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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

It Didn’t Start with Prince Andrew

It Didnt Start with Prince Andrew

From the Murder of Princess Diana to the Enabling of Jimmy Savile, the British Royal Family have been true to their occult 007 roots

By Michael Hoffman

007: The Queen’s Conjuror

"Prince Andrew evinced little sympathy for the victims of Mr. Epstein’s predatory behavior...He said he had stayed with his friend at his Manhattan mansion, even after Mr. Epstein had served prison time for soliciting a minor for prostitution, because it was 'convenient.” (New York Times, December 3, 2019, p. 9).

Observe this fake news media outlets sleight of hand:

"Prince Charles, urged the queen to strip him (Andrew) of his public duties, which she did. For the royal family, it was the worst public relations debacle since the aftermath of the death of Princess Diana in a car crash — stirring questions about the aging queen’s control over her family and drawing calls from the British news media for Prince Charles to take a more central role at Buckingham Palace. (Ibid., New York Times).

We’re supposed to believe that Prince Charles is the better man who will restore order and decency — by virtue of the fact that “the British news media” are calling for him to play a “more central role.” According to the New York Times, the questions stirred are about the queen’s control over the royal family. That’s it? The fake news media (they fake news as much by omission as commission), certainly have a short memory, even with digitalized archives that are a mouse click away.  

Here are the questions were stirring, that the legacy media will not: What of the royal murder of Princess Diana? What of the royal enabling and protection of Sir Jimmy Savile, a Satanist who preyed on hundreds of children? 

In October 2012 evidence emerged in Britain that musician Gary Glitter (“The Hey Song”) had been part of Sir James "Jimmy" Savile's child sex ring. The now 75-year-old Glitter is currently in prison serving a sentence of 16 years after conviction on four counts of indecent assault and one count of having sex with a girl under 13. All the crimes were committed in the 1970s and '80s. He was first jailed in 1999 when he admitted to possessing images of child porn. He has been accused of dozens of acts of molestation in Asian countries. In 2008 Glitter finished serving nearly three years in a Vietnamese prison for molesting two children. (New York Times, Aug. 21, 2008, p. E5).

Savile (1926-2011) was indeed a Satanist. The Queen of England awarded Savile the Order of the British Empire in 1971 and she knighted this ghoul in 1990. 

Savile supplied children to elite members of British society for sexual exploitation.  He was known to perform necrophliac acts on corpses and wore rings fashioned from glass eyes taken from the dead

In 1984 Savile was accepted as a member of the Athenaeum, a high society gentlemen’s club in London’s Pall Mall, after being proposed by Church of Rome's Cardinal Basil Hume.  Another clerical member of Savile's pederast ring was the Anglican Bishop of Gloucester, the Rt. Rev. Peter Bell, who was deeply connected to the royal family including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne

Sir James Savile and the Prince of Wales

Jimmy Savile met Prince Charles through "mutual charity interests." The Prince reportedly conveyed to Savile gifts on his 80th birthday, along with an enigmatic note reading: “Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country, Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.”

Savile was a close friend of "conservative" British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: 

“Correspondence showing the depth of the friendship between Sir Jimmy Savile and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is unveiled today in a secret Downing Street file that has been heavily redacted by civil servants following revelations about sexual abuse by the late entertainer. The 21-page dossier released under the 30-year rule by the National Archives shows Savile’s extraordinary access to the highest echelons of British society.” 

Throughout his career as a rapist of some five hundred youth (!), beginning as early as 1955, Savile enjoyed complete immunity from police arrest, Crown prosecution, and imprisonment. He died a multi-millionaire, respected and honored.

In 2009, in a taped interview with his biographer, Savile defended Gary Glitter, convicted in 1999 of possession of child pornography, whom he described as a celebrity being vilified for watching ‘dodgy films...It were for his own gratification. Whether it was right or wrong is up to him as a person... they [viewers] didn’t do anything wrong but they are then demonized.’ The interview was not published at the time, and the recording was not released until after Savile’s death.” Cf. “Jimmy Savile claimed paedophile Gary Glitter ‘did nothing wrong” (Daily Telegraph [UK], Oct. 1, 2012).

In other cases, it is a fact of our media-bombarded lives that we often suffer from attention deficit, as well as compassion fatigue, and what alarmed us yesterday is, tragically, mostly forgotten today, despite the dreadful consequences of such amnesia.

The Crown of England, captured by the occult during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, in the person and networks around the queen’s conjuror and astrologer royal, Dr. John “007” Dee, has been invulnerable to revolutionary overthrow, with one exception — the victory of Republican forces under Oliver Cromwell, which led to the trial and execution of King Charles I.

It looked as though it was coming apart at the seams after Princess Diana’s threats to reveal what she knew about the “darkness” in the royal family. Those revelations were snuffed out with her death. It was thought that Epstein’s murder in police custody would stifle investigations into Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. 

It remains to be seen to what extent Prince Andrew’s “health” will be “compromised" to protect the queen and Prince Charles who, together with conservative heroine Margaret Thatcher, appear to have enabled the massive crimes against children by Jimmy Savile and his elite cohort — now down the New York Times’ — and the rest of the corporate media’s — memory hole.

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[Portions of this report first appeared in our review of the movie, “Joker”]

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