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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

ADL's Defamatory Fantasies about Michael Hoffman

 ADL's Defamatory Fantasies about Michael Hoffman  

April, 2021 The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), among the most persistent advocates of censorship and deplatforming of dissenting scholars, has as of April 4, retailed more disinformation and libel concerning this writer in connection with our remarks about the Capitol attack and Noah Green.

Targets of ADL disinformation should know that the ADL’s hysterical claim that this writer is a “notorious Holocaust denier” (stated twice in two consecutive paragraphs of their press release)   is a brazen prevarication. ADL trusts that their defamatory smear will not be fact-checked.

 I am the author of the book, Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People which the ADL dares not mention in its various supposed objective profiles of this writer. In that book I made abundantly clear the horrible suffering which Judaic people experienced in Hitler’s Third Reich.

Moreover, the following statement by this writer appears on our website: 

“We affirm that Judaic people suffered severe and unconscionable persecution during World War II, including mass murder at the hands of the Nazis. We deplore these crimes and the criminal Nazi ideology which inspired and directed them.”

Those are the words of a “notorious Holocaust denier”?

Only propagandists with little or no respect for the truth would attempt to libel Michael Hoffman with that reputation-destroying calumny in light of my actual views documented in my book and on our website.

My real thought crime in the eyes of the ADL is my sustained criticism of Zionist racism, and hate speech in the Talmud Bavli, which I proffered in books such as The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians, and in the latter case, a heavily footnoted, 1100 page textbook in which my support for the freedom and rights of Judaic people is made manifest. My work is pro-Semitic and pro-Judaic.

Individuals, journalists, corporations and governments who accept the ADL’s false witness, are victims of fraud and misrepresentation. Renowned Prof. Noam Chomsky writes that the ADL is “...one of the ugliest, most powerful pressure groups in the U.S...Its primary commitment is to use any technique, however dishonest and disgraceful, in order to defame and silence and destroy anybody who dares to criticize the Holy State (‘Israel’)."

For myself, I am opposed to every form of hate with every fibre of my being. The movement, led by the ADL, to ban my books and cancel my presence online should be seen for what it is: a partisan political effort to repress a legitimate opposing viewpoint and curtail the contribution my scholarship makes to the advancement of human knowledge.

In the April 4 press release the ADL accused me of writing “antisemitic commentary” about the Capitol attack by Noah Green. 

The authors of the ADL press release are so incompetent that they turned the legitimate question I asked on Twitter, “Did the Cryptocracy choose Good Friday to crucify Louis Farrakhan by pinning today's attack on the Capitol on the Nation of Islam?,” into a declarative: “Hoffman’s posts alleged that a ‘cryptocracy’ facilitated the attack to frame Farrakhan.”

Sorry, ADL, I made no such declaration. I asked if the Cryptocracy intended this. Surely ADL “analysts” can read, and surely they can differentiate between a question mark and a period. They are so unprofessional that they failed to do so. Who is gullible enough to be duped by their falsehood?

Over the years Minister Louis Farrakhan has been the recipient of racist attacks and outrageous misrepresentation of his views. The Establishment media have played a significant role in this ritual, and no less so when Noah Green's attack on Capitol Hill was irresponsibly seized upon as an opportunity to further scapegoat Mr. Farrakhan and provide the Right-wing with a black leader to despise. I added my voice to those of many others who noted that members of Minister Farrakhan's Nation of Islam are non-violent, disarmed, and disapproving of any act such as that taken by Noah Green. These are reasonable insights. I should have the right to offer them on social media without being the subject of obloquy by an infamous thought control organization.

Furthermore, how was my commentary “antisemitic” when I made no mention of Jews or semites?  

My question concerned the “Cryptocracy.” Is the ADL suggesting that the Cryptocracy is synonymous with Jews? I have never said so. In truth, in my book Usury in Christendom, in defense of Judaic persons falsely accused of being the principal instrument of the rise in the Renaissance of usury banking, I said the inverse. But that volume is another of my works which the ADL is loathe to cite. They prefer to confect fantasies and make fools of those who believe them.

Too often the ADL does not deal in facts of the documentary record, choosing to traffic in intimidation and branding. By repeating the lie that this writer is a “notorious Holocaust denier” and withholding my actual beliefs and statements, the ADL hopes to scare any individual or group that is facilitating my access to the free marketplace of ideas, into obstructing it.

The process of demonization of writers is an old and ugly one. I hope that ADL’s role will be seen for what it is, and debate and dialogue in service to freedom of inquiry and the advancement of knowledge, will take the place of witch hunting and dehumanization.

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