Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Research Notes for July 2015

C O N T E N T S:

1. Work in progress

2. Research notes

1. Work in progress (depending on donations and sales of our publications and recordings)


Catholics, Protestants and Usury: This is a video of my two hour speech and question-answer in Lansing, Michigan last April (the audience was very patient and everyone present stayed to the end; my colleague Daniel Krynicki expertly fielded some of the questions). Two DVD set. Scheduled date of release: August 15, 2015

Books and Pamphlets:

The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome (400 to 600 pages). Scheduled date of publication: January 2016

The Attempt to Rehabilitate Adolf Hitler: An Offense Against Truth and a Dead End for Christians, Populists and Patriots (about 98 pages). Scheduled date of publication: December 2015 (This is a sequel to our pamphlet, Merchants of Venom).

Twilight Language (about 250 pages). Scheduled date of publication: July 2016.

Against Conformity (multi-volume collection of our writings; about 450 pages per volume; four volumes anticipated over four years). Scheduled date of publication of the first volume: May 2017

Audio CDs:

Notes on the Occult Renaissance Church of Rome. 84 minute talk on 2 CDs. Scheduled date of release: now.

2. Research notes and links

The "Human Rights" fraudsters want rights for sodomites while denying the humanity of babies in their mother’s wombs. They deny human rights to the aborted child. They go on about the recent tragic case of a black lady who died in jail after a routine traffic stop. This is supposed to exhibit concern for women. About 30 million women have been killed in their mother’s wombs since abortion on demand was made legal by the US Supreme Court. 30 million dead women and the putative “pro-women” lobby has no protest against it. If they are pro-woman, then Bruce Jenner is a woman (his DNA says otherwise, but do scientific facts even matter any more?) Our intellectual bosses are very obviously stepping further and further away from reality and into mass insanity. This is part of Donald Trump’s appeal. His fans are saying to the Establishment (however inarticulately): you refuse to respect traditional boundaries? You’re going crazy for your cause? We will too, for our cause. It’s a dangerous game for the Cryptocracy because once Pandora is out of the box there’s no turning back. The Cryptos will have to buy-off Trump, or silence him some other way (blackmail, induced cardiac arrest, plane or auto “accident" etc.)

Huckabee the Gas Oven HucksterCaveat: Sheldon Richman is a usury advocate. Nonetheless, even a blind rooster will pick up some corn and Mr. Richman did precisely that recently when he tweeted Mr. Huckabee as follows: “Didn’t Ronald Reagan help Saddam Hussein gas the Iranians? Watch your historical analogies.”

Speaking of Saddam, he protected Christians in Iraq. Rightwing Protestants in America such as the deceased Navy Seal “American Sniper,” have almost no respect for Arab-Christians in the Middle East because those Christians tend to sympathize with the slaughtered and dispossessed Palestinians. Hence, there is only token interest in the US in protecting the Christians there. The “American Sniper” viewed almost all Iraqis as savages and apparently did not distinguish between Christian Arabs and Muslim Arabs. There was no surfeit of Baptists or Pentecostalists in Iraq, so away with them all was the attitude. The article at the following link makes good points about our vanishing Middle Eastern Christian brothers and sisters, and how Iraq before the Purim 2003 U.S. invasion had been a haven for them: http://gu.com/p/49p2d/stw

Yesterday July 27, was the 70th anniversary of the post-war election in Britain (a little over 2 months after the surrender of Germany) which saw the landslide defeat of Winston Churchill and the massive victory of his rival Attlee as Prime Minister. Just a few weeks after the end of the war in Europe and British voters showed Churchill the door. It’s now forgotten, but in 1945 he was despised by a substantial segment of the English people for declaring war in 1939 on a German nation that had zero designs on the United Kingdom or its empire. As David Irving has repeatedly observed, if the Tommies who landed on those bullet-ridden shores on D-Day could see the shape England is in today, they would not have bothered to advance a hundred yards up the beach. 

Furthermore, Mr. Churchill’s air forces deliberately incinerated hundreds of thousands of German civilians. He’s much admired by kosher Conservatives like the head of Hillsdale College in Michigan, which advertises itself as being in the forefront of "restoring western civilization." Churchill’s savage holocaust in Dresden, a city of high civilization, makes no impact. German lives are not truly valued and the barbarism of the Allies is not acknowledged.

Top scientists like Stephen Hawking and tech entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak have published a letter sounding an alarm about the perils of autonomous weapons (“killer robots,” which are just a few years away from implementation). Their prophetic letter is here: http://futureoflife.org/AI/open_letter_autonomous_weapons  News article here:  http://nyti.ms/1HWOawi 

In issue no. 79 of our Revisionist History newsletter we take the rabbinic mentality to task for inculcating lying in adherents (an accusation leveled at Islam by the pulpit buffoons of the misnamed Bible Belt, but they never say it about Judaism). Many adherents of Orthodox Judaism study a page (“Daf Yomi”) of the Babylonian Talmud daily. A recent page was from tractate Nedarim 62b: A rabbi is permitted to lie and say he is a Zoroastrian priest in order to avoid paying taxes.
...Wait - come to think of it, considering the pagan doctrine of the Talmud, the rabbi isn’t lying! 

Our American friend Brian H. has resided in England for more than 25 years. Last evening he was an invited guest at a high society dinner where, at the conclusion of the repast, he had the courage to distribute copies of our newsletter no. 68, a chronicle of the maritime enslavement of many tens of thousands of British white people (“Kingdom of Kidnappers: The Hidden History of Impressment”). He writes: "Last night, I upset a lot of people by handing out copies of your magazine at the end of a dinner party. I won't burden you with the details, but I want you to know that these people choose to shoot the messenger rather than consider what you have written. One person went so far as to describe me as 'mentally ill.' This is all part of The English Disease. When I was growing up in America, many people I knew well called it the WASP Disease. It’s very sad that these people will never question any part of the Holohoax story, but deny every fact about White slavery. I’m trying my best…”  Keep at it, Brian. Activists like you are the heartbeat of our Truth Mission.

We work on average 14 to 16 hours a day on the writing and other projects mentioned above, which are a joy and a privilege; in addition to the more prosaic, promotional side of our Truth Mission (trying to place advertisements, raise funds, design, print and mail catalogs, garner publicity, update the website, blog, twitter feed and other stuff we must do (Genesis 3:19), but wish that we didn’t have to do (you know the feeling). Unfortunately, we often don't have time to spare to answer your e-mail or written correspondence, but we do try to read everything sensible that is sent to our attention.

We hope you are edified by the On the Contrary blog, the writing and transmission of which is made possible by a few self-sacrificing donors who are dedicated to ensuring your access to alternative facts and truths. If you can’t or won’t join them, then please pray for them. 

The War is Now

— Michael Hoffman  


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Henry said...

"...he [Churchill] was despised by a substantial segment of the English people for declaring war in 1939 on a German nation that had zero designs on the United Kingdom or its empire."

I despise Churchill too, but it was Neville Chamberlain who, in September 1939, declared war on Germany.