Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On the Contrary blog scoops the world’s media

If you are an American who still reads the morning newspaper, then today (Wednesday June 12) many of you woke up with an internationally circulated Associated Press wire story headlined, "Pope tells group 'gay lobby' at work,” and a New York Times article that reported on: "...a network of gay priests inside the Vatican who used blackmail to gain influence and trade in state secrets."

This is news which On the Contrary readers had yesterday.

On Tuesday, June 11 there were only three sources in the world for this shocking revelation: the Spanish language "Reflection and Liberation" website in Chile, Rorate Caeli, a traditional Catholic blog, and our On the Contrary blog.

What does breaking news like this mean to you? Does the fact that we scooped websites a hundred times bigger and better funded than our service signify anything? We beat the Drudge Report, Salon and News Max in getting this story to you first, so you could be better informed and yesterday, when it came to the pope and the Vatican, readers of this blog were among the best informed people on the planet.

Along with the breaking news, yesterday we also asked that readers send a donation or order a book, CD or newsleter from our online store.

No donations were received. Two people ordered newsletters, but their orders may have had nothing to do with On the Contrary. They may have accessed our online store through Google or Amazon or some other source.

Yes, this blog is a "free" service. Nothing is free, however, except God's grace. On the Contrary is made possible solely by donations and orders to our store. Consequently "free" translates into at least a minority of idealistic truth seekers supporting our service by either donating funds, or buying items from our online bookstore, for the benefit of the majority of readers who send nothing and who apparently imagine they are doing us a favor just by reading our columns.

Yesterday we broke world-historic news. The Vatican Secretariat of State had previously called the 
 rumors of a homosexual mafia governing the Church through the Curia "unverified, unverifiable or completely false." The new pope has now revealed that it's true: sodomites are administering the modern Catholic Church.

If scooping the media of the world is not enough to motivate at least a few dozen of the thousands of On the Contrary readers to donate a few bucks now and then, or buy a newsletter or a book, how will we continue this service?  What will it take to pry a $10 donation or a $25 book order from your purse?


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