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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What are the forces keeping Blacks in misery?

What are the forces keeping blacks in America in misery?

By Michael Hoffman

Two of those forces are the racial resentment and entitlement induced in black Americans which cripples them; the other is the lack of gratitude that is instilled. They live in a white nation that granted them high levels of personal rights largely unknown in Africa; most live free of white violence. Black journalist Keith Richburg’s book (Out of America) amply points this out after his years in Africa.

Few attitudes are more destructive in any human being than a sense of resentment, entitlement and ingratitude. Any parent worthy of the name would never dream of instilling those habits of mind in their children, yet the Civil Rights movement in the U.S. has done precisely that to black people. Coupled with this is the conspiracy to paint all whites almost without distinction as highly privileged haters and oppressors. Poor whites look at their lives and do not recognize themselves in this caricature, which in turn breeds destructive resentment on their part, and the vicious cycle is enlarged and perpetuated.

Peace between the races cannot prevail where truth is banished.

The campaign to ban the Confederate flag

The New York Times in its online edition for June 23 is claiming there is a “groundswell” movement to ban the Confederate flag in America. In fact, this supposed “groundswell" is more a case of media hubris than an accurate reading of the national pulse. I abhor a media stampede. Many Americans are too cowed by the stampede to express their true feelings. 

The hypocrisy of claiming that the American flag that was the ensign of the campaign to exterminate the American Indian on the Great Plains of North America by Union Army officers Custer, Sherman and Sheridan and the Federal government that supported them — as being morally superior to the Confederate flag — constitutes a tragic farce.

Censorship and bans contribute to historical amnesia, smack of the Bolshevik re-writing of history and are not the answer. Neither Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson would have had anything but utter disgust for the coward who massacred Black people at prayer. Above all, the Confederate flag stands for the human right of secession, no matter how many maniacs attempt to appropriate it for their demented 21st century causes.

Michael Hoffman is the author of They Were White and They Were Slaves. His column is funded by donations from readers and the sale of his books, newsletters and recordings.

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