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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Archbishop Viganò protests Freemasonry and Pope Francis

Archbishop Viganò protests the One-world religion of Freemasonry and the “infernal” Pope Francis

By Michael Hoffman


Last May 8,  Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò released an “Appeal for the Church and the world to Catholics and all people of good will,” which was also signed by Cardinal Gerhard Müller, former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and several other cardinals and bishops. In it, he said there is “reason to believe, on the basis of official data on the incidence of the epidemic as related to the number of deaths, that there are powers interested in creating panic among the world’s population with the sole aim of permanently imposing unacceptable forms of restriction on freedoms, of controlling people and of tracking their movements. The imposition of these illiberal measures is a disturbing prelude to the realization of a world government beyond all control.” 

Michael Hoffman's comment: In my opinion every word of the preceding is true, and commendable.


Archbishop Viganò also mentioned in a May 29 letter “the top levels of the Hierarchy” (who are) “openly placing themselves at the service of the Prince of this world, adopting the demands made by the United Nations for the globalist agenda, Masonic brotherhood, Malthusian ecologism, immigrationism.”

He argued that “a single world religion without dogmas or morals, according to the wishes of Freemasonry” is currently being created. Speaking of Pope Francis, Viganò said “it is obvious that Bergoglio, along with those who are behind him and support him, aspires to preside over this infernal parody of the Church of Christ.” 

Michael Hoffman's comment: 

Archbishop Viganò has been living in hiding, allegedly in fear of assassination, since his August 2018 letter accusing Pope Francis of not enforcing the sanctions placed upon then-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, a homosexual predator whose crimes were facilitated by recent popes.

The question to ask is whether the archbishop is as naive and unschooled as he appears. Can we trust him? Is he for real or playing a part in the ancient Vatican game of good cop/bad cop and Right/Left dialectic, whereby seeming opposites are actually serving the same Master? 

We pose the question because in resurrecting the old Leo XIII rhetoric against Freemasonry, Viganò compounds the errors of omission which Leo himself propagated. Freemasonry is in fact the offspring of the Church of Rome's revolutionary Renaissance occultism. It grew out of the prisca theologia of the Neoplatonic-Hermeticism and Kabbalism which arose in the Church beginning in Florence in the 15th century, under Medici patronage, and was never dislodged

In this writer’s book, The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, the documentation is presented for those who have eyes to see. For now we will point to Pope Leo's glaring omission: he cited Freemasonry as the opponent of the Church, but as all competent students of the occult know, Freemasonry in its essence is Kabbalism. About Kabbalism Leo XIII said nothing in his encyclicals contra Masonry. How could Leo and his army of Catholic scholars with access to the legendary Vatican archives, have missed the elephant in the room? Was this simply a mistake, or an indication of the deep cover and protection which Rome has afforded the Kabbalistic theology for more than 500 years?

Sincere campaigners on the Left who oppose usury banking and money worship in Rome, see in Right-wing figures like Viganò the possibility of a hidden hand of sponsorship by reactionary occult forces, such as the Knights of Malta, as well as Italian racketeers who desire to keep the usurious Vatican Bank functioning as their private money laundry. 

We do not know that the archbishop is culpable for any of the preceding. He is, however, guilty of manifesting grotesque ignorance of masonic origins, which are to be found in the Renaissance Church itself. Until that fact is known, Viganò's protests are a band-aid and little more. At this late hour, to work successfully for victory requires the articulation of radical truth.

I will address a familiar objection: "Oh, but Hoffman, the Freemasons despise the Church." 

Correct. Like Pepsi despises Coke, IBM despises Microsoft, and Ford detests Toyota. This rivalry does not signal they are not all working for the same objective — commerce — the marketing of products (soda pop, computers and vehicles) in the acquisitive competition to gain the most profit. 

Freemasonry is a Thelemic Counter-Church, competing with the Church of Rome for members and power. In itself, the rivalry between the two is no proof that they do not serve the same Master. 

When the Gambino crime family made war on the Genovese crime family did it signify that one faction was opposed to the Mafia? No, of course not. They were both mafia, contesting for money and power. 

The same is true of the “war” between the post-Renaissance Church of Rome and the masonic lodge. Don’t believe it? Study the 723 pages of The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome. Don’t have the time or inclination? In that case, your lassitude and incomprehension disqualify you from the debate. Opposition to our research predicated on obstinate ignorance does not persuade or impress.

Furthermore, over the course of more than five centuries, from the pontificate of Alexander VI to that of Francis,  the secret theology of that "infernal parody of the Church of Christ” — the post-Renaissance papacy — is the gnostic belief that all religions descend from a single primal truth. 

One World masonic conspiracy inherited its syncretism from the Renaissance "Catholicism" that clandestinely spread it among the upper echelons of the hierarchy and intelligentsia. True believers too pious or lethargic to investigate this harsh truth are cursed (2 Thess. 2:9-12), to continue to play bit parts in the solve et cogaula psychodrama now enveloping the West.

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Gerry said...

An interesting article over at the Saker Blog


MarcJohn said...

Spot on good sir, spot on!! I have your book "TORCOR" but as yet have not had the time to read it,(I will Lord willing), but even so I still see the truth in your message .... Carry on good soldier and may The Father bless you abundantly

Marc John

DigitalLogos said...

Interesting. I would like to ask, Mr. Hoffman, are you Catholic?
I'm not being coy, I'm very much a fan of your work, having just finished Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare this evening, but I cannot identify just where you stand with the so-called "Church of Rome"?

Thanks in advance.

Michael Hoffman said...

To DigitalLogos

I am a member of the Church Jesus Christ founded: the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Irenaeus, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Francis of Assisi, Dante Alighieri and Anthony of Padua.

The parody of that Church that arose in the pontificates of the Renaissance popes and has existed as an occult usurper ever since — the Church of Rome, rather than Jesus— is fundamentally anti-Catholic and the mother of Inquisition, Usury, Kabbalism, Talmudism, Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry.

Jewels said...

Mr Hoffman, I would like to know in your opinion who is god to Donald Trump. He is surrounded by Kabbalism.

Thank you.

Paul Dale said...

Pope Francis is an antipope, as Benedict, who was being pressured even with death threats to step down, failed, deliberately, to fulfil Pope John Paul II's canon 332,2. He failed to mention the munus in canon, only the ministerio. these things matter. The cardinals falsely rushed into calling a conclave and antipope Francis was elected. The surprising thing, or not, is that Vigano doesn't go far enough in calling out Francis. Seemingly he has connections with Opus Dei, a powerful judaic wing of the Church, hence he could be their man for the papacy at the next conclave.