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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Persecuted French revisionist: Charlie Hebdo Before and After

Persecuted French revisionist scholar: 
Charlie Hebdo Before and After 

Editors Note: Dr. Robert Faurisson, the courageous octogenarian dean of European revisionists who has been repeatedly beaten, prosecuted, jailed and heavily fined in France for publishing doubts about the authenticity of the sacred relics of Holocaustianity, offers his insights into the situation in France in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris.

To Michael Hoffman:

These killings in Paris, at the office of Charlie Hebdo and elsewhere – with 20 dead in all, among whom five were Jews – rightly arouse widespread indignation but Jewish organizations have immediately exploited this indignation for their benefit. They forget that, in large part, it’s been under the pressure of international and French-Jewish groups that France has hastily engaged in all sorts of military expeditions causing so many deaths in the Arab-Muslim world. They forget this country’s responsibility for the creation of the bogus "State of Israel" – soon afterwards arming it with nuclear weapons – and in the appalling fate of the Palestinian people since at least 1948; as well as the presence of Benjamin Netanyahu at Sunday’s rally in Paris which was an affront to an entire Arab-Muslim world. Jewish organizations in France live in anger and war; that being the case, how can they be surprised if their adversaries live in anger and war as well?

Such killings may bring to mind a number of murders committed by Jews who subsequently became “heroes” of Jewish history. On February 25, 1994 Baruch Goldstein, an Israeli army physician armed with an assault rifle, shot dead 24 Muslim worshipers and wounded 125 at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron before being subdued and killed there himself. Goldstein's nearby tomb is a pilgrimage site for many Jews.

The hysteria we are witnessing now in France, in this month of January 2015, has a precedent: that of May 1990 and the “profanation of the Carpentras cemetery” when Judaic graves were said to have been vandalized. It was the exploitation of that event that made it possible to intimidate the French parliament into enacting a law called “The Fabius-Gayssot Act” of July 13, 1990 — punishing by a term of imprisonment of from one month to one year and a fine of up to 300,000 francs (45,000 euros), along with several other sanctions — those who dispute “the existence of crimes against humanity” (that is, essentially, crimes against Jews), as defined and punished in 1945-1946 by a body that the winners of the recent war had dared to name the “International Military Tribunal” (three lies in three words) of Nuremberg. This law, totally contrary to the French constitution, came into effect by appearing in the Journal Officiel de la République Française of July 14, 1990, anniversary of the storming of the Bastille. 

It was due to a fabrication on the part of the Socialist president of the French parliament, Jewish millionaire Laurent Fabius, which he conveyed to a national television audience, alleging that a Jewish cadaver in the Carpentras cemetery had been taken out of its grave and impaled through the rectum with a pole —  that the French were stampeded into outrage and indignation which was cleverly exploited: Catholic authorities rang the great bell of Notre-Dame in Paris as a sign of an extraordinary sacrilege having occurred. The Socialist French President François Mitterrand led a march through the center of Paris at the head of the vast crowd of demonstrators. We have now, on January 11, 2015, seen the same scenario repeated in the same place: the Catholic Archbishop having taken the initiative of ringing the Notre-Dame’s bells, and Laurent Fabius, architect of the suppression of the rights of freedom of expression of revisionists in France, in the front rank of the “protesting” dignitaries marching through the streets — our Socialist President François Hollande  together with Netanyahu — all supposedly in the cause of freedom of expression.

Moreover, those Jewish organizations pose as being in support of freedom of opinion and expression but, in reality, what they are demanding is increased repression against “Holocaust denial." Revisionism has made significant progress in recent years here in France, thanks especially to the Internet. Certain Jewish organizations therefore, are working for laws aimed at the censorship of the Internet, of the Ferench-African comedian Dieudonné (who has some 80 legal proceedings pending against him), of the revisionists and of a number of other unbowed men and women.

In conclusion and for want of time, I shall allow myself just three remarks in response to the questions which you sent by e-mail: 1) the name Charlie-Hebdo has, apparently, nothing to do with Charles de Gaulle; it comes, I believe, from the Peanuts character Charlie Brown. 

2) Gayssot is the surname of a former Communist MP and government minister, and the Fabius-Gayssot Act is sometimes called the “Faurisson Law” or “Lex Faurissoniana”; I have lost count of the times I’ve been ordered to pay fines or damages on the grounds of this law; other revisionists have been thrown into prison or, like Vincent Reynouard, a father of nine, will be returning to prison. For my part, I’ve endured ten physical assaults – of which eight took place in France. French police have carried out numerous searches and seizures, or attempted seizures, at my home. These police have often refused to protect me in the presence of threats and danger. 

3)  I hope to be able, before long, to send you an English version of my nine-page article (with illustrations) which I wrote on December 31, 2014. It is entitled: In 70 years, no forensic study proving the existence and operation of the “Nazi gas chambers”! 

I dedicated this study to Professor Ben Zion Dinur (1884-1973), founder of Yad Vashem in 1953, who was forced to resign in 1959 for having preferred scientific history to Judaic memory.

I thank you, dear Michael, and congratulate you on the work you have done over so many years, and in such difficult conditions, for the just cause of historical revisionism.

Robert Faurisson, January 13, 2015


Adrian's conscience said...

If no Jewish people were killed there wouldn't be so much fuss

Michael Hoffman said...

There would still be grave concern and outrage.

My interest in the possibility that the terrorism at the kosher grocery may have been a black op by Mossad, MI6 or the CIA, is that by killing innocent Judaic persons at the grocery the focus was hijacked from martyred gentiles to the more familiar trope of martyred Zionists.

Michael Hoffman said...

Pat Flanagan of Wisconsin asked me to post this comment of his for him. Here it is:

After reading the legal mumbo-jumbo I see the defendants were found guilty of making racially defamatory and offensive statements.

Should not the same legal standard apply to those who own a Talmud, who teach it and those who endlessly uncategorically accuse the Catholic Church of having been responsible for the persecution of the Chosen People not only in World War II but throughout all of history starting at Calvary?

After all, I am offended when somebody denies the Resurrection, the Virgin Birth and the purity of Our Lady for her whole life, and having the gall to make movies fictitiously propagating the enormities that Our Lord Jesus was a sodomite, or the husband of Mary Magdalen and fathered children.

Shouldn’t the law be fairly applied to the people who publicly trash the reputation of the Author of the Universe? Where is the justice of the law when atheism, blasphemy and profanation of the sacred are paraded through the streets under the banner of Free Speech?

Unknown said...

The people responsible for this power of the Talmud in the West are the Christians. It seems that the entire West has been subdued by the Rabbis. Wherever there is a Western country, including the tiny New Zealand, the Law of the Rabbi rules.
Westerners have been thoroughly brainwashed. The Christian Pastor is the enemy of Christ.
Wilhelm Mahr explained it.The Judaic Marcus Eli Ravage made it clear in his 'A Real Case Against The Jews'.

fish said...

The Stern Gang and the horrible terrorist massacres that were had against the British is often forgotten. In a time when the Weinstein Company pits the protagonist British against the antagonist Germans; as in the new film The Imitation Game, a similar film could be made about the sadistic Judaic Avraham Stern cult terrorist massacre that bombed the King David Hotel. Why don't we see these Jewish terrorist depictions in Western media remade a hundred times a year like we see German holocausts films and Arab terrorism cinema?

Michael Hoffman said...

You make reference to ancient sources that failed to motivate our people to throw off their shackles. There way of thinking is part of the problem.

Michael Hoffman said...

Why aren't these movies made? Because the Gentiles who could make them are gutless wimps obsessed with making money first and foremost. They are not fit to shine the shoes of the Judaics who would give up everything they had to advance their Talmudic god and their nation.