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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, February 22, 2019

ADL Head Caught Misrepresenting Hoffman’s Speech

Press Release

ADL Head Caught Misrepresenting Michael Hoffman’s Speech to the Nation of Islam

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the ADL, circulated what appears to be a fund-raising letter to members and allies of his infamous thought control organization:

In that letter the ADL leader makes the following flagrantly untruthful statement about the speech of revisionist historian Michael Hoffman on “Saviour’s Day” February 17: 

"We can’t stop Farrakhan from spouting lies, but we can make it clear that language like this, and the Holocaust denial claims espoused by his fellow speaker that day, Michael A. Hoffman II, are not acceptable.”

 In point of fact, "on that day (Saviour’s Day event,” Feb. 17), I did not utter one word of so-called “Holocaust denial.” Watch my speech and see for yourself.

Here is a rare opportunity to expose as liars one of the most powerful Israeli propaganda outlets on earth, in the person of the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League who is now caught red-handed disseminating a demonstrable falsehood.

Mr. Greenblatt is a bigger fool than I thought.  In attempting to take the spotlight off the disreputable Babylonian Talmud with which my speech was concerned, he has dug a hole both for himself and the ADL with his laughable fake news about this writers February 17 speech to the Nation of Islam.

Here is a God-given opportunity to educate the world regarding the true nature of the unethical and deceitful Anti-Defamation League, which the corporate media touts as the “objective experts on the Talmud and the Nation of Islam.

 Michael Hoffman


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Tony Broad said...

Unfortunately, Michael, I fear that Mr Greenblatt has left himself some plausible deniability in his sentence construction. He can reasonably claim that he intended “on that day” to simply mean that you were Farrakhan’s fellow speaker on that day, and that he was not saying that you actually espoused any Holocaust-denying views on that day. He would say that the phrase about Holocaust-denying views was descriptive of you, rather than descriptive of your speech on that day. Such ambiguous semantic mischief and misdirection is common among liberals. This is not to deny that many, if not most, people who did not hear the speeches, would indeed gather from Greenblatt’s statement that you did, in fact, deny the Holocaust on that day.