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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Twilight Language in the Case of the Umpqua shooter

First compiled on October 1, 2015

 Michael Hoffman

[I hope to update this column with new information over the next few days so check for updates, if you are interested].

October 2, 2015 Update:

Oregon Sheriff John Hanlin shared a Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory on Facebook and wrote to V.P. Joe Biden to say he would not allow the people of his county to be disarmed   and then it's in his county where the next Manchurian Candidate opens fire and perpetrates a massacre at a school. Coincidence?

•Also notice how the prostitute media don't ask about what drugs might have been in the shooters' bloodstream.

October 1, 2015:

First up is this early report from The Guardian newspaper (Manchester, England). I have highlighted in boldface the twilight language hints and cues as I see them. My analysis follows. 

Chris Harper Mercer: first details emerge of Oregon college killer

Ben Jacobs and Nicky Woolf Thursday 1 October 2015 23.57 EDT


An email address, “ironcross45@gmail.com” was found to be associated with a Chris Harper Mercer of Winchester, Oregon...That address is linked to an account on the torrent upload site kat-ph.proxy-x.com, which bears the username “Lithium_Love”.The final video uploaded by Lithium_Love to the torrent site, just three days ago, was a BBC documentary called “Surviving Sandy Hook”...Other uploads include PDFs of the occult magazine Phenomena, conspiracy-themed documentaries like “Lost Secrets of the Illuminati”...A Myspace page bearing Mercer’s name is filled with...references to the Irish Republican Army, including a picture of the front page of the Irish republican newspaper An Phoblacht, bearing the headline “British Army Could Not Defeat IRA”....On the anarchic image-sharing message-board 4chan, rumors were flying on October 1 that the killer may have been one of their own. In an anonymous post at 1:19 AM on Thursday morning on the /r9k board... Don’t go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest.”...his name was listed as a production assistant for an upcoming production of the Noel Coward play Blithe Spirit. (End quote from The Guardian).

Twilight Language Glossary in the Case of the Umpqua shooter
Copyright ©2015 by Michael Hoffman

Umpqua is an Indian word with a number of definitions and connotations, largely insipid and contradictory as far as I know at this point; nonetheless it's a foreign language word and sends the message that something needs to be decoded without which it cannot be understood.

ironcross45 In this context a neo-Nazi link.

Chris Harper Mercer The three name killer syndrome: Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wayne Gacy etc. etc.

Winchester The storied rifle that "won the West," and the "Mystery House" of the same name in California, built by the widow of the Winchester inventor who worried that she was pursued by the ghosts of the people his rifle had killed.

 kat-ph.proxy-x.com A proxy represents someone else. kat-ph has lots of connotations (In Pharaonic Egypt Osiris was the "great god in Ru-Kat; Horus was "the defender of his father in Ru-Kat;" kat-ph almost looks like the Egyptian  kat-ptah), but at this juncture I'll just call it another indicator of a term that needs decoding. x-com can reference the unknown in general, as well as x-rated, as in pornography.

Lithium_Love Lithium is a drug administered to manic-depressives by physicians and injurious to the blood which has to be monitored in those who ingest it. "Drug love" is an empty substitute for true love. Psychotropic drugs like Lithium (such as Luvox) have been ingested by school shooters such as Kip Kinkle and Eric Harris (Columbine).

Sandy Hook We’re "hooked" on mysteries and celebrity cults built around school shootings like the one in CT, with the suspicion that they are occult...Phenomena, conspiracy-themed...

An Phoblacht note similarity to ph.proxy These are more ciphers that send the message that something needs to be decoded. 

Lost Secrets of the Illuminati This Umpqua operation is one of those quondam secrets, made manifest through Revelation of the Method which, at its terminus, on Arlington Road, finds the sleuth who purports to investigate the conspiracy perpetrating it. (Cf.  "Arlington Road" screenplay by Ehren Kruger; William Hjortsberg, Falling Angel; Phillip K, Dick, A Scanner, Darkly).

British Army Could Not Defeat IRA I'm going go out on a limb here and suggest that this is probably inter-tribal chatter between one wing of the Cryptocracy and another, in which case it would translate as the defeat of the supposedly invincible 007. The 007 number is a symbol of espionage at one level, and at another level it symbolizes the whole occult British Israel project launched in the Elizabethan Age, which is still going strong from Greenwich, "the Palace" and the City. [The number of Yale's Skull and Bones is seven (“322": 3 + 2 +2 = 7)].

4chan / r9k board Pseudo military and tech argot connoting codes related to those glamorous realms. These can be learned by recruits.

Coward The definition of a shooter who attacks an unarmed (i.e. disarmed) "gun-free zone").

 Blithe Spirit Insouciant ghost, spirit of the dead; a haunting; which is what stuff like this is ultimately: the psychic haunting of America;also its brutalization and desensitization: the NFL's Oct. 1 "Thursday Night Football" played on schedule hours after the shooting. 

The rampage occurred on the same day (October 1) on which the NY Times online prominently reported the existence of a feminist group dedicated to bragging about having killed their unborn children via abortion (the Columbine school massacre occurred in the wake of NATO's 78-bombing and incineration of civilians in Serbia with US connivance). What goes around comes around. This is difficult for some people to comprehend; they block certain patterns, as they have been taught to do, even as their subconscious recognizes them, creating a wrenching schizophrenia between their waking consciousness and subconsciousness.

It's noteworthy that President Obama on Oct. 1 took the occasion of this particular massacre to cast in retrospect previous massacre-shootings (“7 times the president has responded to a mass shooting, including today” — Los Angles Times 8:12 pm Oct. 1), thereby turning the Group Mind toward reflection on the frequency, which is haunting.

This Umpqua massacre is surfeited with Twilight Language, whereas others in the recent past have been comparatively weak in this regard, although by no means absent. Permit me to also direct your attention to the “Blood Moon” that occurred three days before Umpqua on Sept. 28, to some considerable public trepidation and prophecies of doom at the time; raising expectations which were disappointed on the day but on October 1 they were excited again. Here we see a process of seduction: arousal, respite, arousal again leading to the climax.

Outside of the speaking-to-the-Group-Mind phenomenon that is Twilight Language, we see the emergence of a Christian and a racial dimension, as reported by CNN at 11:07 pm (Pacific time) on Oct. 1:

“Roseburg, Oregon (CNN)The gunman who opened fire at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College singled out Christians, according to the father of a wounded student...The gunman, while reloading his handgun, ordered the students to stand up and asked if they were Christians, Boylan told her family… 

“And they would stand up and he said, ‘Good, because you’re a Christian, you’re going to see God in just about one second,’ Boylan’s father, Stacy, told CNN, relaying her account.

“And then he shot and killed them.’ Boylan, 18, was hit in the back by a bullet that traveled down her spine. While she lay bleeding on the floor, the gunman told her, ‘Hey you, blonde woman,’ her father said. She played dead -- and survived.” (End quote) 

I’ll leave this Christian and racial dimension (Mercer is believed to be a mulatto) in limbo for the time being. For a long time after Columbine, rumor had it that 17-year old victim Cassie Bernall had been shot by Eric Harris because she affirmed her belief in God after he asked her about it. In reality, it looks as though eye witnesses have confirmed that Harris asked her nothing, but only pronounced to her the words “peek-a-boo” before he pulled the trigger.

Twilight language data continues to pour in and I wish I could say that I can afford to volunteer my services and stay on top of every bit of it every minute, for your benefit, as if I were an establishment journalist assigned to the case, or a retired person on a pension. Alas, I am neither. I spend most of my waking hours pursuing emolument not immediately related to breaking news. 

As noted at the top of this column, I will endeavor to add more attempts at detection and analysis after my duties to my day job are completed. 

Copyright reminder: permit an impecunious writer to maintain ownership over these insights (if indeed they qualify as such). 

Michael Hoffman is the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.



Dakota said...

Just an observation re:

"4chan/r9k board Pseudo military and tech argot connoting codes related to those glamorous realms. These can be learned by recruits."

I understand LEET is a term used in reference to the use of numbers as letters (e.g. 4=A; 7=T; #=H; etc.)

IAE I noticed 4chan and thought, "Huh, that's interesting," as it resembles the name Achan, which in the Bible is the name of a Judahite who was stoned to death, along with his family, for stealing items that God prohibited the Israelites from taking at the fal of Jericho (Joshua 7). Supposedly his name means "troubler."
Idk what the 9 might represent in "r9k" however.

aferrismoon said...

From the Wiki description of PKDick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep':

"The main Earth religion is Mercerism, in which Empathy Boxes link simultaneous users into a collective consciousness based on the suffering of Wilbur Mercer. In the shared experience of the Empathy Box, Wilbur Mercer takes an endless walk up a mountain while stones are thrown at him, the pain of which all users share. "


Loren Coleman said...


Philip K. Dick is also revealed through the transparent lexilinks to Mercerism in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?/Blade Runner.

Of all the mass shootings of late, this one appears to have thrown at us an incredibly high number of twilight language items for us to decide.

Delighted to read this from you.

Michael Hoffman said...

Thank you, Loren.

Unknown said...

There is perhaps another ghost reference in the following:


"ROSEBURG, Ore. — Twenty-year-old Marc Beckwith was in Room 16 of low-slung, mansard-roofed Snyder Hall, preparing for his computer lab. Cassandra Welding, also 20, was slipping into the lab room just as a familiar figure was slipping out."

The mansard roofs make one think of a haunted house.

Snyder could be a reminder of:
Timothy D. Snyder author of "Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning" which was publicized by recent articles in the NYT and the Guardian.

Michael Hoffman said...


Laurel Harper’s Total Identity Continues Concealed
Complied by Archer C. Frey

Below NYT article, a doctored version printed on page 4B, Insight, Sacramento Bee, Tuesday, October 06, 2015, continues to conceal the fact that Ms Harper is a negro. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negroid , while quick to show that the father is white.
Additionally the question of the similar thread between, Umpqua Community College – Sandy Hook Elementary School, son, mother, guns, Asperger syndrome and schizophrenia is not examined.

Problem Items:
A. Main Stream Media takes 4+ days to ID mother. ID’s father immediately
B. Main Stream Media fails to draw reverse pattern with Ferguson, MO where the actors are Negroid v. Caucasoid.
C. Main Stream Media fails to compare Christopher Harper-Mercer in Oregon with Adam Lanza in Connecticut.
Laurel Harper “ … said that both she and her son struggled with Asperger’s syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder.”
[Adam] “Lanza was diagnosed with a sensory-integration disorder at the start of elementary school. When he was thirteen he was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with Asperger syndrome, according to his father, Peter Lanza. Adam also had obsessive-compulsive disorder, being referred in October 2006 for treatment for his conditions, when behavioral-based therapy and the antidepressant Celexa were prescribed. Following objections from Nancy Lanza, the treatment was discontinued after four visits, and Lanza stopped taking the medication.[137] In a 2013 interview, Peter Lanza said he suspected his son might have suffered from undiagnosed schizophrenia in addition to his other conditions. Lanza said that family members might have missed signs of the onset of schizophrenia during his son's adolescence because they attributed his odd behavior and increasing isolation to Asperger syndrome.[134][138][139][140][141] Because of concerns that published accounts of Lanza's autism could result in a backlash against others with the condition, autism advocates campaigned to clarify that autism is a brain-related developmental disorder and not a mental illness.[142] The predatory aggression demonstrated by Lanza in the shooting is generally not seen in the autistic population.[143]” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Hook_Elementary_School_shooting
D. Main Stream Media fails to ask if there is a contributing factor due to Asperger syndrome in both Christopher Harper-Mercer in Oregon with Adam Lanza in Connecticut
E. Gun possession: Christopher Harper-Mercer + Laurel Harper, Adam Lanza + Nancy Lanza
Laurel Harper shared fascination with guns.

“ … Mr. Harper-Mercer cared so deeply about guns, his mother was well aware of his fascination. In fact, she shared it:”

“I keep two full mags in my Glock case. And the ARs & AKs all have loaded mags,” Ms. Harper wrote. “No one will be ‘dropping’ by my house uninvited without acknowledgement.”

“Nancy Lanza as a "gun enthusiast who owned at least a dozen firearms".[156][157][158][159] She often took her two sons to a local shooting range and had them learn to shoot.[151]” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Hook_Elementary_School_shooting

Oregon Killer’s Mother Wrote of Troubled Son and Gun Rights

Michael Hoffman said...

From Col. Archer Frey (continued from part one above)

From Col. Archer Frey (continued from part one above)

Oregon Killer’s Mother Wrote of Troubled Son and Gun Rights


NY Times OCT. 5, 2015

ROSEBURG, Ore. — When a downstairs neighbor of Laurel Harper learned there was a gunman on the loose at Umpqua Community College here, he ran up to tell her, knowing that her son, Christopher Harper-Mercer, was a student there. Like other parents, Ms. Harper started to set out in a desperate search, fearing her son could be hurt.
“She was very upset,” said the neighbor, who asked not to be named, citing his family’s privacy.
But as she was leaving, the sheriff and his deputies intercepted her and broke the news that her son was the gunman.
Ms. Harper, who divorced her husband a decade ago, appears to have been by far the most significant figure in her son’s troubled life; neighbors say he rarely left their apartment. Unlike his father, who said on television that he had no idea Mr. Harper-Mercer cared so deeply about guns, his mother was well aware of his fascination. In fact, she shared it: In a series of online postings over a decade, Ms. Harper, a nurse, said she kept numerous firearms in her home and expressed pride in her knowledge about them, as well as in her son’s expertise on the subject.
She also opened up about her difficulties raising a son who used to bang his head against the wall, and said that both she and her son struggled with Asperger’s syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. She tried to counsel others whose children faced similar problems. All the while, she expressed hope that her son could lead a successful life in finance or as a filmmaker.
Ms. Harper did not respond to messages seeking comment.
In an online forum, answering a question about state gun laws several years ago, Ms. Harper took a jab at “lame states” that impose limits on keeping loaded firearms in the home, and noted that she had AR-15 and AK-47 semiautomatic rifles, along with a Glock handgun. She also indicated that her son, who lived with her, was well versed in guns, citing him as her source of information on gun laws, saying he “has much knowledge in this field.”
“I keep two full mags in my Glock case. And the ARs & AKs all have loaded mags,” Ms. Harper wrote. “No one will be ‘dropping’ by my house uninvited without acknowledgement.”
Law enforcement officials have said they recovered 14 firearms and spare ammunition magazines that were purchased legally either by Mr. Harper-Mercer, 26, or an unnamed relative. Mr. Harper-Mercer had six guns with him when he entered a classroom building on Thursday and started firing on a writing class in which he was enrolled; the rest were found in the second-floor apartment he shared with his mother.
Ms. Harper’s posts were found on Yahoo Answers, a site where she spent hours over the last 10 years, mostly answering medical questions from strangers, occasionally citing her own difficulties raising a troubled child. Her Yahoo profile had a user name of TweetyBird, accompanied by a cartoon image of a nurse. In many of her postings, she included her email address, which public records link to Ms. Harper.

Michael Hoffman said...

Col. Archer Frey (continued from part two above)

Ms. Harper and Christopher’s father, Ian Mercer of Tarzana, Calif., divorced in 2006 and were separated years earlier. Mr. Mercer told CNN last week that he thought the nation should change its gun laws, saying the massacre “would not have happened” if his son had not been able to buy so many handguns and rifles.
Neighbors in Southern California have said that Ms. Harper and her son would go to shooting ranges together, something Ms. Harper seemed to confirm in one of her online posts. She talked about the importance of firearms safety and said she learned a lot through target shooting, expressing little patience with unprepared gun owners: “When I’m at the range, I cringe every time the ‘wannabes’ show up.”
In addition to talking about guns, Ms. Harper, 64, was a prolific commenter in online forums dealing with medical issues, frequently answering questions from strangers with a tone of empathy and concern. She expressed having expertise in autism, saying that both she and her son — whom she never identified by name — had Asperger’s syndrome.
Consoling another parent seeking help with disruptive behavior by an autistic child, Ms. Harper said that her own son “was, among other things, a head-banger” when he was younger and was initially given a misdiagnosis of attention deficit disorder. But over time, he had learned to cope and was doing better, she wrote: “I was in your shoes and now my son’s in college.”
She expressed frustration with people who questioned how successful a person with autism could be, noting: “I have Asperger’s and I didn’t do so bad. Wasn’t easy (understatement) but it can be done.” She also said she had “dealt with it on a daily basis for years and years” because of her son, who she said was progressing well.

“He’s no babbling idiot nor is his life worthless,” Ms. Harper wrote. “He’s very intelligent and is working on a career in filmmaking. My 18 years worth of experience with and knowledge about Asperger’s syndrome is paying off.”
Alexis Jefferson, who worked with Ms. Harper at a Southern California subacute care center around 2010, said the gunman’s mother sometimes confided the difficulties she had in raising her son, including that she had placed Mr. Harper-Mercer in a psychiatric hospital when he did not take his medication.
“She said that ‘my son is a real big problem of mine,’ ” Ms. Jefferson said in a telephone interview. “She said: ‘He has some psychological problems. Sometimes he takes his medication, sometimes he doesn’t. And that’s where the big problem is, when he doesn’t take his medication.’ ”

Michael Hoffman said...

From Col. Archer Frey (continued from part three above)

Ms. Jefferson said Ms. Harper had described bringing her son to the Del Amo Behavioral Health System in Torrance, Calif. near where they had lived before moving to Oregon.
“He calls and says, ‘Take me out, take me out,’ ” Ms. Jefferson said, recalling her conversations with Ms. Harper. “She didn’t take him out until the doctor said he was ready to get out.”
One piece of advice Ms. Harper dispensed online for a parent with an autistic infant was to start reading to the child as soon as possible and to use expressive gestures. An online posting from six years ago included the unlikely revelation that she used to read to her son a book by Donald J. Trump, the real estate mogul now running for president, who recently suggested that childhood vaccines cause autism — a claim Ms. Harper dismisses in her postings.
“Fact: Before my son was even born, I was reading out loud to him from Donald Trump’s ‘The Art of the Deal,’” she wrote. “And as for the ‘gesture effect,’ I was practically a mime. And now my son invests in the stock market along with me, turns a profit and is working on a degree in finance. His language and reading skills are phenomenal. I tell you this because it’s not too late for you to start helping your daughter.”
It is not clear where — or if — Mr. Harper-Mercer had pursued such a degree. Little has been disclosed about his studies at Umpqua. In California, Mr. Harper-Mercer was enrolled at El Camino College from 2010 to 2012, but officials there would not confirm whether he obtained any degree or certification. Both son and mother moved to Oregon about two years ago; Mr. Mercer said he had not seen either of them since then.
Neighbors in the apartment building here where the mother and son lived said that Mr. Harper-Mercer rarely strayed far. They would see him getting the mail or walking down the road to buy a soda at a market, but said he did not appear to have a job in Roseburg and stayed home most of the day.
At night, when his mother went to her nursing jobs, a neighbor whose bedroom was directly below Mr. Harper-Mercer’s frequently heard him pacing until 3 or 4 in the morning, the neighbor said. She complained to her own family about the noise, but never mentioned it to Mr. Harper-Mercer or his mother.
In an interview in their ground-floor apartment, the neighbor, a young woman, and her mother echoed other people’s memories of Mr. Harper-Mercer as quiet and distant.
They said Ms. Harper had occasionally invited them upstairs for a visit, or when she was writing a complaint letter to the apartment managers about the smell of marijuana smoke or late-night guests at another neighbor’s apartment. She would ask her son to say hello, but he rarely chatted with them.
“Chris would just be in his room,” the young woman said.
The young woman’s mother, who immigrated from the Philippines, said that she had shared Filipino meals with Ms. Harper, and that Ms. Harper had taught her how to drive. She wrote a letter of support when Ms. Harper was applying for a $1,500 scholarship to continue her nursing studies. The family still has Ms. Harper’s thank you card.
“Once again, thank you so very much for helping me with my scholarship application,” the note says. “Now I can attend the nursing program without having to stress out about tuition!”
The day of the shooting, the young woman from downstairs rushed home to check on her toddler, and saw Ms. Harper standing outside talking with the police. It was Ms. Harper’s son who had killed nine people and wounded several others before exchanging fire with the police and then taking his own life.
“She was still in denial of it,” the young woman said. “She just handled it like a nurse would — like it was another person’s life.”