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Friday, November 07, 2014

Fundamental to righteous government is the establishment of justice

Updated May 18, 2017

The jurist Howard B. Rand has perhaps written between twenty and thirty volumes.  From a brief essay he wrote some years back called From the Cradle to the Grave, we should take note of his opinion on what the Preamble actually means to us as a basis for our system of laws. 

 “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.”  

Rand lists the following five mandates that must be weighed with every action initiated by government for that action to be in compliance with the Constitution:

“1) Establish justice.
2)  Insure domestic tranquility.
3)   Provide for the common defense.
4)   Promote the general welfare.
5)   Secure the blessings of liberty.

“Let us examine this list carefully, for the solution of human problems does not lie in changing the original purpose for which governments came into being, a purpose sanctioned by God, nor in changing or discounting the reasons for the writing of the Constitution of the United States, but in a restoration of the administration of laws that already exist, the keeping of which will assure the blessings of all these five points and more also – even freedom from want.  We challenge those who propose to set up a form of government that will make everyone conscious of government in his business, domestic and private life and that, instead of thus attaining their desired end (that is, tranquility and peace), will but establish inequalities, injustice, tyranny and oppression” (end quote).

“Fundamental to righteous government is the establishment of justice.”

This justice will never be accomplished with an unrighteous monetary system in operation as we now have.  It has been revealed in the Pentateuch, the Psalms, Ezekiel, the Lord Jesus Himself and one thousand five hundred years of Church history that the charging of interest on loans of money is not allowable. Michael Hoffman did not miss any of the Biblical and Church history interdictions against usury in his Usury in Christendom.  

During the past three hundred and twenty years, many different historical narratives show us clearly that a usurious monetary system is a bane upon civilization.  Money and credit created out of nothing that is lent at interest is indeed a tool for economic oppression. Without attending to this severe problem of the outlawing of usury first (as Mr. Rand put it), none of the objectives named in the Preamble will ever be attainable, because the political class has evolved into a swarm of swindlers and shavers just like the bankers that Jefferson so named.

Most reformers today though, have not yet embraced the only vision that will overturn the beast of usury capitalism.  They write about reform, but only a reform that has already been tried during Colonial America by followers of Ben Franklin’s philosophy  that moderate usury is not harmful.  And still today, almost no one argues that bankers be stripped of their authority to create money, as Thomas Jefferson advocated.  Although some of the reform-peddlers are very professional at articulating their cases, all will fall short of bringing prosperity to the people. St. Paul wrote twice in his epistles, “A little leaven, leavens the whole lump.”  

As long as everyone can charge interest on loans of money, that interest will show up in prices. Jefferson explained this very carefully with his observations on the price of a bushel of wheat. Yet he missed the fact that the interest charged by the Bank of the United States on the "bills of credit" it issued as loans to the people, would also be figured into the price of a bushel of wheat.

40% to 60% of all prices go to pay directly for...usury

Usury of control freakdom is only one of several drawbacks that results from usury capitalism.  Let’s call it what describes it accurately and thoroughly.  

As for circular thinking, I think this is better described as dogma that is bereft of the truths given to us in the Christian Bible.  This is something that church scholars and legates are guilty of fostering.  Fortunately for us, Bible translators have provided for us enough accuracy to separate the true from the false.  

Whenever usury is present in any monetary system - gold included, the usury is like leaven in the prices of goods and services.  It is sufficiently pervasive to the extent that 40% to 60% of all prices go to pay directly for this usury.  Moreover, 20% of our national budget is used to pay just the interest on our national debt at the same time that the principle continues to increase.  In other words, no principle is included in Treasury’s payments to the bankers.  In addition, the remainder of the national budget that is paid for government expenditures and infrastructure out of tax revenues also has this pervasive usury that is present in all government expenditures.  The now deceased architectural professor Margrit Kennedy along with the economist Anthony Migchels both calculate an accurate number to account for existing usury in all prices is 40%.  So this 40% of all existing earned wealth is earmarked for the parasites and vultures of mankind.

A second drawback inherent in usury capitalism consists in the fact that with usury present in all prices, the poor and all those unable to cope in such a system due to physical disability or mental deficiency are victims of the system along with the willing dupes who must pay nearly half their earnings to fund this morally bankrupt system.  Many, who are mentally deficient have no advocate to assist them in securing a lifeline with government subsidies, wind up living in cardboard boxes, vacant homes or abandoned automobiles in blighted areas without heat and without running water.

You see, when the LORD gave His laws to Moses, He said there should be no poor in the land.  In Leviticus chapter 25 He commanded that the people should not be oppressed.  That is why all debt was released every seventh year, no usury was allowed nationally and no property taxes existed.  The perfect law of love, God’s love, was present 3,500 years ago in the Mosaic Law. 

These are reasons enough for me to declare and predict the downfall of usury capitalism or any system that does not incorporate God’s laws into its foundation.  Anyone who teaches that love and living by the fruits of the Spirit are the whole extent of what is is necessary to be followers of Jesus Christ is a pied piper leading others to their own demise because they ignore that the rest of the Bible actually teaches us how this can be accomplished specifically.  The New Testament is replete with directives from several different authors that we must observe all things whatsoever the LORD has commanded us.  A simple deduction from this for the reasonably intelligent is that God is not only a God of love, but also of justice, judgment and mercy - yes mercy - else the pied pipers and the wicked would have no recourse whereby they could repent. 

We have all doomed our national existence to the scrap bin of history from ignoring monetary issues as a critical aspect of our laws, both in civil affairs and in the churches.  We are responsible for the untold millions of human lives lost in wars that never should have been waged because we have allowed a class of money lovers to emerge at the top of our social structure as parasites.  These vultures live off of the carnage that exists and the waste of resources that occurs in the prosecution of these wars.  How will we stand before the LORD when He tells us it was our own fault for ignoring His laws?  Ignoring doctrine and dogma is therefore as destructive as heresy and circular thinking.      

Daniel Krynicki
Author of History of Money and Usury in America (forthcoming in 2017 in an expanded edition)



ChristianTrader said...

How does this upcoming work fit with your earlier work on Usury?

ChristianTrader said...

It seems that this book is simply a more applied version of Mr. Hoffman's previous book on Usury.

Also what is the status on the previously announced book on the problems of Roman Catholicism?

Michael Hoffman said...

Mr. Krynicki’s booklet is a sequel to "Usury in Christendom," examining the struggle against Mammon among the Founding Fathers.

As for my forthcoming book, "The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, it is still being written."

Thank you for your interest.