Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How Cryptocracy benefits from the Internet

Recent Internet Hoax:

"Against All of His Personal Beliefs, Scalia Was Cremated"

The Motive Behind the Murder of Justice Scalia | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Against All of His Personal Beliefs, Scalia Was Cremated

One of the most amazing facts surrounding this “mystery death” is that Scalia’s body was cremated before an autopsy could be performed. Cremated? Wasn’t Scalia a Catholic? The last time I heard, Catholics do not sanction cremations. Oh yes, you can be cremated if you are Catholic, but it is extremely frowned upon. The regulations against cremation is one of the strongest within the Catholic Church, even if the prohibitions are left over biases from the past..However, criminals with something to hide frequently burn the body after the commission of a crime. This fact, alone, should have triggered a major murder investigation. Where is Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, when she is needed the most? Did Obama send flowers to the widow yet? Charred bodies yield no autopsy clues. (End quote)


Antonin Scalia’s body was not cremated. His remains will lie in repose at the Supreme Court prior to his funeral at the National Cathedral, and then burial. 

This Internet hoax about Scalia being cremated was passed to me in e-mail by a person who simply accepted the hoax as truth because the hoax confirmed the person’s bias. In psychology this is termed "confirmation bias."

It is sorrowful to observe how people will believe anything on the Internet that is in line with their expectations and preconceptions. Verification and corroboration appear not to be a requirement for belief. We have an obligation to God’s Truth to exhibit as least as much skepticism toward Internet rumors as we do toward the Establishment media, otherwise we are sowing confusion, which is the ante-chamber to deceit, which is a sin. 

Anyone who thinks the Cryptocracy has not infiltrated Right wing Internet sources is naive. Require verification and corroboration before you disseminate news; or failing that, designate the supposed news, an allegation, a hypothesis, or to really call a spade a spade, term it what it is — a rumor. 

But don’t just pass the link on with the questionable assertion in your subject line as if it were a fact, otherwise it becomes a kind of endorsement on your part.  After you have endorsed enough myths, your credibility is so damaged that when you do have truth to report no one will believe you —  that’s how the Cryptocracy benefits from the Internet.

Michael Hoffman


Peter said...

I confess. I am guilty of confirmation bias.As time goes by, I notice an exponential growth in the devious manipulations of information by agents determined to undermine legitimate researchers hard work.Dilettantes like me, are forced into to overly cautious positions, which essentially, renders us as side lined observers. I appreciate this warning, which I was somewhat aware of.I exercised caution but sometimes my bias made me clumsy.Better to be safe then sorry.Discretion is the better part of valor. We all enter into a new phase. Obstacles everywhere watch your steps!

Dakota said...

I'm afraid ever since 9/11 and the facts that circulated in the media and internet in the months and years after, supporting that there was a conspiracy within the American oligarchy to allow the attacks on the WTC to occur on September 11, 2001 and to cover this foreknowledge up; along with the later conspiracy to fake intelligence of WMD in Iraq to establish consensus for another Middle East war; I was convicted of these truths and was perhaps too eager to share what I had learned with friends and family. Sadly it was of no use since many ultimately looked at me as odd and didn't really want to have anything more to do with me. I've learned from this experience to have a more critical and skeptical perspective when the cry is heard, "It's a conspiracy!" and to to be a little more patient to see how events unfold before I make a qualified judgment on an issue especially considering the fact that there is so much disinformation and misinformation out there (or "noise" as you put it in your excellent work" SS&PW) that we need to distinguish between conspiracy theory from conspiracy fact. And by flooding the media with rumors of "conspiracy" with every news event that makes the headlines makes it all the more harder to establish whether a genuine conspiracy is at work...