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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ferguson and mystical toponomy

Ferguson Mystica

Ferguson, Missouri (northeast St. Louis), sits precisely midway between Cairo, Illinois ("Little Egypt") and Hannibal, Missouri (the Hannibal name is  related to Baal as well as the archetypal enemy of ancient Rome).  

Ferguson is also precisely in the middle of two alignments of Route 66, the I-270 frontage road to the north, and I-70 to the south.  

Ferguson is the only city on the Great River (the Mississippi River, which in Little Egypt lore is seen as symbolic of the Nile), thus situated.  

St. Louis has the "Gateway to the West" (cosmic graveyard in Egyptian legends) Arch.    

There are many "police brutality" incidents in a country of 300 million people.  The deep cover occult Cryptocracy appears to have exacerbated the troubled relations between the police and the residents of Ferguson over the years in order to conjure, out of all proportion, an incident for media magnification, for the potential psy-war, mind-manipulative effect it would have on the national psyche, in order to steer the herd in a particular direction.

 The landmarks cited may be control sigils for whatever the Cryptocrats have in mind as the media play this to the hilt.

 Arnold E. 
Maryland, USA

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Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

Aside from the 'Little Egypt', Route 66 and 'Gateway' angles, many cities on or near the Mississippi River are named for Christian saints, such as St. Cloud (St. Clovis), St. Paul, St. Peter, St. Charles, and St. Louis. There is also St. Anthony Falls, MN. The fleur-de-lis (fleur), or flower lily, is a traditional Christian symbol, imported by French settlers, emblematic of several cities on or near the Mississippi River, most notably New Orleans. The Israeli Intelligence Corps. (or "Haman" for short) has appropriated the fleur on its badges. The New Orleans Saints, with the fleur on their helmets, play Monday night, 11/24/14. Millions of people will watch the game. The Ferguson grand jury decision may come then, as well as a momentous decision on the Iran ("Haman") nuclear negotiations. This could be an opportunity for the occult cryptos, through the mass media, to associate the fleur in the Group Mind with their arcane objectives, in a campaign to move the Midwest Mississippi River communities further away from Christianity and towards the occult of Judaism, the Secret Societies, Pharaonic Egypt, etc. I'm not sure how the Ferguson verdict or Iran negotiations will play into this, but something might be up.

Arnold E.-Maryland