Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Freemason Albert Pike’s Graven Image Toppled

Freemasonry’s “Supreme Commander”
Albert Pike’s Graven Image 
Toppled into the Dust

On the eve of the Summer Solstice, the  graven image of Albert Pike, the chief of 19th century Freemasonry and Satanism in America, has fallen and burned in Washington D.C. 

Read more: Our complete report has been published in the July issue of Revisionist History® newsletter 


W.M. Peterson said...

Exceptional analysis. You are one of the few commentators who apprehends the true nature of the game being played behind the smoke and mirrors surface appearances sown for public consumption. A really great take on this rather unexpected event.

Michael M said...

Here Mike check out these lovely Talmudic Rabbi below, in their own words:


Seshette said...

While I do believe the toppling is epic, I am often concerned that the topplers will prove worse than the original masters. Still, it surely signals a loss of control for the puppetmasters.

Gordon Pratt said...

"At some point there will be a Right-wing reactionary antithesis to the Left-wing revolutionary thesis."

Exactly right, and it will not be lost on the 'Patriots' who come to power that indecision on the part of the leader of the Empire presaged disorder in the streets of the homeland.

Expect a major war, only this time with a Republican in the White House. It is a shell game and it will continue as long as bankers rule I.e. as long as money is leant at interest.

Johnny Gonzales Wedding Guitarist Ceremony Cocktail Hour Reception said...

The Old Order must go in flames (effigy) as the New Order is to rise from the ashes.

Livingstone Hypnosis said...

BTW I have bought your books and read your work for over 20 years but I find it really strange you believe in Christianity. No insult intended, you are a brilliant man.

Anonymous said...

The statue that you're referring to is of a man. Where I come from, a Pike is a big fish, some say tasty.

Unknown said...

The greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing everyone he does not exist. Just visit one of your recovering nightmares to find out.

Fooled NoMore.