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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Heart of the World Bleeds for the Master Race

The Heart of the World Bleeds for the Master Race

By Michael Hoffman
November 18, 2014

Today the heart of the world bleeds; 
Indeed, it wears its heart on its sleeve,
It seems that four rabbis could not flee
The bullets of Palestinian terrorists you see,
Pogrom! Holocaust! Headlines! Weeping!

Twenty years ago in Hebron it had not at all been so,
A settler from Brooklyn, Goldstein by name
With his machine gun in a mosque blasted to and fro,
Butchering 40 Palestinians, he earned his fame,
He wore a yellow star, victimhood was his claim. 

The media slashed the death toll to 29
And mourned the dead for a few seconds,
Then turned toward their perpetual shrine: Auschwitz crime.
Four dead rabbis, Jerusalem synagogue, November 2014,
Forty dead Palestinians, Hebron mosque, February 1994.

No equivalence between the two, decrees the media whore,
Jews are Jews, and Arabs, well, who wouldn’t shoot a goy?
FOX News O’Reilly and the Murdoch gang
Speak of Israeli rights to avenge: that’s their supremacist ploy,
They’re amnesiacs when it comes to rights of retribution by the Arab boy,

East Jerusalem auctioned by “holy” real estate dealers,
Goldstein’s heirs stripping Arab land to the bone
The never-factored crimes of the Talmudic stealers,
Their thefts modulated to the lowest possible tone,
As Palestinians are shot, jailed, robbed and reduced to stone;

When they resist, the western world starts screamin’,
Popes and Presidents cry crocodile tears,
How dare Arabs obstruct faux Israel’s dreamin’?
There’s no real concern for Palestinians’ fears
Of being killed at will and without a trace, while
The heart of the world bleeds for the Master Race. 

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Additional background information on the tragic events of Nov. 18, is available here.


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Chris said...

Agreed. Thank you Michael.