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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Occult Renaissance Book Review: “This material will shake you to your core"

 The Culmination of Hoffman’s Career  
 if he is right

“...The material will shake you to your core."

By HappyDaze11 

This review is for: The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome (Paperback) 

Hoffman’s work is always revelatory and paradigm changing and this book is no different. However, the material in this latest work is so disturbing I had to put it down several times over the course of reading it to struggle to digest what I just read. It has been several weeks since I finished his new book and I’m still trying to process it. The material will shake you to your core. It also deserves better than a one or two sentence review here on Amazon. This work is, and will continue to filter down through the Catholic and Christian consciousness, but I would surmise the lack of coverage of the book at this point is due to the sheer fact that no one can figure out how to classify it or respond to its arguments. This book truly breaks new ground and no one knows what to do with it. 

In brief, the book details several very subtle (initially) - but tectonic plate sized shifts in dogma and practice by the Roman Catholic papacy and College of Cardinals taking place during the Renaissance period continuing and metasticizing in slow but steady fashion up to the present day. The tectonic shifts concerned 1. the defacto (and later de jure) abolishment of the Biblical prohibition on usury (defined Biblically and traditionally up through the Middle Ages as the taking of any profit or interest on loans) 2. The institution of the philosophy of ‘probabilism’ and mental reservation and ‘equivocation’ as refined by St Alphonsus Liguori permitting, (among many things) lying under oath and theft, etc. 3. And this third one is the most disturbing - the introduction of the occult philosophy of Hermes Trismegistus and Pharaonic Egypt in a neo-platonic/hermetic ‘push’ into the belief and practices (initially) of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, and later through things like Vatican II and the actions of Pope Francis extending that ‘philosophy’ to the laity and virtually the whole Church because ‘the times’ were such that the ‘people’ were ready. 

Among many anti-Biblical and anti-Christian beliefs inculcated from this - was the desire to ‘synthesize’ some element of each and every religion in the world (as ‘directed’ by Hermes ‘first theology’) into Catholicism. With the development of a ‘higher’ class, i.e. initiated Clerics and Philosophers, came the desire to use and practice Magic, to harmonize the Kabbalah and the Talmud with the Gospel, to dabble in everything else of the occult such as by re-erecting Egyptian obelisks in Europe that had been previously knocked down by Christians 1300 years prior. This is all in direct contravention of specific Biblical prohibitions on such conduct, belief and practices which prohibitions, among other things, prevented the corruption of Biblical society and practice. 

If the Bible is truly considered by the Christian to be God’s directly revealed truth, then why would one go and mix it with Egyptian and pagan elements from across the world. You can begin to see the real ‘inside joke’ being played by Pope John Paul II when he tells Voodoo Priests in Haiti that ‘they should be interested in our religion and we should be interested in theirs’ or when he goes into a synagogue and tells Judaics that they are our ‘elder brothers in the faith’ instead of what pre-Renaissance Clerics had done, which is go into the Synagogue and ask the Judaics to convert to Catholicism. This is more than just some humanistic ‘feel good’ sentiment - this syncretism is part of this occult practice. 

This work brings massive amounts of primary material to bear on this infiltration including the review of many Renaissance works in their original, un-redacted’ format. Hoffman also uses that rarest of skill, in that he takes what is plainly visible in front of your face and recognizes what is there to see. On my trips to Europe, I knelt down in many Baroque and Renaissance period churches in Austria and Northern Italy where I looked up and saw symbols such as a human eyeball ensconced in triangle (pyramid) looking down at me from a position above the altar. I never knew it, but symbols like this were the Church hierarchies ‘signal’ of creeping occult influence. 

This book is part theology manual, part document based history, and part argument/wake-up call to Catholics and Christians with an open mind. There is just one ‘hit’ after the next in this book. We have Ratzinger, before he was a Cardinal or Pope, writing that the Resurrection of Christ was ‘symbolic’ such that Christ did not rise on the third day. We have Pope Leo X making sure the Talmud is printed under license by the finest printers in Europe, saving the Talmud from destruction. We have the theological superstar of Vatican II Henri de Lubac, put in place at the Council after having written books praising the architects of the occult infiltration into the Roman Church. It is almost to much to bear. 

One thing is certain, the Catholic world has spun so far off its axis since the Renaissance no one can even see where we started from. The road back is long and arduous. All I can say is, I hope God is indeed merciful because we are all going to need it. 

(End quote from the review, which can be read online here).


The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome
Softcover. 723 pages. Profusely illustrated.
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JMoore said...

It's very gratifying to read a decent critique of this wonderful book, so far I've only heard various trads on twitter whining about their sacred cows being brutally slaughtered. For me this is easily one of the 5 most powerful and important books ever read, and has had for me this surprising effect; against the backdrop of the exposal of all this deceit and corruption, the True Catholic Church shines forth, eternal, indefectible, and can never be destroyed no matter how many obelisks they raise, or how many sodomites they dress up in Archbishop costumes and set loose in the Vatican.

The Militia Guy said...

Wow! Talk about "Revisionist History"!
I was privileged to be one of the first to read Mr. Hoffman's ORCR, and this is the first book review I've seen. The good Lord did not see fit to provide me with the "talent" of being a wordsmith. However, if He had, then I think this review is one I would have written.
When he is ready, I hope my "Christian Revolt Long Overdue" talk radio program has the honor of first crack at interviewing Mr. Hoffman about his fascinating new book.
Kyrie eleison on Texas, and a planet that has fallen under the influence of the Angel of Light, the prince of this world, and his occult masters.