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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, March 30, 2015

Christian Holy Week: Time for Talmud TV

It’s the Christian Holy Week: Time for Talmud TV

By Michael Hoffman

What is it about the word “Rome” that has the same effect on many people which the utterance of “Niagara Falls” had on the Three Stooges? (Frenzy and apoplexy).

The rabbis despise Rome. Is it any wonder that Protestant Fundamentalists have followed suit? Modern Catholics are also conforming. A few years ago I endured a Jesuit sermon in the course of which Pontius Pilate was termed a “thug.” The homilist cast no such opprobrium on the anonymous “leaders of the people” (no further identification is permitted), who had howled for Christ’s blood.

We get mail from Protestant Roman-haters who are taken aback when we point out that the legions of Rome were chosen by God to fulfill his Son’s prophecy and obliterate the corrupt system of Temple worship in AD 70. It was the finest moment of the greatest army that had ever marched. Much of the history of that divine victory remains unknown. For example, in Revisionist History issue no. 77, we point out that at least one documentary source indicates that Roman General Titus refused credit for the victory, saying that it had been the work of the “God of the Jews,” and not him!

The Talmud is not pleased with this Roman commander. The Talmud has Titus in hell. The punishment which he suffers for eternity is to be burned to ashes, reconstituted, and burned again. 

Rabbinic hatred is equally eternal. The first leader of the Israeli state, Ben-Gurion, took the name of an anti-Roman rebel, and the contemporary Judaic terror group Betar is named for the headquarters of anti-Roman zealots.

On March 31 of this Holy Week, which leads to Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, the CBS television network will broadcast a two-part, four hour miniseries, “The Dovekeepers,” which, needless to say, glorifies the Jews who rejected their Messiah, and portrays the Romans as unrelievedly vile and despicable. American “secular” television is indistinguishable from Judaism’s Babylonian Talmud. 

In all of the New Testament there is no one who Jesus praises more highly than the Roman Army Centurion, whose faith, Our Lord says, is greater than anyone in Israel. But Jesus doesn’t write television scripts, and His faithless people, the heirs of those who screamed “Crucify him!,” will be the ones celebrated and idolized on “The Dovekeepers” in this week that is most sacred to Christians. Is this mockery a coincidence? We think not.

Every year during Lent the controlled American media broadcast or publish ritual degradation of Christ timed to coincide with Christianity’s holiest season. Last year it occurred in the form of a widely circulated news report, initiated by the New York Times, concerning the discovery of a papyrus said to “prove” that Jesus had a wife. “Harvard University experts” were invoked. Later, after the damage was done, the Times quietly admitted it had all been a hoax.

These perennial Talmudic rituals by the mainstream media are the ceremonial fulfillment of an undying, sub-rosa rabbinic malice for Jesus Christ and the Romans. 

The hypno-patsies in the pews of the steeple houses of Judeo-Churchianity are of course, oblivious.  

Mike Hoffman is the editor of Revisionist History newsletter and the author of eight books of history and literature, including Judaism Discovered (softcover, 1100 pages). His columns are made possible by donations from readers.


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... the "bones" of Jesus... the "gospel" of Judas... Indeed, Satan's chosen people are very active this time of year.