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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, August 17, 2006

National Public Radio (NPR) Broadcasts Zionist Delusions 8/16

33 days of bombing Lebanon by Israelis is turned by tax-supported National Public Radio (NPR) on its Aug. 16 afternoon newscast into “the fighting between Hezbollah and Israel.”

NPR on Aug. 16 also featured Jeffrey Goldberg of The New Yorker for a ten minute uninterrupted Israeli commercial about “anti-semitism” and Arabs who hate “Jews.” Goldberg was completely delusional and he was blaming the victims; as though after 34 days of bombing, any anti-Judaic sentiment by the people of Lebanon would be wholly illegitimate and criminal.

Of course there was no reference whatsoever to the anti-Arab racism that motivated a super-power to collectively punish an entire civilian population of Arabs and kill 1,000 of them.

Goldberg was supported in his crazy chauvinism by the female NPR interviewer who sounded and acted as if she were Ariel Sharon’s niece, instead of an objective reporter charged with challenging the dogma of her interview subjects. This lengthy NPR segment reminded me of a Nazi broadcast wherein two Hitlerite reporters are decrying anti-German sentiment among the Poles they had just bombed and invaded.



Anonymous said...

It depends on how you count, but if you go by hours, it was a 33-day war. At DAY 19, the Israelis said they would need "around 10 more days or so". When I saw that, I said this war will go for 33 days... it makes more Masonic sense. And sure enough, that's how the Washington Post reported it the day it ended. They referred to it as the 33-day war.


Anonymous said...

Beginning in April 1939, certain Mongoloid Poles murdered the German minority--civilian target, not military--living in Poland. Germany retaliated and attacked Poland in Septeber 1939.

Anonymous said...

On a related theme, PBS's WGBH The News Hour with Jim Lehrer has been having "journalists" from Forward Magazine (which really should read Backward Magazine). These folks from Forward aren't objective journalists; instead, they are advertisers for Israel.

When these individuals appear, Jim Lehrer doesn't tell his audience that these gentleman have a foreign allegiance to the government that incites war. All there is is a brief flashby caption that says Forward Magazine. Now who in the audience of The News Hour knows that Forwad is a Kosher Rag?

Shame Shame Shame on Jim Lehrer for not speaking up.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think in boxes when the world is round. I have read some, not all your writtings. You suffer from some form of child abuse you have not been able to reconcile. Your truthes are the exception to the rule not the rule.

M.P. Elliott
Border Reiver

P.S. Jews or no Jews when the muslims awaken the Reivers in the united states and europe they will understand the meaning of losing your head.... There are no churches in Reiver land.