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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, June 03, 2013

Right wing agents of disinformation

The Right wing continues to promote the delusional and subversive myth that Talmudism is the ally of Christian conservatives

By Michael Hoffman
Updated April 29, 2020

Our colleague in Denver, Mr. J.P.J., writes to allege that the “traditional Catholic" Matt family newspaper The Remnant states:

“Interior Minister Manuel Valls announced that the French government has begun monitoring certain groups for ‘religious pathology,’ including, you guessed it! traditional Catholic organizations...as Valls put it, ‘these traditional Catholics as well as radical Muslims and ultra-Orthodox Jews want to live separately from the modern world,” and are thus examples of religious extremists who under the new secular policy will be disbanded if the government deems them to suffer from “religious pathology.”

In the undated photocopied excerpt from The Remnant I could found no analysis of this statement by the secularist Valls except The Remnant editor’s prediction that all these religious groups are threatened with being disbanded by the government of France.

This statement by the editor of The Remnant, when published at face value, as a bald fact, is misleading and deceptive and demonstrates no knowledge of history or religion.

The roots of French secularism are in the French Revolution. The roots of that masonic revolution pre-date The Enlightenment and can be traced to Rabelais’s Abbey of Thelema and its infamous motto that there is no other law other than, "Fais ce que voudras” (Thomas Molnar translated this in the parlance of the hippies—as “Do your own thing”).

The occult being mostly lies, this saying does not mean what it says. It actually denotes, in practice, total freedom for the occultists and total bondage for the rest of us. Now the question should be asked, is Orthodox Judaism of the occult imperium of Thelema and Freemasonry, or not? 

The answer is, that the Thelemic freedom for occult tyranny extends to Orthodox Judaism because Orthodox Judaism in its black-hatted Hasidic incarnation is the repository and cultivator of the books of the Kabbalah, from which Thelema, and Freemasonry itself, are derived.

Therefore, it is more than obtuse to take the statement of France’s Interior Minister Manuel Valls as if it were completely truthful rather than deceitful, and draw the conclusion that both “traditional" Catholics and Orthodox Judiacs are to be persecuted by the masonic government of France. 

As long as the masonic government of France stands, Talmudism will thrive. Long after "traditional Catholicism" and conservative Protestantism have been dismantled in France, the houses of worship of the Chabad-Lubavitch will stand untouched. One does not need to construct an elaborate schema of historical or theological arguments and treatises to make this point. It is a truism for anyone who has made any kind of serious study of the subject from independent, scholarly sources.

What we actually have from the Donald Trump, Fox News, neocon-Republican, is the fake martyr duality: “We Christians and the poor, persecuted Talmud-followers, are about to be put up against the wall by the forces of Leftist secularism!” Stuff like this is beneath contempt. People who spout it at this late date are mentally challenged.

Mr. J.P.J. further informs us that the “Christian” right wing conspiracy radio host Stanley Monteith has fashioned a theory that at the pinnacle of the occult cryptocracy one finds not the Sanhedrin but "anti-semitic Satanists who plan to persecute all fundamentalists whether Muslim, Christian or Jewish.”

In response to Mr. Monteith, we quote from footnote 402 on p. 360 of this writer’s book Judaism Discovered:
The common fiction among Right wing "Christians" and Republicans is that "religious Jews" are not the problem, but rather that liberal and Leftist ones are. This fable is sown by Ben Shaprio, Dennis Praeger, Michael Medved, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, "Dr. Laura" (Schlessinger) and many others, the implication being that true believers in the Talmud are not as much of a threat to Christianity as are liberals. Asa far back as 1933 the eminent T.S. Eliot promoted this fallacy in a statement to an audience at the University of Virginia(published the next year in After Strange Gods): "...reasons of race and religion combine to make any large number of free-thinking Jews undesirable." Remarks like Eliot's are fixtures of a mystical fear and dislike of the Enlightenment intellectual when he happens to be of Judaic descent, a WASP snobbery that delights the rabbis in that it causes Judaics who break away from Talmudic solidarity to regret having done so, since they are rebuffed by the T.S. Eliot types among the goyim. Personally, all we would ask of a Eliot’s undesirable "free-thinking" Judaic is disengagement from tribal loyalty and the sense of entitlement which is a hallmark of the Talmudic mentality. Judaic free-thinkers meeting those criteria are infinitely preferable to Talmudic censors, liars, bigots and killers.
Mr. Monteith is channeling the party line of legions of conservative goyim who serve as Talmudic propagandists. Islamic fundamentalist Wahhabism and Talmudic fundamentalism are indeed enemies of truth and freedom, while the fundamentals of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are at the root of our western heritage of freedom

To conflate two soul-withering tyrannies with the glorious freedom of Christianity on the specious commonality of a mutual “fundamentalism," is to support the continued thralldom of Islamic fundamentalists and Talmudists to a most severe taskmaster who is the opposite of God.

The Orthodox religion of Talmudic Judaism is derived from the pagan soothsaying traditions of ancient Babylon. Can anyone seriously contend that God is happy with those traditions? Does God favor Babylonian idolatry and occultism? 

Superstitious rabbinic fundamentalism is a form of darkness and bondage to strange gods that has nothing in common with the followers of Christ. If Monteith, The Remnant and the Right wing in general  had read our books rather than boycotting them, they would know this truth.

As usual, I issue a challenge to these sadly befuddled “leaders” — debate!

But they can’t debate. They have no answer. 

Their little fiefdoms are built on censorship and blacklisting of facts put forth by damned researchers like this writer. All they can hope for is that their followers never encounter our books.

Why doesn’t this shock me? Because I have read I Timothy 4:1-2.

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Anonymous said...

Ever since the Matt and his "Remnant" trashed Bishop Williamson in his hour of need, I never bothered with that publication. I feel embarrassed that I used to buy that publication which was sold after the traditional mass. Very sad to have "Traditional Catholic" gatekeepers that shield people from the truth of reality.

Kyra Maria said...

Traditional Catholics are for the most part a confused bunch of people who are conservative politically and find refuge in a version of Vatican II Catholicism (which is aligned with Judaic Power) that has deigned to allow them to practice the Latin Mass. Therefore, they are aligned with the Judaics and support them in every way ignoring Jewish influence upon this country, including all the things that Traditionals claim to hate. They don't blame the Judaics for this they blame some amorphous group called Liberals.
All this was intentionally orchestrated when the Pope endorsed the use of the Latin Mass. Conservative people who were Catholic had to go somewhere. Traditional Catholicism lead them right into Judaism which is comfortable for them in compatible beliefs politically.
I find it amusing that Traditional Catholics seem to think that they will become victimized and persecuted. They do not understand that the Catholic Church is the Regime, a major player of it. But the propaganda must be played that somehow these people are persecuted, or will be, in similarity to the Judaics. This is risible for both the RCC and Judaic forces are the Powerful who keep their own rank and file submissive by perpetuating the myth that they were and are to be persecuted.
The persecuted Christians, the ones who are getting killed on a daily basis are the Orthodox Christians whether of true Orthodoxy or some variant such as the Copts, Nestorians, etc.
The RCC and its "traditional" Catholics find no problem with seeing these people persecuted and no problem with watching them die. In this way they are Judaized. But this has been happening since the Sack of Constantinople. The RCC has basically wanted to wipe out Orthodoxy. Maybe it finally will with their true partners, the Judaic Power Elites.

MaryC said...

Kyra Maria, I think it is you that is confused, not to say incoherent. As a British person of Irish Catholic descent, I can assure you that there has been very real persecution of Catholics, both in England and Ireland. What about the millions of Catholics in Hungary killed by Judaic Communist, Bela Kuhn, the Catholics persecuted in Communist Eastern Bloc countries, such as Poland? Ever heard of Cardinal Mindszenty? Also, believe it or not, the original target of the Ku Klux Klan was not Blacks, but Catholics. Catholics and other Christians are still persecuted in some Islamic countries.
The Latin Mass leads one to Judaism!! What's that about? I find that Traditional Catholics are more likely to be aware of the Judaic question than not.
If I may say so, you seem to be behaving in a Judaic manner by nursing agent grudges, both real and imagined.

John said...


The obsession with ritual in the Traditionist milieu (i.e., an obsession with rubrics and language to the point of neuroses) is indeed Judaic, as if the adherence to ritual makes one somehow holier. The same criticism applies to the traditionalist notion of immutable doctrine. The Pharisees felt Our Lord tampered with immutable doctrine (i.e., the Mosaic covenant and all it entailed, even its dietary aspects) and that any change was blasphemous.

Michael Hoffman said...

To John

You wrote: "The same criticism applies to the traditionalist notion of immutable doctrine. The Pharisees felt Our Lord tampered with immutable doctrine (i.e., the Mosaic covenant and all it entailed, even its dietary aspects) and that any change was blasphemous.”

Immutable doctrine is not a “notion” of “traditionalists.” It is a mark of the true Faith and of God Himself (Malachi 3:6).

Jesus did not tamper with Moses. He reformed customs pertaining to ceremonies. He laid not one finger on His Father’s eternal Truth (Matthew 5:17).

The Pharisees were not sincere defenders of Moses. They were the counterfeiters of Moses. They themselves had created an enormous superstructure of man-made laws based on their nullification of Mosaic law.

If there is no such thing as immutable doctrine then we are indeed hostage to the situation ethics of Leo X, Benedict XIV, Pius VIII, Benedict XV and John Paul II and everything the Word of God teaches is subject to modification and alteration. Nothing could be more Talmudic.

MaryC said...

you are confusing doctrine with disciplinary practises. The doctrines of the Faith are, and must be, immutable. Truth is eternal and cannot change. Dietary laws, abstaining from meat on Fridays and priestly celibacy are examples of disciplinary practises and can be changed or modified as circumstances allow.
While it is true that some Traditionalists can be so enmeshed in externals that they are oblivious to what they symbolize, My own preference for the Latin Mass is based its fittingness as a vehicle for celebrating the Sacred Mysteries. Latin, being a so-called 'dead' language isn't subject to change and development the way that modern vernacular languages are and is, therefore, a better safeguard against error.
On the subject of Judaizing; are you aware that the compilers of the Novus Ordo removed the Traditional Offertory and replaced it with Jewish Seder prayers?

aly said...

Kyra Marie Please stop saying these
untrue things. I don't know your
sources of Catholic information
but it is very poor. I'll go back and read the rest of your comment.
I had to stop because it is such
hideous falsehood. Please don't spread mis-information.

aly said...

classiccom1, I don't read the Remnant anymore for the same and
similar reasons like the one Mr.
Hoffman has sites here.

aly said...

Thank you Michael Hoffman.
Thank you Mary C.

Kevin said...

Mr. Hoffman

Have you read Dale Vree's September 2005 New Oxford Review editorial regarding how neocon interests have been funding (and quite likely ideologically redirecting) several "conservative" Catholic publications since 1982? The article also describes how NOR was approached by neocons promising money if he would support corporate capitalism and neocon US military policy. Spectfically...

"Before Crisis and First Things were even founded, the NOR was contacted by a neocon foundation — right out of the blue. The foundation wanted to give us money — “free” money. A fellow flew out from the East Coast and asked me (the Editor) to meet him for drinks in a San Francisco restaurant — on him. Sure! (We were desperate for money.)

He told me he would fund us regularly — if we would support corporate capitalism and if we would support a militaristic U.S. foreign policy. I had to think quickly on my feet. I immediately realized that our first loyalty is to Christ and His Church, not to any ideology, political party, or even any nation (for the Church is universal). It was patently obvious that our religious mission would be compromised, that the whole idea was to make us a front group for the neocon agenda. I gave him a firm “no,” and that was the end of that."

He discusses how First Things and Crisis have been ideologically subverted by neocon money. I've only been following your work for the past 1-2 years so I know you're aware of the Krah-SSPX money connection. I wondering if such influence may be at work regarding The Remnant.