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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Anti-semite? What about anti-goyimite?

Introducing The Hoffman Center for the Study of Anti-Goyimism

By Michael Hoffman  

"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world."  Oscar Wilde 

Perhaps some of you have wondered about the debut of The Hoffman Center for the Study of Anti-Goyimism and desire more details concerning it.

It bears mentioning that The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of AntiSemitism (http://sicsa.huji.ac.il/) was established "as an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to accumulation and dissemination of knowledge necessary for understanding the phenomenon of antisemitism. The Center engages in research on antisemitism throughout the ages, focusing on relations between Jews and non-Jews, particularly in situations of tension and crisis."  

The Center is based at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and funded in part by the multi-millionaire cosmetics' baron Vidal Sassoon, CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire).

The purpose of the Sassoon Center is two-fold: to gather active intelligence on the movements and personnel around the world stigmatized as "antisemitic," and to paralyze any leader or movement that exposes Judaism, Talmudism or the Israeli state by tarring them with the career-ending "antisemitic" label.

Turning the Tables

I have never been interested in being confined to a category or placed on the defensive.  As far as categories go, I have always sought to turn the tables by thinking completely outside the box and crafting a new epistemology. Toward that end I coined the term "Judaic" to replace the appellation "Jew" as a description of rabbis and Zionists who lay claim to an awe-inspiring self-description with little or no evidence to substantiate their presumption.

Judaism offers race-based divinity to those of whom it is said are the descendants of the Old Testament patriarchs. We see echoes of this in Judeo-Churchianity, where the insinuation that “Jews” are saved by their racial prestige is a powerful undercurrent. 

What salvation is there for impostors, however? For those who reject Jesus Christ and think they are Jews, but in genetic reality they are not Jews? (Rev. 2:9; 3:9). This dilemma is almost never considered. There is a snare wrapped within it –  the huge superstructure of fraud, demonic pride and misdirection built upon the notion that many or most of the followers of the religion of Judaism and the inhabitants of the Israeli state, are “Jews” descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and thereby saved, or at the very least, ennobled, by virtue of their supposedly exalted genealogy, and entitled to certain immunities and prerogatives. 

There was a quasi-magical awe in which self-described “Jews” were viewed in medieval Europe, one of the few “Ace” cards they held at that time, and one which they exploited masterfully and to great effect, no less than now among the Republican Right wing. The whole thing is as absurd as a band of Calabrians in Italy claiming to be owed deference, or rulership over Rome, because they insist they are genetic descendants of the Caesars. 

Why do we take anything the rabbis and their cronies say at face value, absent collaborating data? We can talk about this until we are blue in the face or we can act to withdraw the mechanism whereby this fraud is maintained and substitute the word Judaic for the word Jew. In addition to being a dispassionate, generic description of those who have an ethnic attachment to renascent Phariseeism ("Orthodox Judaism"), and Zionism, "Judaic" disarms the familiar accusation of Jew hate and the special aura of victimhood surrounding that term, which is mined to maximum effect by those who claim its mantle.

Not everyone agrees with my strategy and this is to be expected. Anything new is often attacked and can make those who are stuck in a rut very uncomfortable. They are accustomed to their rut, it is cozy and familiar. They cannot envision a significant advance unless it involves the coming to power of a charismatic national leader of their persuasion. If that scenario isn't realized, they are stranded in limbo while the enemies of truth take command.

To what extent are antisemitism accusations a mask for anti-goyimism? 

The Hoffman Center for the Study of Anti-Goyimism approaches these problems in an entirely new way. First, the Center directs a vigorous offense, rather than a retreating defense. Second, it possesses the energy of an original idea made concrete: how do we account for Judaism's hatred for the goyim (i.e. the non-Judaic nations)? How does this hatred manifest in politics, society, culture, education, business and world affairs? 

The Hoffman Center studies a pivotal question: to what extent are antisemitism accusations a mask for anti-goyimism? 

In playwright David Mamet's new book announcing his conversion to the Right wing, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture (http://t.co/2GK08VE), the English people are besmirched as possessing an almost genetic strain of antisemitism. Years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir declared that Polish people imbibe antisemitism in their mother's breast milk. These hateful characterizations of the English and the Poles reflect the general contempt and bigotry of the Gemara, Mishnah Torah, Shulchan Aruch and Mishnah Berurah for the goyim, yet they are put forth and gain legitimacy as part of an alleged fight against bigotry.

The Hoffman Center aims to expose this hoodwink with facts and documents, not just generalized rhetoric about the Talmud. When the Hoffman Center states that the rabbinic texts teach that goyim are lower than dogs, we will prove our contention chapter and verse. Of course it will be said that we took the texts "out of context." We are prepared to deflate that Pavlovian defense and show with massive documentation that goyim have a status beneath that of dogs in Orthodox Judaism -- and that's far from the only racist dehumanization to which goyim are subjected in the holy books of Chazal (the founding "sages" of Judaism).

Here is the one-way prerogative of the Talmudic mentality: entitlement to bash our eminent authors with the "anti-semite" cudgel, while we respond on the defensive. Our defensive response has been a failure. I'm sick of failure!

Anthony Julius was Deborah Lipstadt's lawyer in historian David Irving's libel suit against her. Mr. Julius is the author of a recent book, Trials of the Diaspora: A History of Anti-Semitism (http://tinyurl.com/3u6qp2l). In its pages he defames Chaucer, Shakespeare and Dickens, among others. His book was reviewed with fulsome praise by the Yale University literary critic Harold Bloom, who wrote: "Julius links anti-Semitism to sadism. He might have done even more with this, since sado-masochism is something of an English vice, and is so much a school-experience of the upper social class." 

An English vice. To say that Shylock's usury or Fagin's fencing of stolen goods are "Judaic vices" is nothing less than rabid Shakespearean and Dickensian antisemitism according to Julius, yet Bloom feels entitled to stigmatize the English as sadomasochist, as a nation which derives pleasure from extreme cruelty. 

As one of the Holy People, Mr. Bloom can libel the English nation with impunity, while the profound insights of Chaucer, Shakespeare and Dickens constitute an "immemorial stench" (Bloom), out of a "sewer" (Julius). 

In his chapter on "The Mentality of Modern English Anti-Semitism," Mr. Julius presents what Prof. Bloom terms, "the puzzle of what appears to be an incessant prejudice, never to be dispelled." 

The concept of goyim harboring never-to-be-dispelled prejudice toward Judaics is a troglodyte dogma taught to bochurim (yeshiva boys). They are indoctrinated from an early age to believe that any opposition to the religion of Judaism is irrational (based on no legitimate grievance) and ineradicable, the assumption being that all opposition to Judaism reflects a hereditary gentile predisposition toward hatred of the Holy People. 

This traditional rabbinic brainwash is expressed as follows: "Halacha hi beyoduah she'Eisav soneh l'Yaakov" ("It is a given law: it is known that Esau hates Jacob;" cf. Judaism Discovered, pp. 463-466). 

Despite their morally superior liberal pretensions, Julius and Bloom are steeped in 2,000 years of Talmudic anti-gentile darkness.

The purpose of The Hoffman Center for the Study of Anti-Goyimism is to elucidate this stream in western académe and media and track the tail of the serpent of hatred and prejudice to its clandestine root in Judaism.


Personnel: one (so far).

Resources: letterhead printed with the name The Hoffman Center for the Study of Anti-Goyimism.

That's it, for now, at least in material terms.

I can dream, can't I?

The Vision

Our starting point: planting the seed of this vision. 

At present, to be honest, there is little chance that my Center will become a brick and mortar institute in the near future, yet I didn't want to live my life without at least sowing in as many minds as I could, this idea whose time has come; one that has incubated in my soul for many years.

So there you have it: merely a letterhead entity envisioned by a dreamer.

Someday, perhaps sooner rather than later, God will see fit to attract support for this dream. If not in my lifetime then in that of the next generation, this Center will become a truly realized venture  -- the axis upon which the most virulent racism that ever arose in the annals of time, will finally have its human rights mask torn away, heralding a new birth of freedom for the people of the West.

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Dolorosa said...

Great idea! Why don't you create a page or ? where people can report anything they consider to be anti-goy like the ADL, etc. Once that gets going then more people will hear about it and learn about your dream. What we also need is a museum for the victims of Communism.


Mr Hoffman,
Please let me know how I can apply to join the Board of your excellent Academy.

Brewerstroupe said...

Bravo. A timely idea.

Anonymous said...

You have certainly nailed the paradigm behind the modern use of the "anti-Semite" epithet.

The gag-line "an anti-Semite is anyone the Jews hate" is way more than a gag-line.

sportsnews said...

Maybe we can compile an anti-goy hate map ala the SPLC.

Greg Bacon said...

The Hoffman Center studies a pivotal question: to what extent are antisemitism accusations a mask for anti-goyimism?

I'd like to suggest the following:

Go back to the anti-Semite (with a hyphen) way of spelling that and associated words and here's why:

Several years ago, an article in the Jewish mag "Forward" had a column that said the 'Chosen' need to start dropping the hyphen when spelling 'anti-semitism.'

He had some reasons as to why, that I don't recall, but why play by their rules?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Mr. Hoffman,...Excellent work.


MH said...

Someday, perhaps sooner rather than later, God will see fit to attract support for this dream. If not in my lifetime then in that of the "next generation, this Center will become a truly realized venture -- the axis upon which the most virulent racism that ever arose in the annals of time, will finally have its human rights mask torn away, heralding a new birth of freedom for the people of the West."
Its extraordinary that you think God will support you in anything. You and your neoNazi sycophants are the perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.
Have you seen God's support in anything of significance in your life?

Jason said...

Excellent idea and best of luck.

It seems that your review of Mamet's book really offended those of his fan club judging from the amount of unfavorable ratings it received, and then the troll comment above. At least they're seeking you out online. Perhaps by reading your material their perceptions may shift, or maybe their intelligence will grow so that they could post a relevant and semi-literate counterpoint.

Maurice Pinay said...

You and your neoNazi sycophants ..."


Since the 'antisemite' bludgeon has itself been bludgeoned near to death, I've observed the 'neo-Nazi' bludgeon being increasingly utilized in its place. This escalating, baseless, hysterical smearing of people hated by the hurlers of such epithets is unlikely to generate a proportionate escalation in empathy; quite the opposite, I would surmise.

I don't answer for Mr. Hoffman, but I think it not a stretch to guess that he's grateful to God for a fine family and the means to support it and to speak truth to those who would hear it despite the attempts of the anti-Goyimites at destroying these things. It's no temporal, racial-supremacist kingdom but it is more than enough evidence of God's blessing in my Christian view.

aferrismoon said...

A little online 'chutzpah' is this about Jews taking part in slavery.


There is no apology for their participation. The page tries to minimize Jews involvement while stating that non-Jews had far more slaves than Jews.

A few quotes:

'In the middle ages, Jews were minimally involved in slave trade.'

'...and that Jews had no major or continuing impact on the history of New World slavery.'

'They possessed far fewer slaves than non-Jews in every British territory in North America and the Caribbean,..'
Slavery historian Jason H. Silverman described the part of Jews in slave trading in the southern United states as "minuscule", and wrote that the historical rise and fall of slavery in the United States would not have been affected at all had there been no Jews living in the south'

'Due to forcible conversions of Jews to Christianity many New Christians continued to practice Judaism in secret, meaning it is impossible for historians to determine what portion of these slave traders were Jewish, because to do so would require the historian to choose one of several definitions of "Jewish".'

etc etc etc

The whole article is just a way to justify their role in the trade, while muddying the waters as to who is or isn't 'Jewish' while at the same time using it to point the finger at 'non-Jews'.

"Rich Jews in the south generally preferred employing white servants rather than owning slaves."

Because they have a higher soul , shucks, it seems so obvious now.