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Monday, June 19, 2017

Mortal Sins Breed Mortal Enemies

Mortal Sins Breed Mortal Enemies

By Michael Hoffman

Item: In the wake of giving Rothschild asset Emmanuel Macron the rule of France and the majority in the National Assembly, the French are this morning wringing there hands over another jihadi terror attack in Paris. Macron and his gang of usurers support globalization and more immigration from countries where Saudi terror theology (Wahhabism) is predominant.

Item:  The Wall Street Journal on the front page of this morning’s print edition has confirmed what astute researchers have known for years: the Israelis are funding and aiding jihadi terrorists fighting the pro-Christian government of Syria.

Item: The United States military under Donald Trump has shot down a Syrian government fighter jet in Syrian territory. The U.S. has no right under international law to be in Syria. The Russians were invited into the country by its government; the U.S. has the status of invader. Under the Richard Perle doctrine of “liberation” of Iraq, Libya and Syria, U.S. forces have invaded Syria to fulfill the Neocons’ messianic mandate. Today the Russian government, which possesses the most nuclear missiles of any nation on earth, announced that its military, which is legally present in Syria, will henceforth shoot down any American warplanes that attack Syrian forces. World War III, here we come.

Irony of ironies: the more we learn about these insane occurrences the less we do about them. 

Why? Part of our spiritual and mental collapse is the function of the Revelation of the Method in the latter days: the psychological warfare principle that consists in revealing to an alchemically processed people the crimes their rulers are committing. The revelation serves to increase the people’s demoralization and paralysis.

That’s part of it. For those who believe the Bible is the Word of God, there is another factor at play and it is the most decisive. Time and again in the Old Testament God’s people turned their backs on Him, and practiced idolatry while sacrificing their own children to strange gods. In response, God turned his people over to Babylonians, Assyrians and other hostile alien powers to be enslaved and subjugated as a punishment for their disobedience.

Today God’s people sacrifice their children to the Molech of abortion, and massively contracept to prevent the birth of the children God is trying to send to earth.

With or without Rothschild bankers, and long before there was any central Talmudic bank in Europe, the papists first, and later the Protestants, established usury banks charging interest on loans to their own brethren. No force on earth and no entrepreneur, farmer, inventor or industrialist can compete with the wealth generated by compound interest, which is why the western world is controlled by the Money Power, against the will of God.

I challenge anyone to find a church, a preacher or a  priest who consistently teaches that taking interest on a loan, whether 1% or 100%, is the equivalent of grave sins such as adultery and abortion. This prohibition on all interest is the law of God, as this writer demonstrated in Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not.

Until transgressions like mass abortion, contraception and usury are greatly reduced among the majority of God’s people, we will be stalked by nuclear war, and Nokri (hostile aliens) will continue to proliferate in the seed bed of Christendom (Syria), and the continent where Christianity reached its height (Europe).

Persons who claim to be preachers of the Word, or priests of the Most High, who fail to teach and enforce the Law of God in these matters are contributing to the downfall of all we hold dear.

The Talmudic-Kabbalistic power has never forgiven Europe and European-descended people in America, Canada and Australia, for having contained their agents and exposed their sacred texts. This containment prevailed from the time of Constantine to the end of the Middle Ages, and it led to the ritual cursing of Christians in the Birkat Haminim Amidah prayer (cf. pp. 266-275 of The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome). 

Ronald Reagan, plaster saint to the “Conservatives” who conserve little or nothing, stated in his speech at the founding of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, that long after western civilization has crumbled to dust, the “Jewish people” will remain on earth to “cast their blessings.”

His prophecy is being fulfilled, but what is being “cast” in the Birkat Haminim, is a curse, not a blessing. To the Israeli agents of Talmudic-Kabbalism, Western Civilization is the hated “Kochi ve’otzem yadi of Edom,” which must fall.

Here it is necessary to state for the benefit of the indoctrinated, that like the Vatican, Talmudic-Kabbalism has a Left wing and a Right wing, and its Right wing poses as defenders of the West while its other wing is giving direction, money, safe haven and medical care to the terrorists who plague Kabul, Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, London, Paris, San Bernardino and Orlando; while Jerusalem and Tel Aviv enjoy relative peace and tranquility. 

Not for “Israel” or its ally, Saudi Arabia, is open border immigration. They have borders and they enforce them strictly, without undue scrutiny or protest from the prostituted mainstream media, or the Hillary and Bernie Left.

Most of us know there’s a bad moon rising and mass insanity grips our people. What most don’t know however, is that all the editorial columns like this one, even if read by millions of people rather than thousands, will not overturn God’s Judgment against evil-doers: the interest-takers, abortion participants and artificial birth control users in our own ranks. If we continue in these mortal sins, we will continue to see our lands overrun by our mortal enemies.

©2017 by Michael Hoffman

Hoffman is the author The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome and the editor of the bulletin, Revisionist History®


Dakota said...

What has without a doubt played a pivotal role in bringing about the rapid decline of the West is our collective abandonment of primitive and historical Christianity for an arrogant and blind faith in, and rabid devotion of, secular fundamentalism and political correctness. We are indeed reaching a crisis point not unlike that of the people of Israel on Mt Carmel, who were offered a choice by Elijah, in contest with the pagan prophets, to choose to follow Yahweh or Baal. In the same way, our Western world must choose whether the godless State with its influx of pagan migrants who are “vital” to Mammon’s economy is true or the God of the Christian Bible, who instructs His followers to populate by reproduction not immigration, to colonize and rule, not compromise and retreat. Alas, over the last few generations now we’ve been witnessing a gradual erosion and auctioning off of our Christian heritage—our children’s birthright—all for a mess of pottage. And worse still, unlike Esau who sold his birthright to his own flesh and blood brother, our peoples, on the other hand, have been selling to the highest bidder, usually foreign, who fundamentally hate our religion, government, culture, values, history and race. And what will be the end of such a perverted policy, but our own extinction at our own foolish hands?

Unknown said...

"Hostile Aliens" is a farce created by the CIA and Western Intelligence agencies. The purpose? To create hostility and aggression towards Islam and to enhance public acceptance of United States' military occupation in the Middle East for the advancement of the Greater Israel Project.

Staged Psychological operations such as the Aleppo boy sham and the exposed "Syrian Chemical Attack" charade by the CIA funded white hats (not Assad) are recent events designed to give the appearance of an antagonistic Syrian regime. The purpose? Trump bombs and demoralizes Syria for the Greater Israel Project.

Other "Islamic" terror groups such as "ISIS" are also created and controlled by Western Intelligence agencies for the furtherance of the Greater Israel Project.