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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Another chapter in Secret History of Church of Rome

Another Chapter in the Secret History of the Church of Rome

On Nov 30, 2019, at 8:35, Charles Saunders wrote:

During the time when Paul VI-during Vatican II in the 60's-was talking about "the smoke of Satan" in the Church, the Great grand nephew of Vatican Secretary of State of Leo XIII(Rompollo del Tindaro) who almost became Pope in 1903 except for the Austrian Emperor's veto & who was a OTO member & Freemason, well His great grand nephew, who was head of THE OTO of Bern, Switzerland came & addressed the Vatican Council. Coincidence? I don't think so. I translated a booklet in French that Michael Hoffman sent me about this incident by a former associate of The OTO relative of Rompollo del Tindaro who had addressed the Coucil in the 60's when Paul VI stated his famous statement. OTO is an organization that was headed by Aleister Crowley at one time.
Dear Charles

The Austrian emperor was of the Habsburg dynasty. That dynasty gained firm purchase over Austria and Germany (‘the Holy Roman Empire”) by bribing the seven “Prince Electors” (comprised of three archbishops and four aristocrats), with 1.5 million gold florins borrowed in 1519 principally from papal usury-banker Jakob Fugger (as you know Fugger was a goy, not a Judaic). This is how the Habsburg’s Charles V gained the office of “King of the Romans” (signifying the Germans). To me, the post Renaissance-Catholic “battle” in the 20th century with Freemasonry/OTO was between two sides of a counterfeit coin. The papal hierarchy and its allied dynastic families in many cases were no less Kabbalistic in 1903 that they had been four hundreds years prior. 

When you mention losing the papal election in 1903 by one vote, I am reminded of Cardinal Reginald Pole, the English reforming prelate who lost by one vote in 1550, with opposition to his election led by Cardinal Gian Pietro Carafa (the future Paul IV). Pole is portrayed by the occult mafia that thrives in “traditional Catholic” circles tied to the island of Malta and its “Sovereign Order of Knights,” as a “heretic.” In fact, Pole had no use for the papal usury networks. His friend and colleague Cardinal Giovanni Morone was sympathetic to the original movement of Franciscans faithful to the militantly anti-mammon teaching of Francis of Assisi. They were denounced and attacked by the papal usury party as “heretical Spirituali.” The Money Power knows how to turn the tables on its enemies.

The Italian Inquisition of the 16th century was largely in the hands of the Neoplatonic-Hermetic papalism that had rescued the Talmud from extinction and was disseminating (and also rescuing) the Kabbalah from a similar fate. These were the occultists in charge of the Inquisition in Italy and Iberia as I documented in The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome. They made certain that the true medieval legacy of Catholicsm in England, of which Pole was representative, would be derogated, if not utterly destroyed (as a Plantagenet Cardinal Pole had a better claim to the throne of England than Tudor King Henry VIII, who had Pole’s mother murdered — by literally butchering her). Henry covertly consulted both members of the papal court and the Bomberg Talmud printed under license from Pope Leo X, to find looopholes to justify his divorce from the servant of God, Catherine of Aragon.

Michael Hoffman

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