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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Niddah, Shifchah, Goyyah and Zonah

Anti-goyimism in all its multifaceted ugliness and racist evil

Dear Michael,

Apart from you, I know few in this world who would appreciate the irony of my pastor's Sunday sermon yesterday.

His text was Luke 11:37-54, Luke's account of our Lord's excoriation of the lawyers, scribes and Pharisees.  The title of his sermon is referenced in the subject line.  The main point is that we all need to beware of being Pharisees, of course.

In one of the high points of the sermon, he warned that all the world religions and "isms"--all except Christianity--that lead to Pharisee-ism.  Of course, Islam and Buddhism were mentioned. Hinduism and even Roman Catholicism were mentioned.  In fact, I can't think of a major world philosophy or religion that was not mentioned except for one: Judaism!  The very heirs of the Pharisees according to their own literature! Yet like most Christians in our day, it is as if Judaism and Pharisees do not even exist, as if they disappeared in the first century.   But they do exist and they are as strong and corrupt as ever, per our Lord's prophecy in Matthew 12:43-45.

Need Americans, need Christians know about them? Might it have something to do with our culture, our churches, our nation?  I think so.

Thus, I was reminded to encourage you in your latest endeavor to start the center for the study of anti-goyism (The Hoffman Center for the Study of Anti-Goyimism).  I tremble to think that the skill of the lawyers, scribes and Pharisees for stoking hatred of disciples of Christ among the goy to accomplish their purposes indirectly is coming to a head more and more each and every day.  We feel it, the hatred of our culture.  The source needs to be exposed.

I plan to bring the Jewish Encyclopedia reference to the attention of my pastor.  Do you have the exact reference, where Judaism today is said to be descended from the Pharisees of old?

Ryan G.

Hoffman Replies

Dear Ryan

All of the technical information and citations from Judaic texts on the admission by the rabbinic powers that Orthodox Judaism is the continuation of Pharisaism will be found in the second edition of Judaism Discovered, which I am toiling on at present, in the hope that we will have the funds to publish it in September.

The only reason that the overwhelming and incessant detestation of goyim that is intrinsic to Orthodox Judaism is not better known, is due to the interdiction and suppression of this fact by the media, as for example by the Right wing empire headed by Rupert Murdoch.

(An article today in the Zionist press frets that if Murdoch falls, their propaganda reach will be diminished [“Amid Murdoch Scandal, Some Fear Pro-Israel Media Voice Will Be Muted,” http://www.forward.com/articles/140053/]. As usual, these fears are overblown since the whole of the western media with a few exceptions, are 98% kosher in their spin).

Every now and then a bit of intelligence leaks through the cracks, however. Here is one such instance:

The Limits of Multi-Culturalism
By Christina Patterson
 The Independent (UK)  28 July 2010

“...When I moved to Stamford Hill (a heavily Judaic area of London, England), 12 years ago, I didn't realize that goyim were about as welcome in the Hasidic Jewish shops as Martin Luther King at a Klu Klux Klan convention.

“I didn't realize that a purchase by a goy was a crime to be punished with monosyllabic terseness, or that bus seats were a potential source of contamination, or that road signs and parking restrictions were for people who hadn't been chosen by God.

“And while none of this is a source of anything much more than irritation, when I see an eight-year-old boy recoiling from a normal-looking woman (because, presumably, he has been taught that she is dirty or dangerous, or, heaven forbid, dripping with menstrual blood) it makes me sad.”

Christina Patterson doesn’t know that all female gentiles without exception are regarded in Orthodox Judaism as “menstrual filth, slaves, heathen and whores.” This disgusting litany is expressed by the alphabetic abbreviation NShGZ (“Niddah, Shifchah, Goyyah and Zonah”). You can’t get this information into the western media. They will print anything derogatory about Islam, both real and imagined, but they protect Judaism to the utmost of their ability.

If we had total Talmudic law supremacy in the West -- and we have not yet reached that point since people like this writer are not yet dead or in the gulag -- then even Israeli allies and friends of the Talmud among the goyim, i.e. even the “righteous gentiles” would be killed whenever a Zionist felt the need. I give evidence for this fact from their own texts in the new edition of Judaism Discovered.

The rabbinic texts also speak of the necessity to collectively inflict violence from time to time on the goyim, without regard to the innocent. In this way it is said that the goyim are spiritually corrected! A contemporary Zionist made the statement in a rabbinic periodical that Germans are peaceable today only because the “evil of the German people” was “bombed out of them” in World War II. 600,000 civilians were thereby “spiritually corrected.”

Even those who consider themselves experts in this field are unaware that Allied policy in the 1940s and the 21st century was and is driven by rabbinic injunction. Historians may puzzle forever over the doctrine of collective punishment. If they can’t trace its roots to the rabbinic texts, they will never have the ultimate key to the justification of mass murder of civilian populations, whether in the war on Baghdad that began on Purim, 2003, or the Ash Wednesday holocaust in Dresden in 1945.

In consideration of this reality, it seems to me that the lack of a formal institute for the study of anti-goyimism in all its multifaceted ugliness and racist evil, is a scandal. I soldier on in the fulfillment of this goal in spite of the fact that almost no one in what I gingerly refer to as “our ranks” has publicized it, with the exception of Jeff Rense and Deanna Spingola; any more than anyone other than Richard Widmann and the aforementioned Rense and Spingola has publicized or offered for sale the reprinted edition of the book The Great Holocaust Trial.

Meanwhile, Charles, a colleague in Florida, this week forwarded a letter circulating among young people in Europe which asks, what, if anything, has Ernst Zundel accomplished? This is an astonishingly ignorant question made possible by the fact that the story of Zundel’s heroic struggle is lost on the younger generation. Contrary to those omniscient futurists who have declared that the printed page is dead and the Internet alone is sufficient to educate the masses, there is no substitute for a book like The Great Holocaust Trial in bringing the Zundel saga to the next generation.

Furthermore, in spite of selling, with nearly no sustained advertising, nearly 4,000 copies of Judaism Discovered in hardcover in less than three years, the book received exactly one libelous review in the pages of a Catholic magazine. No other publication on earth could see fit to pay heed and review what was a publishing phenomenon in revisionist studies. It’s a bad joke.

The extent of the boycott in “our ranks” against almost anything I write or propose is so intense there is almost no point in pursuing the argument. All I can do is work harder than ever and hope and pray that with God miraculously sustaining my writing, some visionary millionaire will someday step forward to say, let’s give your books the funding and publicity they deserve, and let’s build The Hoffman Center for the Study of Anti-Goyimism. Until then I labor in the trenches, the beneficiary of encouragement and donations from “regular Joes” like Ryan G.

I am a fighter. I don’t know any other way to live. I can’t quit, retire or take a vacation. My inner being won’t allow it. I live by the Gospel and the words of Edmond Rostand in Cyrano de Bergerac, “The enemy has us surrounded. We shall not let him escape.”

The Great Holocaust Trial

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