Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Charlie Hebdo's Charb sought to ban revisionists

 By Michael Hoffman

We have received an e-mail from a colleague in France quoting the Leftist newspaper Libération (where the post-massacre issue of Charlie Hebdo was produced). If this quote is correct, it is grievous news indeed. It signifies that even in the eyes of the banned, we revisionists are banned, which makes us less than zero. 

According to Libération, the Muslim terrorists’ most hated target, the late Stéphane Charbonnier (“Charb”) made statements denying freedom to revisionists (“negationnistes”) who question the existence of homicidal gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps: 
"Charb was a libertarian with a spirit of contradiction. This was not a non-violent pacifist. This defender of freedom of expression wanted the skin of Holocaust deniers and revisionists: 'I’m for cutting off their balls. No need to waste time discussing, but ban them immediately.”
The original alleged quotation from Charb will be found online at the website of Libération here.

We have reproduced it below:

Charb couldn’t tolerate gas chamber blasphemy and the Muslims can’t tolerate blasphemy against their Prophet. What's the difference?

The difference is that Charb was supposed to be a scion of the Enlightenment which, we are told, has a lot to teach Muslims about liberty and “total” freedom —  well, let us call it 90% freedom. For the revisionists, the blackest devils of the Western demonology, not even Charb would condescend to grant their human rights.

In consideration of the fact that, with the exception of the editors of two tiny revisionist outlets —  Bradley Smith of Smith’s Report and Chip Smith of Nine-Banded Books, this writer has been contacted by not one single editor of any publication in the world concerning the imprisonment of two men in England for distributing my Tales of the Holohoax cartoons — the sub-human, non-person status of we victims of the victims is not at all surprising.

The engine of our suppression is first of all omission by the media. What befalls us and our publications is made to disappear down Orwell’s memory hole, but this vanishing act is only effective if people do not know what they are missing. If they find out from some alternative source that facts have been suppressed by the corporate press, then the prostitution and hypocrisy of the western media is demonstrated conclusively before their eyes. After that, they are with us, because they are cognizant of being robbed of a reality without which no true judgment concerning human relations can be reached.

As the attack on Charlie Hebdo takes a backstage to the media's main attraction — the contretemps of the Zionists of France — we begin to perceive how everything bad that Muslims commit will be, by some wonderful marvel of prestidigitation, fitted into a narrative of "anti-semitic" persecution.

The insanity knows no end. Here in Idaho the local, very conservative, "traditional Latin Mass" Catholic church is advertising in its bulletin a $45-a-ticket speech at multi-millionaire Duane Hagadone’s Coeur d’Alene Resort by a "former CIA official” deeply concerned about the Iranian threat to Israeli security.

It has been the obsession with Israeli supremacy over the Middle East on the part of the U.S. government which has sparked wars against Iraq and Syria, which have in turn led to the drastic reduction and unconscionable suffering of the Christian populations of those nations, yet Coeur d’Alene's “traditional" Catholics are promoting a gentleman who, if his past speeches and writings are any guide, intends to pin the tail of Middle Eastern iniquity on the Iranian donkey. 

One can either be exhausted and demoralized by this lunacy or one can delight in rising to the challenge of fighting against insurmountable odds, as did the heroes of our heritage — from Leonidas to the Marines at the Chosin Reservoir  —  who, with Rostand, were accustomed to say when the chips were down, “The enemy has us surrounded. We shall not let them escape!”

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