Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, January 19, 2015

An Antidote to Republican Party activist Clint Eastwood

We have an antidote to Republican Party activist Clint Eastwood’s immensely popular and enthralling neocon propaganda film, “American Sniper.”

Our review is titled “A Sheep Dog Tricked into Serving the Wolves.”

It will be published in Revisionist History newsletter no. 76 and mailed to subscribers later this month, but we think Eastwood’s movie is potentially too damaging to our nation’s best interest to count on gaining more newsletter subscribers as a means for getting the review into circulation.

Therefore, we’re offering it in a pdf file that will be e-mailed for a modest fee of $1.50. The length is 3800 words in ten pages. 

The link to ordering the review is here:

There will be those who will say that an Academy Award-nominated movie directed by a Hollywood legend is not going to be dented by an obscure revisionist journalist in Idaho.

Here’s our view: you keep punching as long as you have the strength to do so and let God decide how and where the punches will land. You keep playing football when you’re down 19-7 with 44 seconds left in the game. 

You dream the impossible dream and you fight the unbeatable odds with the talent and resources God has bequeathed, and on the day that you die you will know that you got in the ring; you were a contender. 

We do the best we can. The rest is up to God.  He's been known to cut some mighty big players down to size. If we don't team with Him, who will? If it's not our responsibility, then whose responsibility is it?

 Michael Hoffman


MaryC said...

Eastwood espouses the subverted, Judaic neocon version of conservatism. On social issues, he is true to his liberal, Hollywood credentials.

Unknown said...

Old Rowdy Yates actually believes that he is the 'true' American. Typical of 'Christian' Zionists.
Sad, really. The Founding Father created such a beautiful country. Only God the end from the beginning.