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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Revolutionary betrayal of theology of the Crucifixion

Christ before the Sanhedrin

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Anonymous said...


Only recently I came across your work, and it was through the blog "Maurice Pinay". Gradually i'm getting aware of the anti christian influences in the so-called traditional catholicism.

This is a very informative website and I'm goig to add it to my bookmarks.



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Anonymous said...

It's the secular Jew who has been behind the rewriting of history, that's what Marxists do.

Michael Joseph Cecil said...

On the Contrary is just more metaphyscial NONSENSE. Jesus taught “the resurrection” (Luke 20-:27) as a Doctrine of 'Rebirth'. Willing to debate you ANY time. Michael Joseph Cecil(Daniel 12:1, 9 & 13, Revelations 3:12 & Sura 2:97-98)

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly by design, mainline Christian theology has been perverted by 'cognitive dissonance' that repels both the logical mind and the fair-minded soul. The most destructive effect has been to lead people, through their insecurity, into an obsession with the obscenely narcissistic and egotistical goal of attaining 'salvation' for themselves. Jesus said "Follow me", by which he meant Do as your Heavenly Father would have you do; this is the reason for your being, from which goodness will result.

Then "salvation"--whatever that is supposed to mean to the God of Love--will presumably take care of itself.