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Friday, June 14, 2013

Is “Pope Francis Good for the Jews”?

Wall Street Journal editorial says "Pope Francis is good for the Jews"

Three questions for the Wall Street Journal
By Michael Hoffman

1. In the Wall Street Journal editorial (see below) by Francis X. Rocca, Rome bureau chief for the Catholic News Service, modern popes are praised for repudiating the apostles, popes and saints of the past who sought to convert Jews and Judaics from Talmudic falsehood to the truth of Jesus Christ. Rocca's definition of a rehabilitated Catholic is someone who cooperates with Judaic self-worship and abandons Christ-rejecting Judaics to their damned condition. Is this not a virulent form of "Jew hate," disguised as reconciliation? Is Pope Francis actually “good for the Jews” -- or a terrible enemy who has abandoned them to eternal perdition?

2. Why did Jesus Christ incarnate on earth if not to convert the Jews and to have his followers convert all people, including the Judaics of the present? How can "Jews" be exempt from the Gospel commission to convert in light of Jesus' words in Matthew 15:24?

3. How is any "convenant" with the God of Israel maintained by adherents of Orthodox Judaism who nullify the Word of God in favor of their Babylonian Talmud, and the pagan, soothsayer traditions from which it is derived?

WALL STREET JOURNAL p. A13. June 14, 2013 



Kyra Maria said...

I am not the NYTimes but here are my answers: 1. Pope Francis isn't good for the "Jews" and he isn't good for Catholics. He himself has abandoned Jesus Christ by recognizing Vatican II declarations. Any Roman Catholic worth their salt would know this and declare all of the Popes of Vat II to be heretics. Since both Jews and Vat II Catholics follow heretical teachings, they seal their own fate, through sin. It is impossible for the Holy Spirit to reside in any sinful person, let alone a pope who speaks heresy.
2. We know that "Jews" are not exempt from the Gospel commission of Christ Our Lord. Anyone who participates in this notion participates in heresy and is in sin for he has denied Christ.
3. No Orthodox Judaics are keeping any "covenant" with God. Period. End of story on that one. We know this. If they don't know it, then they are accountable before Christ.
The Roman Catholic Church does not believe in itself any longer. It proved this at Vat II by reaching out to all other religions, either through the smooze with Jews Nostra Aetate or any other. If you are certain of your religion and believe in it fully, there is no need to have unity with anything false. Obviously the Vatican ceased to believe in its own Faith. Papal infallibility has allowed the popes to do horrible things through the centuries because pious Catholics are obedient people. They never ask themselves the key questions so they never have to give themselves the key answers. The Holy Spirit cannot speak through a Pope who is in sin. God stays away from sin. He is not present in evil. It is impossible.

Joe said...

So far, he's been a lot better for the Jews than he has been for us Catholics. He might as well move the Vatican to Jerusalem.

Michael Hoffman said...

To Joe:

Is Pope Francis actually “good for the Jews” -- or a terrible enemy who has abandoned them to eternal perdition?

Joe said...

@ Michael Hoffman

Seems to me the Jews are leading Francis to perdition, and Francis is willingly & lovingly going along. That's their problem. I'm an old-fashioned pre-Vatican II Catholic.

In the meantime, "Pope" Francis is leading the Novus Ordo Catholics to perdition. If Jerusalem is too over-built to move the Vatican there, then Francis might as well move the Vatican to Mecca or Medina -- or perhaps Istanbul would be the best choice ; He does love to hob-nob around a lot with Donmeh Jews.

Michael Hoffman said...

To Joe

An old-fashioned pre-Vatican II Catholic is as astute as Aquinas and Dante. As such, recognize the harm done to Judaic souls by Pope Francis cooperating with the hateful hoax that Jews have a separate path to heaven without Jesus Christ.