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Friday, May 03, 2019

Facebook Censorship: White supremacy of the most hypocritical type

Facebook Censorship: 
White Supremacy of the Most Hypocritical Type

The bold promise of a new liberty online is being circumscribed and narrowed by a thousand incremental acts of suppression, which if it continues, over time will forge an Internet which mirrors the decrepit censorship system it was supposed to surpass and overcome.

By Michael Hoffman

Actor James Woods and Minister Louis Farrakhan

Facebook is receiving congratulations from the darkest corner of the web for reverting to the discredited gatekeeping of the legacy media and further eroding freedom of inquiry on the Internet, which in its early days gained popularity as an antidote to the very censorship we see Facebook (and Paypal and Amazon) imposing.

When they were all up and coming capitalists, the CEOs of these companies preached freedom of expression. Now that they’ve made it into the billionaire’s club they have abandoned the very ideals which brought them fame and fortune. Their conceit that they are avatars of new thinking for the digital age is now exposed as a cheap trick driven by the college campus nanny doctrine that there must be “safe spaces” erected where “micro-aggression” emanating from radical ideas cannot be allowed to penetrate.

Freedom of speech means nothing if it doesn’t mean freedom for your fiercest rivals in the ideological and political struggle. The Tech Tyrants have a megalomaniacal confidence in their own righteousness, which has increasingly transformed the Internet into a zone of conformity. As Heather Mac Donald notes, “They consider any disagreement with their own political outlook as a manifestation of 'hate,' and as such, fair game for suppression.”

What they ignore in their hubris is that there are few things more disturbing to Americans than suppression of the advancement of human knowledge through the free competition of ideas. Not so very long ago rights for homosexuals and their marriage were offensive topics proscribed by gatekeeping media. Today that suppression appears to modernists like a relic from a dark age, while suppressing conspiracy theorists and black Muslims is hailed as a virtue. It’s a case of the double standard, freedom of speech for me, but not for thee: my radical cause deserves to be publicized, while your radicalism is offensive to my dogma and therefore will be policed off Facebook and eventually, social media in general.

Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook cohort have banned and removed Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam from Facebook and Instagram. Farrakhan dissents from the conformist narrative about Israeli Zionism and Talmudic Judaism, while having the highest respect for true Jews. He is demonized and expelled by invoking “anti-Semitism.” All it takes is for the charge to be made and under the dictatorship of the Tech Tyrants, the accused is banned without the right of appeal or due process. This is from the playbook of Communist despot Vladimir Lenin and Nazi Judge Roland Freisler.

Last February Amazon banned three magisterial volumes of black history produced by the Nation of Islam’s scholars, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. To add insult to injury, this ignominious book-banning occurred during Black History Month. Amazon claims for public relations’ purposes to be an anti-racist organization, yet here we observe the white liberals who own Amazon sneaking through a ban on brilliant and thus far irrefutable works of black history.

Underneath all the slogans and name-calling is the struggle between ideas.  The white nationalists who parade in the streets and fire guns at Judaic people, are too obtuse to perceive that their alleged combat contra Judaism is in truth a losing battle against their own philosophical allies. Talmudism of the “settler" type practiced since the founding of the Israeli state in 1948 is a form of racial-supremacist neo-Nazism. Hitler was under the influence of Kabbalistic and Talmudic ideology from 1919 onward. He was channeling the most ferocious racism on the planet.

Decades ago Hebrew University Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz warned of the ascendance of what he termed “Judeo-Nazis.” There are indeed Nazi rabbis teaching young people in the Israeli state today. They convey Hitler’s ideology to their students. For this writer to report it may cause me to be banned. 

Facts have been judged too hot for you to handle and your infantilization is enforced by self-appointed commissars of the news, imitating the old model of gatekeeping perfected by the increasingly obsolete legacy media. This is a betrayal of the very idea of the Internet. In the 1990s John Perry Barlow, one of the earliest advocates of the Internet, witnessed it functioning as a revolutionary alternative to the censorship common to television and the newspapers, "We are now, as a global group, going into a period where the old editorial system, the old way of stomping down consciousness to a bearable aperture is about to get blasted.

This is less the case in 2019. The bold promise of a new liberty online is being circumscribed and narrowed by a thousand incremental acts of suppression, which if it continues, over time will forge an Internet which mirrors the decrepit censorship system it was supposed to surpass and overcome.

The archetypal representative of that stale, anachronistic system is the New York Times. The Times has judged it not helpful for you to know about the influential Israeli rabbi who promotes the burning of churches, or the Israeli professor who advocates the rape of Palestinian mothers and wives, or the Israeli chief army chaplain who agrees with this monstrous advocacy

Mass shooting and bombing of Palestinians by the Israeli military are considered by the establishment media to be unworthy of anything other than the most cursory notice, while violence to a Zionist, whether in America, Europe or the Israeli state, becomes a mini-holocaust of epic proportions, triggering a deluge of tears, legislation and intense media coverage. As the Talmud Bavli decrees, there is one standard for the Holy People and another for the goyim.

For the advancement of knowledge without interdiction by partisan expurgators masquerading as objective journalists, a free and untrammeled Internet is absolutely essential, indeed fundamental to what it means to be fully human. "Human rights is an empty shibboleth if it does not signify the right to know and argue freely according to conscience, something John Milton proposed in 1644, in his essay Areopagitica. He wrote, If reading is regulated, then music, conversation, every incident of social life must be regulated too. Four hundred years later and we have yet to learn what Milton knew.

Facebook, Paypal and Amazon will not suppress the Nazi rabbis or the pro-rape rabbis. Just as Judeo-white supremacy is the covert weapon against blacks in the Nation of Islam who are not willing to submit to the plantation mentality, Nazi ideology and genetic supremacy can be preached with impunity as long as it is done under Zionist or Talmudic auspices. If you understand this, then you know what a mockery is the solemn piety and finger-wagging that accompanies the suppression of heretics like Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones and Louis Farrakhan.

Rabbis at the Israeli-government-funded Bnei David academy, an elite yeshiva (Talmud school) preparing Israeli youth for leadership positions in the Israeli army, glorify Hitler and the Nazis and urge the enslavement of Arabs. Don’t ask Wikipedia or the legacy news about these Israeli Nazis. You’re not supposed to know. This is what Facebook, Paypal and Amazon are working toward: a vacuum where Correct Think can safely extinguish vital information that has been damned as hateful by people who hate freedom.

Rabbi Eliezer Kashtiel lectures his students at Bnei David academy as follows: 

“The gentiles will want to be our slaves. Being a slave to a Jew is the best. They’re glad to be slaves, they want to be slaves. Instead of just walking the streets and being stupid and violent and harming each other, once they’re slaves, their lives can begin to take shape....Yes, we’re racists. We believe in racism. There are races in the world and there are genetic traits inherent in nations. This demands that we think how to help them.  There are differences among races....There are nations around us with genetic defects.  The Arab wants to be under Occupation because they have a genetic defect. They don’t know how to run a state. They don’t know how to do anything. Look at how they act.” 

Rabbi Giora Radler, addressed the Bnei David academy youth: 

“Let’s begin by asking the question: was Hitler right or not? He is the most correct person there is. He was definitely right in every word he said. His ideology was correct. There is a male world which fights, which deals with honor and the brotherhood of soldiers. And there is the soft, ethical feminine world which turns the other cheek.”

As noted, Louis Farrakhan respects true Jews, as defined by the Book of Revelation. But he has righteous anger when he sees Palestinian civilians murdered weekly with no tears shed by the white rulers of America. Neither does he suffer gladly black youth being summarily gunned down by members of American police departments which have been trained by Israeli police in the same tactics they use to wantonly take the lives of Palestinian youth. 

The Internet Overlords are heading toward a dictatorship over the mind which they are imposing incrementallyusing the pretext of combating white nationalism. (Last time we checked, Minister Farrakhan was not white). 

Combatting the white, Yiddish-Ashkenazi Talmudic extremism that is reviving the Hitler cult and has taken thousands of Palestinian lives is not on the agenda. How can it be, when the driving force behind Facebooks censorship is its own deeply concealed Judeo-white supremacy?

Our thoughts turn to China and other nations not captive to the Anglo-Zionist networks. American diplomats and newspaper and Internet pundits pompously lecture China on freedom of expression and democracy, presuming, as the British empire did in the 19th century, that the Chinese are dull and slow-witted. Can anyone expect the Chinese to loosen their hold on the Internet when they see American tech tyrants such as Mr. Zuckerberg practicing censorship and limiting free expression?

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is encouraging the closing of minds around the world in the name of opposing racism and hatred. Communist Party boss Xi Jinping censors to maintain “Confucian harmony.” Both are pretexts for thought control and the fear that a political or theological rival might get the best of the argument and win adherents.

Gaslighting Farrakhan presupposes that his support among people of color will decline because Facebook has silenced him. Yet the record shows that he has gone from strength to strength as a result of the attacks of the white power structure. Blacks in America are aware that Minister Farrakhan is being censored because he will not behave on the plantation. Moreover, his defiance is a lightning rod for people of all colors who are fed up with the crushing dominion of money over the free spirit of humanity. 

Mr. Farrakhan’s position in the black community is not dependent on where hes at in digital cyberspace. He's the visionary who organized and led The Million Man March in the streets of Washington D.C. He is the one who has healed and empowered the black family. He has ennobled the black man and woman in the face of the pernicious hate and racism of the prestigious Rabbi Maimonides, who centuries ago taught the western world that blacks are lower than the level of human. Farrakhan reminds his people that they are the imago Dei, even as Maimonides classed them only slightly above apes. So who is the hater?

Louis Farrakhan’s love for his people cannot be disputed. Telling the black community he is a hater flies in the face of everything they know about him. Meanwhile, buildings are named and statues are erected to Maimonides by the closeted liberal white supremacists who cleverly sear their rivals with the stigma of hater." 

The world is to be made safe for white supremacist Talmudism by any means, including making a charade of the West’s own hallowed principles of free speech. The blowback has already begun, however. In the HipHop World they are saying, “Minister Farrakhan has been instrumental in quelling beef, guiding the leaders like (rapper) Snoop and mending wounds that have been long-standing in the community. He's a staple. Now, he has said something that people of a certain persuasion may take the wrong way, but what do you think Black people and others or color must contend with daily?”

The history of martyrdom demonstrates that blatantly repressive tactics against women and men who put their life on the line for their ideals will always help to propagate those ideals. Such a man is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Zuckerberg, Bezos and the other Internet monopolists will never defeat him.

Copyright©2019 by Independent History and Research

Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press. His writing has appeared in the New York Times and the New York Review of Books. He is the author of the textbook Judaism Discovered, and a popular condensation, Judaisms Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded. Mr. Hoffman is managing editor of Revisionist History® newsletter.

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