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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Israelis Bomb UN Convoy

"...In one overnight airstrike (Aug. 12), a convoy of some 500 vehicles carrying civilians and Lebanese security forces, escorted by United Nations peacekeepers and fleeing north from Merj' Uyun with permission negotiated with Israel, was struck near Shtaura in the Bekaa Valley.

"Witnesses and hospital officials said at least six people were killed, including a Lebanese Army officer. The Israeli military said the convoy was fired upon because of a 'suspicion' it might contain Hezbollah fighters. TV images showed wrecked cars, a woman's shoes and other belongings scattered across the road.

" ...Aid convoys from the United Nations and other relief agencies have been unable to get help to the countryside for days. Relief workers say they must phone the Israeli Embassy in Washington to ask for permission for convoys to travel and it is rarely granted.

Source: John Kifner and Greg Myre, "After U.N. Accord, Israel Expands Push in Lebanon," NY Times August 13, 2006.

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