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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, July 25, 2011

Revelation of the Method in the case of Anders Behring Breivik

By Michael Hoffman


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Today the New York Times has published an article about right wing anti-Islamic blogs as an inspiration for Breivik's "killing spree."

While these blogs are mostly despicable Talmudic operations, nevertheless, this is a neat way for the Times to distance itself from a highly embarrassing fact which it does not wish to confront -- from July 22 - July 23, the New York Times was part of a larger Zionist Media Conspiracy to Blame Muslims for the Oslo Terror:

In profiling western media coverage of Breivik thus far, some patterns are emerging of interest from the point of view of Revelation-of-the-Method:

1. The Oslo attack is being compared to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, which was a clear-cut US government conspiracy on the road to building the police surveillance state which 9/11 cemented.

2. Breivik's alleged manifesto is said to have quoted from Unabomber Ted Kaczyinski's manifesto. As I sought to demonstrate in my book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Kaczynski was a scapegoat who was under FBI surveillance during the Unabombings and who could not possibly have committed all of the attacks attributed to him. After Kaczynski's arrest, the FBI never searched for accomplices. Kaczynski was under the influence of psychiatric medication administered 25 hours prior to his "trial." His Federal-government appointed attorney kept unapproved reporters away from him and never mounted any defense other than a guilty plea. In other words, Dr. Kaczynski, a product of LSD mind control experiments conducted while he was at Harvard University, was used as part of a criminal US government conspiracy.

For those aware of the mechanics of the Revelation-of-the-Method, the media's strong identification of Breivik with the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Unabomber is a type of twilight language. The sub-rosa message? Breivik is part of a conspiracy directed by the western Cryptocracy itself.

Because Americans are notorious for their historical amnesia, this would be a good time to refresh our memory concerning the other July 22 terror bombing -- July 22, 1946:

When recounting shooting sprees it might be useful to recall the one committed on Purim, 1994:

In a search for patterns one must look everywhere. If one looks on a map of Kaczynski's adopted hometown, Lincoln, Montana at the time he resided there, one sees that the location where he chose to erect his cabin was amid the Scapegoat Mountains and the Scapegoat Eatery.

If one looks at images of Anders Breivik, one sees him attired in a masonic apron.

Sometimes in our modern desire for complexity we overlook the significance of the simplest signals.


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Jason said...

If I'm not mistaken, in some media outlets (most recently the Drudge report, which takes its pics from the AP) the pic of Breivik in masonic regalia has been photo shopped to instead show him in some branch of Norwegian military garb. Same pose, same facial expression, same pic, just different clothing.

sportsnews said...

Sometimes in our modern desire for complexity we overlook the significance of the simplest signals.

Speaking of complexity, Dr. Steve Pieczenik's (in my opinion) confused take on this Norway incident as heard on today's Alex Jones Show seems a little strange. Alex Jones doesn't appear to essentially be going along with it, so I am not trying to lump Alex Jones in with Pieczenik.

Jason said...

Correction to my earlier post. Although the pose is similar, Breivik's facial expression is not in the two separate photos making the rounds. I also don't know if it's a military outfit but he does sport a templar cross on its jacket.

I wonder, since Breivik is claiming two additional "cells," will the secret societies he is a member of be investigated by independent enforcement officials?