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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Talmudic Court Clerks Predominate Under Justice Scalia

Kosher-Conservative Treason

Number of Orthodox Court Clerks Jumps Thanks to Scalia
Jennifer Siegel | The Forward | Wed. Nov 21, 2007

EXCERPT: “He has commented at times on the fact that he thought that people who had a talmudic training had a head start,” Lewin said of Scalia.


Court watchers say you can count on one hand the number of Orthodox Jews who have served as clerks, but that figure will see a significant jump in 2008, when Harvard Law graduates Moshe Spinowitz, 28, and Yaakov Roth, 23, join the staff of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia.

“I think it’s sort of a coincidence. Things just sort of worked out that way this year, but it is 20% of a minyan,” Roth said, speaking to the Forward about the lawyers’ good fortune.

In interviews with the Forward, both Roth and Spinowitz said they believed that their faith was something of a footnote to the arduous selection process and had been unremarkable both at Harvard Law and at their current clerkships for U.S. Court of Appeals judge Michael Boudin, where the two now sit in neighboring cubicles.

...Despite Orthodox Jews’ tiny numbers, their experience at the Supreme Court has been one small but telling barometer of the place of Jews within the broader society.

Nathan Lewin, a prominent Washington lawyer who graduated from Harvard Law School in 1960 and went on to clerk for Associate Justice John M. Harlan from 1961 to 1962, recalled being pleasantly surprised when Harlan said at his initial interview that a Saturday Sabbath observance would not be a problem.

During his tenure at Harvard, Lewin said, classes were held Saturdays, leading the handful of Orthodox male students to rush through their morning services — only to arrive at lectures without their books or pens. When exam time rolled around, the men paid for their own proctors to administer Saturday evening exams. And when recruiting season came, several law firms told Lewin that they would not hire an associate who refused to work Saturdays.

At the same time, Lewin recalled a fellow classmate and colleague on the Harvard Law Review who was impressed by his Jewish background: the Italian Catholic, staunchly conservative Scalia.

“He has commented at times on the fact that he thought that people who had a talmudic training had a head start,” Lewin said of Scalia. The two were “quite friendly” during their law school days, said Lewin, and last met socially at a kosher restaurant in Washington. (End quote from The Forward)

HOFFMAN'S NOTE: Justice Scalia's close Talmudic pal, Nathan Lewin, is the attorney for AgriProcessors, allegedly one of the worst and most inhumane kosher slaughterhouses in the nation. Lewin is on record as advocating that the family members of Palestinian suicide bombers--their parents for example--should be executed. For several years he and Scalia have been attempting to establish a yeshiva (Talmud school) for US judges. For more on Scalia cf. The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, pp. 588-593.


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Anonymous said...

This is utterly disheartening but it does not surprise me since the 'neo-Catholics' currently have a hold on what is considered to be Catholicism today. These neo-Catholics like Scalia should return to the Digestae of Justinian or the medieval/Spanish jurists. Would they dare say that a Talmudic mentality or experience has greater depth than these strains of jursiprudence?