned from the “America’s Promise” conference in Sandpoint, Idaho, I have been writing about Dylann Roof, the massacre in Charleston and the state of the black and white races in 21st century America.

In those columns I recommended two books, Black Serial Killer by white Christian author Justin Cottrell, and Out of America by the black journalist Keith Richburg.

As many of you also know, the continuing existence of these columns and our Truth Mission is precarious and often teetering on the edge of extinction. My vocation as a voice of independent thinking and a teacher of the ways of detecting fraud and misdirection, does not always contribute to our bottom line.

In Revisionist History Newsletter no. 74 I wrote of “Right wing myths with an endless shelf life,” focusing on how deep cover forces of the Cryptocracy burn us out by persuading us to sucker in for counterfeit history and a defective epistemology. I used as examples the persistent legends that King Charles I of England was overthrown by Puritan agents of the Judaic Money Power, and that it was the Puritan Republic that legalized the re-entry of Judaics to England after their long absence. I demonstrated from the documentary record that both of these notions were flagrant lies disseminated by the revered Catholic author Hilaire Belloc and the Right wing icon, Capt. Archibald Ramsay in his famous book, The Nameless War

Belloc is to conservative Catholicism what Babe Ruth is to baseball and a number of our Catholic readers and donors quietly dropped their subscriptions and stopped their donations after I wrote the essay in question. No one contested the truth of my assertions, presumably because there was nothing to contest. My “offense” was that I had dared to say that Emperor Belloc had no clothes. Well, since I have said the same about rabbinic “emperors,” why would I allow myself to be cowed into failing to alert Catholics (and everyone else) to the misdirection and false witness by which an eminent wordsmith had misled generations of conservatives? Apparently some Catholics believe that falsehood somehow serves the cause of Christ. It is important to note that to their credit, some of our Catholics readers and supporters stayed with us even after newsletter 74.

Over the years our exposure of the hidden aspects of Adolf Hitler’s biography, lately in Revisionist History no. 75, “Corporal Hitler in the First World War,” has cost us, and it cost us again after that writing appeared. Recently a friend who is a pastor learned of my plan to write a booklet or short book on the attempt, stronger than ever in 2015, to rehabilitate Hitler. This pastor who is not by a long shot any sort of neo-Nazi, warned me against it, suggesting that it would sow “disunity” in the ranks. But since a pro-Hitler “documentary’ movie has appeared on YouTube, beguiling even Christians into believing that Adolf Hitler was a “basically good man” who”fought the bankers,” it is more than ever imperative to show how a revival of Hitler’s movement would be a fatal dead end for our people. 

I do not factor a possible loss of income when planning the books or columns I write. Having forfeited, because I had defied the Zionists in the 1980s, what looked to be a lucrative career in the Establishment media, I believe that to please God and fulfill my destiny I must continue to defy the dogmas and dead ends by which the Cryptocracy, through its useful idiots, attempts to dupe and neutralize us. 

Now comes the racially inflammatory Dylann Roof murders and the Confederate flag tempest. My columns this week on this subject have led to the departure from among those who could be called my supporters, those whites who feel my criticism of the murderous moron who slaughtered black folk at prayer, was intemperate, and failed to take into adequate account the roots of white rage.

From the other end of the spectrum meanwhile, a man in Florida who has been a major donor to my writing and research has bid me and our Truth Mission farewell, because those same columns are allegedly “pandering to white nationalists” and offering “excuses” for the mass murder in the church.  It was American evangelist Lorenzo Dow (1777-1834) who coined the phrase, “You will damned if you do and damned if you don’t,” which is more or less the story of my life.

Last May revisionist author Michael Collins Piper with whom I often disagreed but nevertheless respected, died alone in a flophouse motel here in Coeur d’Alene. To the best of my knowledge he wasn’t even accorded a funeral or memorial service and I know not the disposition of his remains. I was privileged to see him on the shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene a week before he died, writing furiously in a notebook, a penman to the end.

I thought some of Mike’s material was off the wall, particularly his role in the rehabilitation of Hitler, but the mistakes he made (in my opinion) were honest ones. He didn’t write for money first, but for principle first, and his loyalty to his employers at the newspaper where he toiled for years was renowned, and some would say, ill-requited.

Yet the circumstances of Mike’s death is perhaps his most profound epitaph and while I do not invite suffering or penury and would very much wish to be prosperous, I understand that suffering and loss is sometimes the writer’s lot; particularly curmudgeons who obstinately pursue at all costs what they believe to be true.

Puritan William Prynne was branded on both cheeks, had his ears cut off in the pillory and was sentenced to life imprisonment for defying the king’s archbishop. In 1655 he wrote, “...desiring to do nothing against, but for the truth, for which I shall ever contend, and to which I shall ever subscribe; reputing it to be my greatest felicity to conquer with it or be conquered by it, and if occasion require, to suffer cheerfully, gladly for it.”

As our base of support dwindles as a casualty of the war to stay true to devotion to the pursuit of truth, I pray God grant me the strength to soldier on, cheerfully and gladly.

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