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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Ku Klux Judaism of David Mamet

The catchall solution: First blame the Jews
By David Mamet | Baltimore Sun | August 10, 2006

Twelve hundred years of European anti-Semitism, murder, rape and theft may be laid in large part, at the foot of the Gospel of John. ("He would not go about in the temple, because the Jews sought to kill him," John 7:1. "You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires," John 8:44, etc., New Oxford Annotated Bible.)

Now, any and every religion has some portion of its foundation text that is morally and ethically repugnant: Jewish morning prayers, where the man "thanks God that he was not created a woman," or in Deuteronomy 21:18-21, "the rebellious child must be taken outside the camp and stoned to death." The Gospels did not cause anti-Semitism, but they licensed it, to Christian Europe. 

(End quote from Mr. Mamet)

Michael Hoffman replies:

Mamet is a Hollywood script-writer, director and playwright. He also dabbles in ritual and stage magic and Kabbalah with his factotum, the magician Ricky Jay. In his first paragraph, Mamet offers the familiar indictment of the Gospel of John as "licensing 'anti-Semitism." What this con-artist will not tell his readers is that the Old Testament also contains powerful anti-Jewish pronouncements by Yahweh's Prophets. Is it “anti-semitic”?

To gauge Mamet's dishonesty, examine how he deliberately garbles the Morning Prayer of Judaism: "where the man 'thanks God that he was not created a woman." Actually in that prayer the Judaic male thanks the god of the Talmud for not making him "a slave, a gentile or a woman."

The deceitful Mamet won't quote that part of the prayer because it might cause his readers to put two-and-two together and come up with the source of Israeli contempt for the lives of non-Judaic Arab civilians: rabbinic law and the prayers of Judaism.

Mamet's column in the Baltimore Sun is an ignorant, chauvinist rant that parrots the same shopworn cliches, "The world hates us. We are blameless.” 

This from a supposedly sophisticated progressive who, in his books and plays, "nobly" exposes the underside of traditional Southern Christian culture. Mamet is an extreme manifestation of Talmudic-tribalism and Ku Klux Judaism who has made it his vocation to self-righteously deflate American Christian tribalism.

For our last laugh, dig this line from Mamet: "And much of the liberal West, thrilled to have a victim to worship, nods along." He's criticizing any solidarity with Arab victims of Israeli massacres on the basis that such solidarity constitutes a morbid liberal victim cult.

Yet Mamet is a card-carrying member of the biggest victim-worshipping cult of them all: Holocaustianity.

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Fatima said...

i went through ur blog and found it quiet interesting...i want to know what u say about the israeli attack on lebanon...hope u'll write something on this current issue...