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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

The Occult Significance of November 8 ["Election Day"]

 The Occult Significance of November 8 ["Election Day"]

By Michael Hoffman


In the cosmos: the morning of November 8, 2022, election day for local and state offices including the US Senate, the House of Representatives and governorships, coincided with a total lunar eclipse in the early hours, with the moon appearing to turn blood red.

In history: November 8 in the Catholic Church of old commemorated stone masons known as Quattuor Coronati ("Four Crowned Ones") Nicostratus, Claudius, Symphorianus and Castor. These four are cited in the martyrologies of St. Jerome and the Venerable Bede as having been beaten death circa A.D. 290 for refusing to sacrifice to the gods.

In 1884 the Freemason Sir Charles Warren founded the elite research arm of Freemasonry and named it the Ars Quattuor Coronatorum, which publishes an academic journal.

[Is the fifth "crown" the post-modern virus dubbed "Corona"?]

Warren was an accomplished archaeologist whose work in Jerusalem as a British army engineer was intended to provide the groundwork for the masonic magnum opus, the rebuilding of the Temple of Jerusalem.

During the masonic Jack the Ripper murders, Freemason Warren was, conveniently for the Brotherhood, the chief of the Metropolitan Police of London and instrumental in concealing the masonic identity of the killer. 

These and other suppressed facts will be found in the October 2022 issue of Revisionist History®.

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