Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dante: Tribune of western civilization and target of Dan Brown’s falsification


Revisionist History no. 67

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Cover article: "Dante Alighieri: Tribune of Western Civilization and Target of Dan Brown's Falsification." 

Dante was the greatest poet of the Middle Ages. It could be argued that he was the greatest of all European poets, of any time or place." His Divine Comedy is one of the noblest representations of the western Christian tradition ever penned. What does it mean to be a "a man of the West"? We see this word, the "West" invoked often. Increasingly it is being misrepresented, or eclipsed by the ideology of diversity and mulitculturalism which on many college campuses is an enforced dogma. One cannot effectively defend against degenerate and falsifying movements, or appreciate or comprehend the depths of western civilization without Dante, who stood at the crossroads of an epoch, straddling from his vantage in the aptly named Middle Ages, the first millennium of the orthodox Christianity of the past, and the first rumblings of the revolution that would become the Renaissance modernism of the future. All who would be considered educated in what remains of our civilization must read Dante's Divine Comedy, or at the least, its renowned first volume, The Inferno. Michael Hoffman serves as your guide through the politically incorrect and suppressed passages in Dante, in sections titled, "Dante's Purgatory," "Dante and Visual Art," "Dante's Sources," "The Medieval vs. the Modern Outlook," "Popes in Hell," "Dante's Inferno" and finally, "Dante's Equation," about which Hoffman writes, "As long as literacy prevails on earth, the West will never escape the challenge of Dante Alighieri's Equation."

Inside: Next, Hoffman demolishes Dan Brown's best-selling new book, Inferno, page by page, calling it a "palimpsest of deceit and a mockery of Dante." (Brown claims Dante as his inspiration). Hoffman shows that Brown's novel is a "farce for death-worshipping hipsters," with a population control agenda that surpasses the CFR, the U.N. and the Club of Rome with Brown's propaganda for sterilizing one-third of mankind with a new Black Plague (a virus created in a laboratory). If you or someone you know is smitten with Brown's books, deprogram them with this analysis that proves that Dan Brown is a fraud.
Also in this Issue: 

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and much more!

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