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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, February 15, 2016

Scalia’s Sordid Simulacrum

Justice Scalia’s Sordid Simulacrum

By Michael Hoffman

This blog report has now been incorporated into a much larger investigative dossier on Antonin Scalia which has been published in Revisionist History Newsletter no. 83.

Michael Hoffman is the author of eight books, including Judaism’s Strange Gods, and Usury in Christendom. He is managing editor of Revisionist History newsletter. 



Anonymous said...

Please make a distinction. Scalia was an Opus Dei "catholic". Many traditional Catholics do not identify or ever want to be associated with the cult of Opus Dei.

Anonymous said...

There are no many who can comprehend the darkness of Scalia and his Talmudic masters. The masses are to busy worshiping their party either democrat or republican, who are all in bed with the Babylonian Mother harlot.

Another great work, Mr. Hoffman

robert pickle

Pat Mackin said...

An erudite and essential expose of just one example of " the corruption in high places" mentioned in the New Testament . That same Manuscript has Christ Himself warning us that "he who is not with Me is against Me ". With reference to those words of Christ you have adequately demonstrated that justice Antonin Scalia was most assuredly of the latter. No doubt Scalia was a victim of the Vatican 2 era lie that the modern day proponents of Kabbalah and Talmud are in fact "our elder brothers in the faith ".

All power to your courageous pen Mr Hoffman.

Pat Mackin

Nicholas Landholdt said...

I am at a loss for words, Mr. Hoffman. (It's also 2am in the morning and I can't think anymore. LOL) I weep at "traditional Catholics" with influence who refuse to interview you or help you to promote your work for Truth. Ours is a perverse generation. For my part, I will do my damnedest to continue promoting your work and will circulate this particularly devastating piece on "devout Catholic" Antonin Scalia in the hope that one Catholic of influence will wake up and recognize that yours is a brilliant voice for "Veritas" that needs to be heard. I wish you Godspeed, my friend. P.S. One wonders what his FSSP priest-son's thoughts were on his late father's relationship with the rabbis? Kyrie eleison, and protect us from evil.

Dachsie said...

Thank you, Mr. Hoffman, for weilding the sword of Truth so excellently.

I think you do a much better job of describing the core evil that pervades our nation and the world, an evil of a special kind that began at the foot of the Cross, that any other contemporary author. There was Luciferian evil before time was split at the Cross but with the Incarnation of the One True God in this earth, Lucifer's minions adopted a new strategy of evil, a strategy that will ultimately fail.

There is only one phrase you wrote that I have to think about and do not immediately accept.

"No liberal could have accomplished this betrayal of our once Christian country..."

I am having difficulty seeing that we ever had a "Christian country" and I think the core evil you describe was well in effect at the time of the founding of the USA.

I see that many Catholic teachers say there are "Christians" who are not Catholics but who are Protestants. I also see that there are many "Protestants" who say that Catholics are not Christians.

Here is a recent quote from one Texe Marrs.

“So the Armenians became Christians – they’re not Roman Catholics -- they’re Christians.“

[Texe Marrs speaking to his Armenian radio show guest 2-5-16]

So I now wonder if America was ever a Christian country, and if so, in what sense.

Thank you again for this important article and for giving me the chance to comment on your site.

God bless us each and every one in the Name of the One Who is Truth.

JMoore said...

Reading the "Catholic" and "conservative" media you might be tempted to think of Scalia as a saint, maybe on the order of John Paul "noachide" 2. Thank God the truth is still available, and thank you Mr. Hoffman for continuing this news bureau. Strange that you never hear the slightest reference to Mr. Hoffman's work on any "tradcat" site, but the name pops up occasionally on the alt-right. So called trad Catholics ignore a prophetic voice while a bunch of young and more or less profane reactionaries get the message.

j.clavius said...

I'm also a fan of Mr. Hoffman but the general policy of any group is to only accept critical voices from those who are within the tent. That is because--more often than not--critique and deconstruction from outside is usually geared towards destroying that particular institution, not correcting it.

Eric Robinson said...


"According to the website of Shefa, the organization publishing and promoting Steinsaltz’s works, students include Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia , US Senator Joe Lieberman, celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz and former Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti."

He certainly had access to the least unedited English version of the Talmud and should have understood the nature of Judaism.

Anisha said...

“They assume that the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Federal Judiciary of which Scalia was one among the nine highest in the nation, are not the enforcement arm of the government of so-called “Israel” and its immensely powerful lobby in America. Those assumptions are wrong. As he traveled the nation delivering speeches to institutes of higher learning, Scalia had a stratospheric bully pulpit from which he could have called for redressment of the crimes of the Cryptocracy. He did nothing of the kind."

"We believe that to whom much is given much is expected. With great power comes commensurate responsibility to right the wrongs and confront not the symptoms of evil, but the core of it. In all of these respects Antonin Scalia was guilty of criminal neglect or outright complicity.”

I take exception to the above accusation and aspersions cast towards the late Supreme Court Justice, as very "skewed" in the least.

Scalia could do nothing of the sort as you suggest through “a stratospheric bully pulpit” in his public capacity as Justice for SCOTUS, ie., responsible for righting wrongs and confronting the core of “evil.

That is not his de jure job description and those who would put that upon the Justice or even suggest such a presumption, are those publicly guilty of abdicating their own primary “civil authority!”

He was a strict defender of the “written” constitution. All his dissenting opinions reflect this consistently throughout his career.

The ONLY ones in America who are indeed responsible to “right wrongs and confront the core of evil,” ought to begin with themselves, as all are conspicuously missing as bona fide documented “private” American Nationals "in" the law under the Declaration of Independence and may expect constitutional protections. Everyone else are presumed “public corporations” under statute.

So, tell us again, “who” are those “guilty” of criminal neglect and/or complicity?” Is it a “public servant,”or those who have abdicated their own Citizenship and private estates mostly through ignorance and/or deception and indoctrination in “D.C. schools?

The only reason why the de facto government under a National Banking Emergency is left to “investigate itself” in all these “public crimes,” is because instead of an independent proper Grand Jury of “The People” entitled to order a third party investigation, there are rarely any who have proper "standing in the law!" Almost every soul on this land called America have one way or another declared themselves a “public corporation” under statute. THAT is a fact.

Where are all those documented private,“The People,” being the true “civil authority?” Now where to be found.

Now, you ought to wonder what Benjamin Franklin meant when he said, "...a Republic ma'am, if you can keep it."

Michael Hoffman said...


Scalia could do nothing of the sort as you suggest through “a stratospheric bully pulpit” in his public capacity as Justice for SCOTUS, ie., responsible for righting wrongs and confronting the core of “evil. That is not his de jure job description and those who would put that upon the Justice or even suggest such a presumption, are those publicly guilty of abdicating their own primary “civil authority!” [END QUOTE]

How right you are, Anisha! How dare this writer expect a Supreme Court Justice, who travels from one end of the country to the other giving speeches lauding the Talmud, condemning liberals and upholding the decision of the Supreme Court that made George W. “Skull and Bones” Bush President, should be required to speak out on the criminal politics behind the JFK assassination conspiracy or the Oklahoma City and 9/11 conspiracies?

Scalia had no such obligation to violate his “job description," and those who think he did are the ones who are guilty of abdicating their responsibility. Right! Absolutely right!

Scalia is a hero of the Republic! We should erect a statue to him in the Beit din of the Benjamin Cordozo School of Law at Yeshiva University, and all the Noahides can bow to him and the halacha law he espoused for America.

Anonymous said...

Great article -- much insight, much truth! It reminds me of Mr. Hoffman's excellent 2-27-08 article/expose: "CIA/Skull-and-Bonesman Wm. F Buckley Jr. Obituary."

Dakota said...

Michael, may I commend you on your assessment of the judicial tyranny over these once Christian United States and the role Talmudism, in particular, has played through key figures like Scalia to exert influence on them by legislating through judicial decision. I cannot believe how, like a fifth column, this anti-Christian and antinomianistic cult has permeated our society through cultural and, as you pointed out so articulately, judicial subversion. It's unfathomable to think that while the libertine media whores never tire of their catchcry, "separation of church and state," and trumpeting the threat of Mohammedanism and sharia, our godless judiciary has genuflected to the idolatrous perversion that is Talmudism and its halakah imposing a union of "synagogue and state" over us ignorant goyim! It makes so much sense now why America is increasingly under Divine judgment considering she has turned away from His righteous judgments for the twisted "statutes" of Christ-denying, Bible-dodging, Judaic heathens!