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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sharia Law, Human Shields and the Revelation of the Method

Blinded by Misdirection

By Michael Hoffman ©2011

My book, Judaism Discovered, is sold out in hardcover, with the exception of a handful of autographed copies. There are no funds to reprint it in a costly hardcover edition, as much as we would like to do so. Nearly 4,000 copies were printed since 2008 and if you own one of those books, you have a collector’s item (as of July 14, Amazon.com is selling copies starting at $450).

We will endeavor to print Judaism Discovered in paperback with smaller type and in a more compact edition that will allow us to ship it overseas for a lower air mail rate than the $42.00 the US Post Office was charging us to mail the $45 hardcover (how’s that for economy of scale!). Readers in Europe, Canada and Australia accounted for about one-quarter of the book’s sales. We would have undoubtedly sold more if we could have charged less for shipping (the Post Office abolished the slow but affordable sea mail shipping rates a few years ago). We have not yet raised the funds for the paperback but we will go into debt if necessary to get Judaism Discovered back into print.

I am reorganizing the text so that all subjects covered are contiguous. I am also tweaking the text and updating some sections with new research. I am currently at work on the anti-goyim section, proving the contempt for gentiles from the rabbinic texts themselves. A few days ago I added a new section showing that goyim are considered lower than dogs. To make that case, it is not enough to read the Babylonian Talmud and cite a relevant section. It is a matter of cross-referencing parashas derived from the Talmud, as well as successor texts that have the force of law. By collating that corpus one can prove that in Judaism the dog is way above the goy.

Another section I will be adding to the hoped-for new edition concerns the Israeli book Torat Hamelech (“Laws of the King”), by Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur, which was published in Israeli-Hebrew last year. It is intended as a guidebook for the Israeli military and its soldiers. It advocates killing Arab children and bombing civilians. Torat Hamelech has received a stamp of approval from the prestigious and influential Israeli Rabbi Dov Lior as well as Rabbi Yakov Yosef, son of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual head of the Israeli Shas party and former Sephardic Chief Rabbi, who has called for the extermination of the Palestinians.

I have difficulty believing my own words as I write about this book and the rabbis who authored or approved it. Even I am incredulous because I have to ask myself, if this were really true, then alarm bells would surely be ringing from the White House to Congress, from the studios of FOX News to the editorial offices New York Times.

Well, it is really true and none of that is transpiring because we live in anation suffused with the Talmudic mentality – if not yet entirely under Talmudic halacha (law). If you asked me to name a prime characteristic of Talmudic Judaism, I would respond: one law for the Judaics and another for everyone else.

Consequently, when rabbis issue texts calling on the Israeli army to kill Arab children with impunity and flatten their neighborhoods with artillery shells, missiles and bombs, it is barely a blip on the outrage screen of our government and media. Under the Talmudic mentality, Judaics, and even their dogs, are superior to non-Judaics. This superior/inferior distinction privately resonates with America’s leaders and media executives. Therefore, who cares if rabbis are publishing religious rationales for mass murder? In fact hardly any American is even aware of it.


One of the reasons I have been fascinated since childhood with stage magic and will attend any magic show in my vicinity which I have the time to attend, is in order to study the magician’s misdirection, which is the basis for the successful execution of his illusions.

As on stage, so too in the national theatre that is criminal politics. Two mechanisms of misdirection have been carefully and craftily employed to obscure and impede any serious attention and protest over Orthodox Judaism’s advocacy of mass murder and oppression of Palestinians. 1. The rigged agitation over “Sharia law” – other than in Detroit and Berkeley, the likelihood of Sharia law being imposed on America is about the same as Lady Gaga landing on Mars. Meanwhile Talmudic law, in the form of the misnamed “Noahide Law” (which has nothing to do with the Biblical Noah, who the rabbinic texts malign and mock), is already Public Law 102-14.

Furthermore, American attorneys and judges, as part of their professional continuing education, are regularly solicited to attend accredited legal seminars operated by Talmudic rabbis. These are in fact well-attended by gentile law professors, lawyers and magistrates. The seminars are convened by the Cardozo School of Law in New York City and endorsed by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, as well as being sponsored by bar associations across the U.S. For example, in Missouri last June, Chabad-Lubavitch (whose rabbis have applauded the Torat Hamelech book), convened the “17th Conference on Talmud and Contemporary Law,” sponsored by the Missouri Bar and approved for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit. (See: http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2011/05/talmudic-chabad-offers-continuing.html).

America is increasingly coming under Talmudic law, not Sharia law, but this fact cannot be mentioned at any large Tea Party or Christian conservative gathering, or by Ron Paul or Rand Paul, much less by Israeli agents such as Palin, Pawlenty and Bachmann.

How then, if Sharia law is a phantom and Talmudic law a growing reality, is the Right wing focused on the one and not the other? Through the magic of misdirection.

2. A second misdirection is centered on the issue of Palestinian civilian casualties. Try this test: walk up to a Fox News-loving Right-winger and ask him or her, “What about Palestinian casualties?” Nine times out of ten the response will be, “The Israelis can’t help it; the Arabs use their own people as human shields.”

The fact that the targeting of Arab civilians is mandated by the rabbinic texts is not acknowledged and will not be considered. Muslim and Arab goyim are too low on the scale of humanity to merit any concern whatsoever about their well-being or welfare. One mechanism for dismissing their humanity is this misdirection about “human shields.”

The rabbinic book Torat Hamelech and its sister text Mishnah Torat Hamelech, are not outside Judaism. They are not an aberration or extremist exaggeration. Orthodox Judaism believes in collective guilt and collective punishment. It teaches that any person (man, woman or child) in a country that is against Judaics and supports war against Judaics, is a rodef (homicidal “pursuer”) and should be killed. Any non-Judaic who violates one of the Seven Noahide laws (laws considered binding on all human beings), is subject to the death penalty. The majority of Judaism’s sacred texts teach these views.

Orthodox Judaism, being built on deception and founded by lawyers, is however, riddled with loopholes and escape clauses for every occasion, intended to misdirect the goyim. If Judaism Discovered offers any service to humanity it is in its elucidation of how these loopholes and escape clauses function, where they are to be found, and how and when they are employed.

Zionism is at a crossroads in history as it obtains ever more control over the minds of Europeans (in reaction to Muslim immigration), and in America, where Talmudic Judaism is linked to family values and identified as God’s genetic race.

The Talmud teaches that in times of Judaic supremacy its doctrine of contempt for gentiles need not be hidden. It teaches that in all other times it must be concealed. “Religious-Zionist” rabbis among the Israeli settlers believe that Zionist power has reached a sufficiently high level to justify the candor of a book like Torat Hamelech. Other more cautious rabbis strongly disagree and counsel a resumption of the usual cover story, that Orthodox Judaism is a religion of universal love.

Rabbi Barry Leff is one of the latter. He is charged with maintaining the cover story and condemning Torat Hamelech by quoting a handful of escape clauses by obscure rabbis which look as though they contradict Torat Hamelech. This game has been played before by operatives such as Shmuley Boteach, Michael Jackson’s rabbi.

Rabbi Leff argues that, “Underlying Torat Hamelech is a philosophy that demeans the value of the non-Jew as a human being. Yes, there are sources in the Torah that support this approach, but they are all referring to idol worshipers. This clearly does not apply to monotheists such as Christians and Muslims.”

Rabbi Leff is correct about the rabbinic halacha on Muslims. They are not hated as idol-worshippers. Tthis is one reason why rabbis allied with Muslims for centuries in Spain and the Middle East against Christians; a history almost never mentioned today. The rabbis despise contemporary Muslims because many of them will not acknowledge the legitimacy of the Israeli land grab in Palestine, or submit to the Israeli claims to religious and racial superiority. In using the same armed resistance methods of the anti-Nazi partisans of World War II, the Palestinians and Lebanese become rodef in the eyes of the Orthodox rabbis.

Where Leff is being less than truthful is in his claim that Judaism does not consider Christians to be idol-worshippers. Christianity is judged to be idol worship by every major halachic authority from Maimonides to the Chafetz Chaim. Idol worship is a death penalty offense under the “Noahide” laws. Jesus himself is frequently referred to as an “idol” in popular Orthodox Judaic literature. Rabbi Leff insults our intelligence with his farcical claim.

As it turns out, the discovery of what Judaism really is and really teaches is more than ever relevant, pertaining as it does to the direction of our foreign policy and national destiny, as well as the Faith of Jesus Christ as presented to us in our churches, where too often a false Christ and a false gospel are proffered. The Noahide law proscribes the worship of Jesus, it does not oppose a church that fakes such worship.

Which side does history favor, the coverup rabbis like Leff, talking with a forked tongue in the age-old pattern? Or the new, Revelation-of-the-Method rabbis who publish Torat Hamelech, with its upfront advocacy of how their troops should behave when they’ve got the goyim in their sights?

If I were a betting man, I’d put a fat wager on the Revelation-of-the-Method, the operating principle of which is: we tell you what we’re going to do to you, and if you do nothing about it, our power over your mind will be increased exponentially.

That’s the state of the affairs in our time, when almost everyone is chasing after one side issue after another, blinded by every manner of illusion. In the kingdom of misdirection, the magician is king.


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