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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Same Sex Marriage and Alchemical Process

 Same Sex Marriage and Alchemical Process

The anniversary of the voluntary Incarnation of the Son of God on earth, fixed at a date in late December (though no one knows precisely in what month it occurred), was the beginning of the end of Satan’s kingdom. It resulted in the Resurrection victory of Jesus Christ over death itself. The power over the cosmic force of death renders the one who possesses it the King of the Universe. The Kingship of Christ exists whether we recognize it or not. Our salvation however, depends upon our individual recognition of that singular truth.

Let us recall in Matthew 19:4-5 that King Jesus defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Anyone who declares (much less legislates) otherwise, is not of Jesus. The famous riposte, “But these men ‘luhv' each other!” fails on every level. The love delusion is the gateway to the further alchemical processing of humanity, as we observed in our recent Twilight Language podcast. For, if love is what justifies a man having sex with a man and the Congress of the United States terming it marriage, then with that same rationale a man who “luhvs" his sister or his mother will eventually be permitted to legally have incestuous sex with them, and some time after that sex with children, and as the final act in the Rosicrucian crucible of Alchemical Process sex with one’s bulldog or cow — after all, the pair “luhv” each other, and “Love Wins!"

The further America departs from Biblical standards the further we will not only decline, but descend. Virgil observed in the Aeneid, Facilis descensus averno ("The descent into hell is easy”). Indeed it is.

The Herod-like assembly-line massacre of the innocents — the abortion of unborn human beings — initiated the incremental conditioning process in America in 1974, by hardening the collective heart of our people. That has gradually led to the contemporary apathy concerning the “marriage” of homosexuals, and we say this with compassion and charity for those afflicted by same sex attraction. Like those who are afflicted with temptations toward other mortal sins such as incest and pederasty, it is their lot in life to resist forbidden sexual relations through the almighty grace of Jesus. Upon these truths, western civilization was founded, beginning with the reign of the babe in the manger. 

Merry CHRISTmas,

Michael Hoffman

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Anonymous said...

Mockery- satan’s weapon of choice to ‘invalidate’ any divinely ordained policy or procedure. Nonetheless, in my experience, the divinely legitimate becomes the desire of many hearts. Merry Christmas!✝️