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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Election Night No Longer Exists

Election Night No Longer Exists 

By Victor Davis Hanson

November 10, 2022


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Michael Hoffman’s Afterword follows these excerpts from Prof. Hanson’s analysis

What, if anything, did the midterms tell us about the country—other than underwhelming Republicans could still take the House and Senate?

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, American elections radically changed to mail-in and early voting. They did so in a wild variety of state-by-state ways. Add ranked voting and a required majority margin to the mess and the result is that once cherished Election Day balloting becomes increasingly irrelevant.

Election Night also no longer existsReturns are not counted for days. It is intolerable for a modern democracy to wait and wait for all sorts of different ballots both cast and counted under radically different and sometimes dubious conditions.

The Democrats —with overwhelming media and money advantages — have mastered these arts of massive and unprecedented early, mail-in, and absentee voting. 

Old-fashioned Republicans count on riling up their voters to show up on Election Day. But it is far easier to finesse and control the mail-in ballots than to "get out the vote.”

The country is divided in more ways than ever. America's interior just gets redder and the bicoastal corridors bluer.

Exceptional Republican gubernatorial or senatorial candidates like Lee Zeldin, Tudor Dixon, and Tiffany Smiley in blue states like New York, Michigan, or Washington cannot win upsets against even so-so Democratic incumbents — even during a supposedly bad election cycle for Democrats, laboring under a president with a 40 percent approval rating.

Similarly, media-spawned leftist heartthrobs like Beto O'Rourke and Stacey Abrams can burn through hundreds of millions of dollars. But they still cannot unseat workmanlike Republican incumbents in Texas and Georgia.

Out-of-state immigration has only solidified these red-blue brand polarizations.

Over the last decade, millions of conservatives have fled California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania to Florida and Texas.

The former states got bluer as New York governors like Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul said good riddance to fleeing conservatives — who were welcomed as refugees to red "free states.”

As voters self-select residences on ideological grounds and the deleterious effect of blue-states' governance, the country is gravitating into two antithetical nations. Americans vote not so much for individual personalities as blocs of incompatible parties, causes, and ideologies.

Debates count for little anymore, especially after the disastrous performance of winners Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman and Hochul.

Democrats often limited or avoided them altogether. And the Republican charging and complaining that they did so meant little at all.

Democrats still voted for Democratic candidates, regardless of Fetterman's clear cognitive inability to serve in the Senate and despite President Joe Biden's failures, harm to the middle class, and unpopularity.

Most Republicans are similar party loyalists, but not quite to the same degree — at least if some feared supporting a hardcore Trump-endorsed candidate might give them grief among family and friends.

Winning or losing means revving up party bases, not running as much on a variety of issues. Biden's vicious attacks on conservatives as semi-fascists and un-American worked. When he recklessly warned that democracy's death was synonymous with Democrats losing, he further inflamed his base.

Biden also goaded young people to vote…He told young women that they would die without unlimited abortions. And most of that mud stuck.

…Moreover, in the last days of the election, Biden and the media effectively smothered those existential issues by claiming the country was threatened by insurrectionists and pro-life fanatics. Stooping to claim the attacker of Paul Pelosi — a crazed, homeless, nudist, illegal alien — was the veritable tip of the supposed MAGA insurrectionary spear proved to be effective Harry-Reid-style, October-surprise demagoguery.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis likely emerges as the dominant force in conservative politics. His landslide win in Florida carried all down-ticket statewide candidates throughout Florida, which has become as utterly red as California has turned all blue…

Trump's pre-election unexpected attack on DeSantis may have turned off a few thousand independents and Republicans from voting for Trump-affiliated candidates. And his pre-midterm boast that he would likely run for president may have scared -- and energized -- some last-minute, hard-core anti-Trumpers and Democrats to go out to vote.

Pollsters got it wrong — again. But this time once trustworthy conservative pollsters had little inkling that the simmering left-wing base was enthused by wild talk of abortion and insurrection. The real under-polled voters were not silent, wary Trump supporters, but this time around seething upscale women and college students… [End quote]. Read more of Prof. Hanson’s column at: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2022/11/10/tuesday_takeaways_148450.html

Michael Hoffman’s Afterword

Hanson wrote:

 “…in the last days of the election, Biden and the media claim(ed) the country was threatened by insurrectionists and pro-life fanatics. Stooping to claim the attacker of Paul Pelosi — a crazed, homeless, nudist, illegal alien — was the veritable tip of the supposed MAGA insurrectionary spear proved to be effective Harry-Reid-style, October-surprise demagoguery.

The October Surprise Foretold

Though it has received little or no publicity, on October 17 on Twitter this writer predicted the Cryptocracy would attack a prominent Democrat prior to the election and that’s precisely what occurred eleven days later in San Francisco on October 28 that remains mysterious (for example, police body-cam footage has yet to be released). The Cryptocracy is occasionally very predictable and I foresaw their cunning move, as I have foreseen other deep cover charades of theirs. 

Here’s our prognostication, from our tweet of Oct. 17, 2022, of what would, eleven days later, become “the veritable tip of the supposed MAGA insurrectionary spear":

“Prediction: US Intelligence agencies covertly infiltrate a GOP MAGA group and direct the patsies to violently attack a high profile Democrat -Media rubber stamp plausible denial by Intelligence agencies -Democrats retain their Congressional majority in the November election.” 

The attack is discussed at greater length on our podcast: On Election Eve—2022: The Predictability of the Paul Pelosi Affair.”

Not a single conservative or "Far-Right" columnist, e-mailer, website owner or publisher has noted our advance penetration of the  tactics of the Cryptocracy in connection with their masterstroke at the Pelsoi mansion.

For various reasons this writer is persona non grata across the spectrum of those personalities and groups. They would rather withhold news and information from their readers and listeners than credit us with having used pattern-detection and profiling to anticipate the Cryptocracy's skullduggery. Such are the vagaries of the “Far-right" and it is not a winning formula. They are as likely to employ Orwellian memory hole maneuvers as Hillary Clinton or any Talmudist. Perhaps one day our work will escape the hole where the Right-wing suppressors, along with the corporate media, have consigned it.


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Anonymous said...

Manic (democrat)/ depressive (republican) America: so noticeable since the boomers came of age for office of the president- starting with ‘make-lust-not-war’ Clinton through to the current overtly satanized Biden .
I take heed of Thomas Tallis ‘Why Fum’th In Sight’ madrigal 3rd psalm tune for Bishop Parker 1567 AD.
An anointed generation will fulfill the will of God on earth as it is in Heaven- minus romanticism.

Michael Hoffman said...

Thank you for reminding us of this beautiful hymn, Roman Catholic Thomas Tallis's, 'Why Fum'th In Sight," which inspired the "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis" by Vaughan Williams, who borrowed the harmonies and made them the basis for the orchestrations of his "Fantasia."

The Tallis masterpiece can be heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bPFAKxb9IQ