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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, November 11, 2022

Vote Fraud '22?

Vote Fraud '22?

[Our Veterans Day editorial follows this report]

Though it has become grounds for being accused of treason or worse if any American expresses even a mouse-like squeak of concern about our nation's election integrity (unless that American is Hillary Clinton), nonetheless we draw your attention to a possible grooming process we detected in the New York Times today.

The Times seems to be conditioning the American people to accept a reversal of the numerous projections of a "slim Republican majority in the House of Representatives."

This morning's NY Times (Nov. 11, page A18), in a report headlined, "Congressional Memo: At the Capitol, the Question of Who Won the Midterms," the Times ominously insinuates that there is now a "path" to the Democrats "holding the majority" in the House.

Quote: "...without the final results from Colorado, California, Arizona and Nevada among other places… three dozen House races still undecided, Democrats still had a mathematical…. path to holding the majority.”

The New York Times knows that what transpires in the various counting rooms where votes are tallied by bureaucrats of dubious ethics, in states such as Arizona, Nevada, California "and other places," is not transparent, and it seems that we are being told, Las Vegas-style, that any number can win, including a number that would represent a victory for Democrats in the House. We would be impotent in the face of a steal like that, and shamed in the media for our Doubting Thomas wrongthink. Merrick Garland's secret police might even come knocking at our door.  

But if the roles were reversed, it's not difficult to surmise that Democrats would be suspicious and their skepticism would be supported by the corporate media. 

Vote fraud concerns expressed by Democrats, including US Senator Barbara Boxer after the 2004 re-election of George W. Bush, and by many Democrats in 2016 when Trump was elected, were not greeted by media howls of "election denial!" In fact, in 2018 when Stacey Abrams was first defeated by Brian Kemp in the Georgia gubernatorial contest and she refused to concede, Abrams was actually lauded by the New York Times

At this moment the nation that calls itself "the Leader of the Free World" is on the edge of its seat awaiting the results of an opaque process for which there is little accountability. Sinister clowns have once again moved their carnival sideshow into visibility and induced tension and adrenaline among the masses. It's a process meant to debase the mind and spirit of a once free people. We term it The Revelation of the Method.

Veteran's Day: Misnamed and Misdirected

Today we salute all veterans of America's armed services, including my son, a Marine Corps veteran, and the memory of my Dad, a WWII and Korea Navy vet (corpsman), and my great uncle Ralph, who won the Silver Star in combat in the First World War, though the Department of the Army has not yet released, 104 years laters, the report that will tell our family specifically what he did to earn the US Army's second highest award for gallantry under fire, resulting in an18-year-old private being promoted to the rank of sergeant. (Uncle Ralph did not speak of his exploits; our family only learned of his Silver Star when, in his Last Will and Testament, he bequeathed it to this writer [he and his wife Isabel were childless]).

With that mind, and meaning no disrespect, it's incumbent to note that from a historical perspective, the November 11 holiday has been hijacked by militarists who have used it to glorify their war racket. 

November 11 was consecrated in the blood of the young men and women on both the Allied and Axis sides of World War I, a useless fratricide that sacrificed three million kids in uniform on the altar of the stupidity and bloodlust of aged generals, and the politicians who conspired with them. 

The western world was shocked in the aftermath of the European abattoir. The "Roaring '20s" marked a period of unprecedented alterations in music, fashion and hair styles (for example, millions of women cut their hair short for the first time in recorded memory), and a general feeling of despair and ennui seized the people, perhaps most eloquently expressed by T.S. Eliot in his long poem, The Wasteland (edited by his friend and colleague, Ezra Pound). Though Germany's "Weimar Republic" has become the synecdoche for the degeneracy and hopelessness of the time, America and Britain also went collectively nuts in the 1920s, as the U.S. did again in the '60s and '70s, during and after the futile Vietnam War.

World War I, which was billed, absurdly, as "The War to End All Wars," largely came to an end on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year 1918, and thus was born "Armistice Day," specifically intended to kindle the memory of the massive suffering and death, and to help ensure it would never re-occur. It was planned as a permanent memorial to the kids in uniform who were senselessly butchered by their own leaders in a satanic conflict without which there would have been no second and more terrible world war in 1939.

Unfortunately, the memory of the pointless First World War slaughter and its salutary lessons has been drowned in the bombastic jingoism that has captured Armistice Day and transformed it into Veterans Day, which has too often been misdirected as a recruiting poster for more young cannon fodder to enlist in more wars to make the world safe for whatever cause the Cryptocracy has decided to invest with apocalyptic urgency: humiliate Russia, crush Iran, kill the Palestinians and make the world safe for Coca-Cola and Zionism.

Michael Hoffman ©2022

Independent History and Research
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Anonymous said...

At the risk of being as annoying as a pebble in a shoe, in the Korean & Vietnam wars, America was at least posed as fighting its & the world’s true enemy: the antIChrist communists. Since the American government in both wars cooperated with the communists by submitting to a no win settlement, today’s ‘election day’ is on board with ‘coexist’ designer election results worldwide.

Sven said...

America should have followed Jefferson's principle, “Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” What forms of governments are instituted by the people of other nations isn't the American government's business even though it has deceived itself and its people into thinking it is and that because of this it has to invade foreign nations with the aim of "regime change" and impose "democracy" on these foreigners. As Erich Hartmann astutely noted: "War is a place where young men who don't know each other and don't hate each other kill each other by the decision of old people who know each other and hate each other, but don't kill each other!"

Lucas said...

Greetings, Mr. Hoffman. I saw your first book getting a big push in the replies of this post of a big internet personality talking about "revelation of the method". Hopefully more people read the book. It was a big eye opener for me in my 20's and it planted the seed for me to return to the faith after living a prodigal son lost in confusion lifestyle. Really enjoy your work and perspective and looking forward to more podcasts. Glad you're sharing your research in that format. Makes the work day go by easier. God bless and be well.


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