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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Is Pope Francis the Antichrist?

Is Pope Francis the Antichrist? 

By Michael Hoffman

The “who am I to judge?” pontiff issues a judgment on Donald Trump:  “Not a Christian”

We’ve got a history lesson for “His Holiness” —  Christianity from Britain to Italy was repeatedly saved and preserved through victories in border wars and by erecting walls and forts.  Mr. Trump is right about illegal immigration: we need a wall to defend our land.  If the pontiff is going to start issuing certificates of excommunication he ought to begin by cleaning his own papal house: 

I. Starting with the bishops and cardinals who approve of the crime of sodomy, such as Bruno Forte, who wrote: “...connected to homosexual unions it has to be noted that there are cases in which mutual aid to the point of sacrifice constitutes a precious support in the life of the partners.” 
—Archbishop Bruno Forte, Relatio post disceptationem, 2014 Church of Rome Synod on the Family (emphasis supplied). 

II. The Pontifical Commission of Pope Francis teaches the abominable heresy that Jews are saved by genetic descent and need not believe in Jesus Christ: “...it does not in any way follow that the Jews are excluded from God’s salvation because they do not believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah of Israel and the Son of God.”  Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, December 10, 2015. Cardinal Kurt Koch, President (emphasis supplied).

 The Pope of Rome’s intervention in the process of the American people choosing the next President of the United States is an outrageous act of foreign subversion. Francis reigns in an Italy with one of the lowest birthrates on earth. He is on record mocking Catholics who “breed like rabbits.”  He preaches social justice and compassion for the poor while benefiting from the usury proceeds of his shylock Vatican Bank. This “Holy Father" is a mentally and spiritually sick individual. 

As Christians we support the building of a just society in places like the failed state of Mexico. This begins with sealing the border so that the best and brightest in that nation will remain in their land, and with the help of the people of the United States, extirpate from their government and society the plague of systematic bribery, corruption, kidnapping, rape and mass murder. Turning the USA into Mexico serves no one but the devil.

The truth is, Pope Francis refuses to judge the mortal sins that he regards as virtually harmless. He only issues judgments against those acts which were long ago deemed civic virtues when sanity still prevailed in Christendom. 

One need not favor the invasion of ones nation to qualify as a follower of Christ. The call for open borders is a revolutionary plank of the Babylonian Beast System, with Antichrist at its head.  

Michael Hoffman is the author of Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not; and the editor of Revisionist History newsletter, published six times a year.

Luke 6:36 • Luke 11:41 • Acts 10:31 • 1 Tim. 5:8 • 1 Tim. 6:18
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The Militia Guy said...

I posted this to my FB page with my comments: "Pope Francis. Hypocrite. Scandal of the Church. One of many antichrists." I can't believe he is worse than his immediate predecessors. But, then, better the devil you know..." as they say. I want to thank Popes Pius XI and XII for not doing the Consecration of Russia and giving up the turmoil we see today. And I hope justice is being served.

Peter said...

Mr Hoffman,I am sure you are against the apartheid wall within the Zionist Entity. Many see any walls as similar to this apartheid wall.Perhaps you will clarify this because your post leaves me supremely perplexed.

JMoore said...

Directly intervening in the American political process during the active presidential season might even be an act of esponiage, one of the most despicable acts of this poor tortured soul larping as the vicar of Christ.

Michael Hoffman said...

To Peter

The analogy is too broad, is it not?

Can it be that every wall on a national border is equivalent to the wall the Israelis have erected the better to steal Palestinian land?

What of walls constructed to prevent Wahhabist interlopers from the Levant from claiming the ancestral Christian lands of Europe as their future caliphate?

Peter said...

Symbolism is important. Most, including myself, see walls as symbols of social, political, and economic segregation. (Berlin Wall,Zionist Entity Wall) Walls built to exclude interlopers.That, is the broad analogy, the one most are seeing here. Correct me if I am wrong. The "supposed" Wahabi interloper will gain access to "our" shores irrespective of the physical walls on the national border Trump is calling for. The reason for that is obvious, Wahabi interlopers are sponsored by "our" Atlanticist/Globalist leadership.No walls gonna stop them. Consequently, physical walls are absurd. They will not serve to halt supposed Wahabi's determined to establish a caliphate (a fear mongers wet dream! Yet another absurd notion I might add). Oh well Mike, I hope this is just a misunderstanding. By the way Wahabi's are not from the Levant. They are from the Arabian peninsula. Quite a separate geographic distinction.

Michael Hoffman said...

PETER WROTE: “….Wahabi’s (sic) are not from the Levant.”

Actually, Wahhabis are from all over the Middle East including the Levant; for example many are invading Europe starting from Syria.

The rest of your note with your notion about walls being useless ("No walls gonna stop them. Consequently, physical walls are absurd") does not require a rejoinder.

aferrismoon said...

I assume the Pope has good reason to ignore the 'Peace Walls' in Northern Ireland separating Catholics and Protestants on the same estates.


messianicdruid said...

Mr. Hoffman, all excellent points. I have long advocated for actually helping Mexico to solve it's problems, which are not those with enough gumption to flee their oppression. But then short term fixes are not fixes at all.

Dean Edward said...

If anything, he is a false prophet. The biblical anti-christ will not hold to a faith in a traditional idea of god in any way, but will honor power and force as his deity. The pope does not fit this description.

Peter said...

@ferrismoon,"peace walls"? Northern Irish Protestants erected those walls to consolidate their Imperial thievery. (Lands stolen from Irish Republicans by low land Scot prostitutes on behalf of British Monarchy). No difference there then Zionist Entities thievery of Palestinians lands.

Anonymous said...

While the Pontifex Maximus of Nimrod fame, meets the description of anti-Christ, there are many anti-Christ present in the world. The question is, does Francis meet the description of The Man of Sin, Son of Perdition, False Christ?


Mladen said...

Given that the modern idea of "Countries" or "Nations" is only about 500 years old, and all of these entities are man-made, they are all fictional sovereignties that need the consent of the governed that live in each fictional sovereignty. I remember when I was six years old when my parents escaped from one of the fictionally sovereign countries of Europe, which ironically did not even last 100 years, how silly it was that my parents had to cross an imaginary man-made border in order to another man-made fictional sovereignty! Personally, I believe that I was created by God, which means that I was not created by any man-made fictional sovereignty. This begs the question if I was born as a child of God, then why does a fictional man-made sovereignty claim jurisdiction over me? As a child of God I am ashamed to claim association to any secular nation, which by definition is God-less! This whole subject just highlights the ridiculousness of all man-made ideas about what is right or wrong in the God-less secular world. Arguing about man-made history and the many perverted and false versions of this does nobody any good since throughout the history of man we only see the exact point God made to Samuel in the Old Testament when God pointed out the consequences of rejecting God as governor and choosing sinful, corruptible and flawed man or groups of men instead!

Carnac123 said...

This recent Pope is very suspect to me. He is an end-time Pope and the end-time Pope is the one that eventually will reign with the coming Anti-Christ. Pope Francis leans heavily toward socialism. That is the reason why he was getting nowhere in the church hierarchy in Argentina. He assumes he can get away with anything. I think we saw his real side when he got angry with the Mexican crowd that pulled him over-into a person in a wheelchair.

wapiti said...

The pope is not the anti Christ. He could be the false prophet, Obongo the AC.

KurtB said...

Actually, we don’t need an expensive wall:
The best solution to the problem is to make the E-Verify System mandatory for all employers. That will remove the incentive to enter and remain in the country illegally at almost no cost.

Eileen K. said...

Nicholas, when Popes Pius XI and XII refused to consecrate Russia, that country was the former Bolshevik USSR; and those two Popes were 100% right in their refusal.
However, since Vladimir Putin succeeded Boris Yeltsin as President of post-Bolshevik Russia, Orthodox Christianity has been revived to its pre-Bolshevik prominence .. and it's now time for Pope Francis to Consecrate Russia, according to the message given to the three children at Fatima, Portugal. Russia could only be consecrated when Bolshevik Communism was totally abolished .. this wasn't completed until Putin took office and led a procession through the streets of Moscow wherein the statue of Our Lady of Fatima was carried.

Unknown said...

They are all men. Man is not perfect. Man mande laws are made to give a sense of safety and security. God's laws were bestowed on us remind us that we are human and no man can follow such laws, hence were all corrupted and sinful. Jesus came here to die for our sins. Hence, only through Him shall we get to the Father. Jesus' last commandment, "love one another as I have loved you." Mankind can't and won't do that. Walls are built

Marty said...

The pope is AN antichrist. The term antichrist does NOT refer to an individual. That's a great misunderstanding of scripture. It refers to ALL as a group who are antichrist. So no, the pope cannot be "the antichrist", since NO ONE EVER is "the antichrist".

Jo said...

The whole SYSTEM is Anti-Christ, with many little anti-Christ's running it. Netanyahu is obviously anti-Christ, Obama is also anti-Christ, Cameron is anti-Christ, the fundamentalist churches (Christian, Muslim & Jew) are anti-Christ,etc.
What we need most now is not a change in gatekeepers, but a change of heart, mind, soul, SPIRIT of the entire system, and that means getting it back on its foundational SPIRITUAL pillars & DUMPING USURY!!!

Marty said...

You are absolutely correct. The ONLY solution, is for people to do what Israel did many times, when they stopped worshiping God and worshiped pagan idols so many times. God sent a prophet, they repented, and worshiped God in the fashion in which He commands. They knew and adhered to all of what the scriptures say. They didn't have access to what we have access to today, but they had the Old Testament, and it's pretty clear. We have the New Testament that tells us WHAT Christianity actually is, and HOW we are to behave and what we are to do, or not do. If people got back to that, it would be a global turnaround. But that's not EVER going to happen, or it would have been spoken of in prophecy.

Wisdom said...

The anti- Christ will be the person that controls the interNet and the world wide Web. We're using it now.You pay your bills, get direct deposits, apps,email, smartphones, transportation, fuel, etc..Humans are plugged into it..All day/24/7..Knowledge 101

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"The anti- Christ will be the person that controls the interNet and the world wide Web."


If "will be" in future, how exclude it could be Bergoglio or V Poutine?