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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, August 11, 2006

Terror "Plot" Pays Big Dividends for Bush and Blair

by Michael A. Hoffman II
Note the last item in the column from the front page of this morning's online New York Times: "Arrests bolster GOP as Election Nears." Lebanon is off the front pages of the British newspapers and Republicans are back on top in American politics, all thanks to a mouthpiece media that accepts at face value the conspiracy claims of US and British governments that believe that in wartime truth is so precious it must be protected by a bodyguard of lies. Deception in wartime is a staple of US and British intelligence. This is an axiom about which the US media are unwilling to breathe a word.

Bush and Blair lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but they would never lie about a terror "plot" in England? Yeah, right.

Historically, the mission of journalists is to be skeptics and adversaries of Big Brother, probing and investigating government pronouncements, and testing their veracity, but not any more. Now the media is an echo chamber for an "infallible" government. When it comes to pronouncements about "terror attacks," Bush and Blair enjoy the status of the pope.

When Republicans in the US are low in the polls or Israeli war crimes are focusing world-wide horror and revulsion on Zionism, along comes an Al-Qaeda-"linked" terror attack or terror "plot" in time to rehabilitate Bush, Blair and "Israel."

Merely a coincidence?

Moreover, even if this "shampoo" explosives tale were true, why does the West react to it as if we are all innocent little lambs minding our own business in our neck of the woods, rather than allies of Israeli mass murder in far-away Lebanon, where we have no business? Do we imagine that we will assist the Israelis in blowing Arab grandmothers and infants out of their beds and there will be no nasty repercussions?

The Israelis and Americans have taught the Arabs that collective punishment is a legitimate form of warfare. Collective punishment is official Israeli policy. The Israelis have declared that since the people of Lebanon tolerate Hezbollah, they too are rightful targets of bombs, missiles and cluster weapons.

If and when the Arabs turn that logic upon us, and target American and British civilians for tolerating Bush and Blair, suddenly it is a monstrous evil; "Islamic fascism" at its devilish work.

George W. Bush and Tony Blair are deliberately inciting war with the Muslim world by such actions as funding, arming and approving Israeli genocide in Lebanon. The problem with war, aside from its obvious crimes and sins, is that the resulting war fever tends to close the minds of the citizens who are being drummed into lock-step, "patriotic" formation behind "their leaders," so that clear thinking is the first casualty.

The first President Bush helped to rehabilitate war as an instrument of US policy in the first Iraq war. Bill Clinton furthered that rehabilitation in the name of the "good cause" of waging war against "Serbian evil."

Clinton and NATO fought that "evil" so effectively that their bombing killed an estimated 10,000 civilians. Geoge W. Bush has pushed the envelope to where we are now: perpetual war against a dehumanized foe, with all the tools we used vis a vis the far more sinister atheistic Soviet Communists -- diplomacy, trade, negotiation -- cast on to the neo-con's junk heap of history.

But if we sift through that heap we will find that history teaches that war is almost always an instrument for swelling the size of government, curtailing civil liberties, enlarging the police forces and spy apparatus, enriching the military-industrial complex and killing the innocent by the thousands and the millions.

None of this has to happen. America can pull out of the Middle East. Without the American Goliath to back their killings and land thefts, the Zionists would have to make peace with their neighbors and the billions spent on the "war on terror" could go to making the US energy-independent.

To have for President of the United States, a depraved, secret society retard and murderer like George W. Bush can only be a curse on us for our sins: our selfish refusal to have large families, our rampant materialism and our vicious, buccaneer capitalist economic system based on shylock interest rates.

The Republicans are up in the polls? If this is true, and I trust pollsters about as far as I can throw them, it signifies that Americans are up for a Judaic war of annihilation against dehmanized native people; that our children and our grandchildren will still be fighting this war; a war that will see the imposition in the US of identification papers, preventive detention of dissenters, the suspension of the Constitution, the rise of a president-dictator, the enactment of the Talmudic Noahide laws and the death of the liberty for which generations of Americans have fought and died.

Never was a revolution more necessary in these United States.

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Anonymous said...

In your article, Mr. Hoffman, you write, "I trust pollsters about as far as I can throw them". That is very true. I unfortunately had to make ends meet by working for one of the oldest and "respectable" polling organizations in the world for years until I couldn't take the biased polls, tricking people into, or plain forcing them to answer a loaded question over and over until they got the answer they wanted. I am now looking for work since I had to save some dignity and go with what I believe in, not fooling the public with bogus polls that affect millions. One more thing, our CEO at that time was a self-proclaimed Republican who said Bush invited him to dinner so he could "learn" more about his organization. The CEO ofcourse, speaking in front of our entire lieu of "interviewers" said he declined...something the organization doesn't want it's respondents to do.