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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Nazi Holocaust" Moralists Have No Compassion for Lebanese Victims of Israeli Terror

by Michael Hoffman 

Increasingly we are seeing that those like Elie Wiesel, Steven Spielberg and Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, who wring political currency and moral mileage for the Israeli regime from perpetual "Nazi Holocaust" memorials, monuments, commemorations, classes and movies, are siding with Israeli absolutists, for whom the security of the Zionist state and the total depravity of Islam, are a priori doctrines contravening humanitarian concern for the civilian victims of indiscriminate Israeli bombings.

One of these frauds is Harvard University's Prof. Goldhagen, who can be found mouthing off in today's Los Angeles Times, espousing the Israeli tunnel vision --outrage and horror that anyone would want to destroy the Israeli entity -- even as Goldhagen calls for the destruction of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Judaic zealots are incapable of perceiving the hypocrisy of this "morality" of theirs, whose sole yardstick is the welfare of Judaics first.

Goldhagen, Wiesel, the New York Times and legions of others like them seek to confer blamelessness on the Israelis through perptual Nazi "Holocaust" obsession.

Talmudic racism and Zionist Judeo-racial supremacy are prevalent among those who have made a career out of hating and stigmatizing the Germans as hereditary "executioners," even as the accusers are complicit in the Israeli holocaust in Lebanon, going so far, as Goldhagen does, to urge an extension of that holocaust to Syria and Iran.

This tends to show that "Nazi Holocaust" propaganda is essentially a cynical exercise in generating further guilty solidarity with the Israeli war machine and its "moral capital" of dispossession and murder of indigenous Arabs.

Remember that fact the next time some "Holocaust Survivor" comes to your school or community. Ask them what they did to stop the Israeli holocaust against Lebanon. If they can't give a cogent answer, give them the bum's rush. These disgraceful Ku Klux Zionists use the suffering of the innocent during World War II, to prop up Israeli mass murder in our time.

The victims of World War II deserve spokesmen and representatives of integrity, who fight for all marginal, voiceless and oppressed people of any race or religion, rather than partisan bigots who see the world solely through Israeli eyes.

Those who seek to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran while claiming that any similar ambition with regard to "Israel" is some kind of cosmic crime, expose a chauvinism that has strong parallels to Master Race ideology.

It's time to defy these sanctimonious "Holocaust" frauds in every forum where they presume to impose their Israeli jingoism.

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Haaretz August 9, 2006 | The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES - A foundation created by filmmaker Steven Spielberg will donate $1 million to relief efforts in Israel as it battles with Hezbollah. The Righteous Persons Foundation will make an initial contribution of $250,000 to the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles Israel Crisis Fund. The foundation will then follow up with gifts to the New Israel Fund and other organizations that are providing relief to those evacuated from northern Israel, said Marvin Levy, foundation spokesman. The Jewish Foundation will use its donation to support emergency efforts for evacuated children, install shatterproof glass in Haifa's three hospitals and provide emergency assistance at the Nahariya hospital, he said. The New Israel Fund will use its donation to set up crisis hot lines and provide food and other emergency supplies to families in northern Israel, Levy said.

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