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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, October 08, 2015

NY Times admits US arms Al Qaeda

The US fought a war in Afghanistan ostensibly to crush al Qeada for having attacked the Twin Towers in NY and the Pentagon on 9/11, and now the US government is arming the terrorists, and "objects to Russia targeting such groups.” 

Where are all the patriots to declare this what it is — treason against the American people and the victims of 9/11?

The New York Times admits that the US government arms Al Qaeda terrorists

Syria and Russia Continue Coordinated Assault on Militants 

By Anne Barnard
 NY Times online | Oct. 8, 2015 

“In a second day of a coordinated air and ground assaults in Syria, Russian warplanes, Syrian troops and their militia allies attacked insurgents on Thursday (October 8)...the groups are led by an Islamist coalition called Army of Conquest. That group includes Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate

"Insurgents in the Ghab Plain also include relatively secular groups who consider themselves part of the loose-knit Free Syrian Army, including some elements covertly equipped by the C.I.A. with advanced antitank missiles that have aided the recent Army of Conquest advances. 

"The United States has objected to Russia’s targeting such groups” 

(Emphasis supplied)


JMoore said...

Putin's first strike was against a John Mcain rent-an-army, not Isis proper. This is so brilliant striking through the incredible lie of moderate terrorists, and sending some powerful messages to some high places.

Al Ellis said...

Here is more Revelation of the Method (ROM) from Kramer and Barnard from the NY Times online of Oct. 5th in the 10th, 19th and 21st paragraphs of the article that Mike has linked to from his Twitter account, right hand side of the Blog page. I have used exclamation points or capitalized to point out the ROM because BOLDFACE is not available on these comment posts:

"Russian officials say they are targeting the Islamic State, though their bombs have mainly hit territories held by other insurgents who oppose Mr. Assad, Russia’s ally. The strikes have hit the Army of Conquest, an Islamist faction that includes the Nusra Front, Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, as well as more-secular groups that often fight alongside it,(!!!) including some that have received COVERT AMERICAN AID.(!!!)

"Insurgent groups opposing both Mr. Assad and the Islamic State, including some supported by the Americans, declared that they would no longer participate in any peace process sponsored by Russia, which they accused of occupying their country. Some vowed to work more closely with the Nusra Front.(!!!)

"Separately, in a statement LADEN(!!!) with sectarian language…"

From the Oct 5th Twitter post-"Saudi clerics call for #HolyWar against pro-Christian Syrian government after Russian Church blessed #Putin's troops http://nyti.ms/1VA3RD3"

krew09 said...

I am not sure if you are aware of the so called latest ISIS plot,the FBI actually did their job for once. Nothing in the news,even the net media. Once again one of the self chosen,pretending to be an Arab.
Joshua Goldberg...I had the document from the Justice Dept,but it is no longer there.