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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, October 02, 2015

NY Times readers protest anti-Putin editorial


New York Times readers' protest an anti-Putin editorial:
 “Russia’s Dangerous Escalation in Syria” (October 2, 2015)

Editor’s Note: Here are three comments on the editorial. These comments were published by the Times online. They are fairly representative of the majority of the hundreds of published comments. The corporate media are quite obviously almost totally out of touch with the American people and they affect insouciance in the face of this fact. They continue, day-in and day-out, to attempt to school the peasants in the higher wisdom of the elite, while they mock Russia for having a state-controlled media, knowing that the U.S. has a Money Power-controlled media.

Carolyn - Saint Augustine, Florida:

 This editorial demonstrates the lengths that Russian opponents will go to, to manufacture hand wringing. I quote: “Military experts say that the Russian planes are old and could crash and that Russian weapons may not be precise enough to avoid extensive civilian casualties.” Seriously? The planes could crash is a cause for concern? 

Russia is doing what she should do to support an ally and bring stability to the region. The fact is that the insurgents could do a thing called surrender, and that would be the end of the bombing, but they don’t. They’re using American weapons against a secular regime that is sorely needed to reestablish some sense of civilization to a country consumed by terror and chaos. And those same American weapons will be used against American forces if Russia does not crush this rebellion. We should be thanking her instead of casting aspersions. 

The American government has been stung by its own hypocrisy and by backing essentially terrorists, and the real problem here, is that the American government does not want to be honest about it and admit a serious error in judgment. And it’s immature and patently ridiculous to try to cast Putin as some kind of power hungry maniac when that description more aptly applies to U.S., who - until recently - has embraced a foreign policy of “lick our boots or be overthrown.” And by the way, Gaddafi did just that, and look what happened to him.

Stephen J Johnston: 

It’s kind of ironic isn’t it. American neocons are besotted with neo Trotskyite notions of world revolution by the United States in a crusade to impose democracy, and they hold pride of place in the thinking of America’s bipartisan Foreign Policy Elite.

Mr. Putin, however; who is from the land of Trotsky and “The Revolution Betrayed” is the pragmatist, who actually wants to stop jihadism in its tracks, regardless of the interests of the Sunni Royals in destabilizing Syria! 

He is owned by neither Saudi Arabia or Israel. So he is able to see the fact of Sunni Jihadism as it is playing out in Syria, without the filters of the need to ensure petro dollar circulation or Israel’s latest demands for regime change, and act rationally to crush a clear and present danger.

ISIS is clearly the creation of our allies the Sunni Royals who have become dangerously panicked by the devolution of Sunni fortunes in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. 

The Giant Ghawar Oil Field alone has 70 billion barrels of oil, but it is located in the Shia Crescent, and the oil workers are Shia heretics. Think about how the Royals must have felt when the Shia majority walked off with the State of Iraq in an idiotically conceived general election. 

The US is too mired in the politics of oil and our less than ideal relationships with our autocratic Allies, to continue to entertain the absurd notion that one more regime change will make it all right. Putin has the clarity to act. Let him act!

JL U.S.A.—  

This is an embarrassing and simplistic editorial and comes on the heels of similar NY Times reports earlier this week. It ignores the utter failure of US policy in the region that destroyed functioning governments, killed tens of thousands of civilians and triggered a massive refugee and humanitarian (crisis). The Russian position to bolster the Syrian government, directly combat terrorism appears reasonable to stabilize the country and end the conflict. The US pushing for arming and funding a “moderate opposition” is delusional. The US took a similar position in Libya. How has that turned out?



The Militia Guy said...

The corporate media, or the Enemy of the State as I refer to them, is not out of touch in the least. They understand that 100+ years of “free education” has dumbed-down the American Sheeple to the point they can think or say whatever they want b/c they naively believe “we still have free speech”. Who cares if the Sheeple express en masse “we don’t like the way the country is being run!” It’s no sweat off the Media’s nose for them to graciously allow us to speak our minds. “Thank you, ‘Jew’ York Times, you are too kind…you really are. Now may I return to (choose one): 1. My big screen boob tube?; or 2. My iPhone?; or 3. One of my four, part time jobs paying slave wages and no benefits so I can keep GMO food on the table under the roof of my mortgaged to the hilt shanty that I share with my thrice divorced wife and 4 stepchildren?”

Regardless of whether or not the people disagree with how the country is being run, they are powerless to do anything about it and the anti-Christian network knows it. They just snicker under their breath while thinking: “What the hell are you going to do about it?” Is this not more Revelation of the Method (RM)?

Well, in a non-Christian state run by a Cryptocracy that rules by the adage “political power comes from the barrel of a gun”, then God – especially God – and guns will be needed to end enslavement to perpetual debt. The founding fathers understood this, which is why the first 13 words of the Second Amendment are more important than the last 14. We The People ARE “(the) well regulated Militia (that is) necessary to the security of a free state…”, and we were given the power to defend freedom from rogue public politicians – and a press controlled by agents of the Money Lenders. In fact, an argument has been made that those first 13 words are the most important words in the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Do we really have any more excuses what with the tools that technology affords us today? If we are honest with ourselves, then we have only ourselves to blame should we permit the Enemy of the State to remain in control of the debate thus enabling power to stay in the hands of the Temple Money Lenders and the Big 3 (Big Business, Big Government and Big Finance).

With God’s help We The Sheeple can clean up our own mess by uniting and returning to our country’s foundational roots to revitalize “the Militia of the several States” and becoming We The People once again and giving our descendents the opportunity that our ancestors gave us.

Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

A new impetus for the Money Power's animus toward Russia is the fact that Russia has recently banned GMO crops and is opening state owned land to small-scale farming and other productive activities. According to the report at the URL below, thirty million Russians have responded to this offer. The money grubbing, dollar trapping corporate elitists will not tolerate this. Along with prohibiting homosexual marriage, Russia is here upholding God's natural order as opposed to anthropomorphic artifice.


Anonymous said...

@ Nick

The tribe is indeed very uncomfortable with goyische gun ownership, hence their agenda: http://judaism101.proboards.com/thread/43/jews-gun-control

Michael Hoffman said...

To Mark Smith

How does blame for gun control get reduced solely or mainly to one (Judaic) “tribe”?

On the talk shows and TV “news" reports I find mostly a sea of white gentiles advocating gun “control” and gun confiscation.

Liberal white gentiles have been in the forefront of attacks on the Second Amendment. Why the exclusive or primary focus on Judaic people?

Anonymous said...

Disproportionately, not exclusively. Just as Caiphas had Pilate, the Gentile accomplices, as usual, provide their unwelcome efforts.

The provided link highlights that tribal legislators are the machers behind many of the big moves on gun control—Feinstein, Schumer, Metzenbaum, Lautenberg, Levin, Nadler among them. Bloomberg has dedicated his fortune to disarming us. Washington state was his first success—12 more states are in his gunsights. The treatment of the NRA's Brian Judy during Bloomberg's campaign is instructive—Judy, to the claim of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, had mal-appropriated the lessons of "the Holocaust" against gun control. The disproportion is also evident in reviewing the directors of such high profile groups as the Legal Community Against Gun Violence, CeaseFire, Violence Policy Project, etc. Too, many of the factoids used by gun banners originated in flawed "peer reviewed" studies and loose polemics of tribal researchers such as Kellerman, Kristoffel, Sugarmann, and then there are their cheerleaders who direct the "peer review" fraud, tribal fans of gun bans like former NEJM Editor Kassirer.

Just as there is no shortage of Judaic boasting that communism, especially financing and "command and control," was theirs, there is no shortage of boasting that gun control, especially financing and "command and control," is also theirs... disproportionately, not exclusively.