Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, April 27, 2015

Progress Report on Michael Hoffman’s Writing Projects

Sorry to have been out of touch these past two weeks. This is is due to the following two projects.

1. Revisionist History newsletter issue no. 78 (don’t order yet please):

An extensive review of the BBC propaganda television series “Wolf Hall” and the history of King Henry VIII, St. Thomas More, Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell and their era. This six part TV series is being nationally broadcast Sunday evenings on taxpayer-supported PBS television. Episode four features the decline and fall of More, the claim that he tortured people in his home (false) and how wounded poor Henry VIII is by the “disloyalty” of his friends (quite the laugh in view of the dozen or so loyal friends and one lawfully wedded wife who Henry himself had betrayed up to this point in his reign). The part of More is brilliantly played by Anton Lesser. Episode four can be seen free of charge until May 24 at this link: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/watch-online/full-episodes/wolf-hall-episode-4/

“Wolf Hall” is based on the two “historical” novels by the Catholic-hating author Hilary Mantel. Her bigotry is no bar to her literary success. Her volumes full of lies transform two monsters (the proto-Stalinist butcher Henry VIII and the tyrant’s master of treachery, Thomas Cromwell) into a hero and an anti-hero respectively (the portrayal of Cromwell is almost completely falsified -- exactly opposite of what the documentary record reveals about him). Mantel’s books were awarded the Booker Prize, the highest of all literary awards in Britain. Mantel grants legitimacy, among the pop culture reading public and other historical illiterates, to the British crown, and that effort is worth handsome remuneration in the eyes of the Cryptocracy. 

 2. The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

This is our all-consuming project: my large history has consumed nearly my every waking moment for the past two years. Progress report: the book is divided into three parts: 1. Lying, Mental Reservation and Equivocation (95% complete). 2. Judaism and the Neoplatonic/Hermetic Occult (40-45% complete). 3 Usury and the Money Power (15% complete, but this is a brief section in comparison with the other two, in view of the fact that I have already written a separate book on this subject (Usury in Christendom). Section three of the new book concerns recent historical research on the Church of Rome and the Money Power not in my original work. 

If God grants me the scholarly industry and I work throughout the summer without a break (other than my two speeches in Sandpoint Idaho June 20-21), I might complete The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome by September, otherwise I fear it will be January of 2016. 

We recently paid for a professional English translation of portions of a very important and obscure book written in French. We must still pay for Latin translations. I can read some Latin, but for purposes of writing history I must have legally exact, verbatim et ad litteram translations. After the book is published, if I am attacked by a critic I want it to be on the basis of a dispute over my interpretations and conclusions --which are always debatable -- and not on an error in fact or translation that could have been prevented with greater scrutiny and vigilance. Hence, with the exception of elementary Latin passages, I do not undertake translations on my own. 

Our expenditures for rare books and manuscripts are through the roof. Today I needed five books, I bought two. Of the three I didn’t purchase, two are used copies in good condition at a reduced price and the third is an advanced sale on a book that I have a hunch will be sold out a few weeks after it appears. They are still relatively expensive but not as pricey as they would be if we lose the opportunity to buy these volumes (and more like them in the days and weeks ahead). Anyone who would be willing to donate toward our book-purchasing budget can do so here. Thank you.

In other news, I am not sure if video of the April 11 meeting in Lansing, Michigan will become available or not. When (if?) we receive the footage we’ll burn it to two DVDs and make it available. 

I wish I could be more involved, as I usually am, in analyzing current events in this column and other venues, but at present I cannot. In the meantime, if you can help to promote and publicize the seven books I have already written and which we have difficulty advertising due to bans on our work by the Right and the Left, it would be helpful in building our audience, and the revenue from sales would be welcome.

— Michael Hoffman


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