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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Pope puts Talmudic agent in charge of SSPX reconciliation

By Michael Hoffman • www.revisionisthistory.org

The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) was founded by French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in the 1970s as an international priestly fraternity dedicated to preserving the Catholic Church as it existed prior to the Second Vatican Council, including the official teaching on Judaism. Lefebvre was suspended by Pope Paul VI and later excommunicated, along with four of his bishops, by John Paul II. Lefebvre is deceased. Pope Benedict XVI lifted the excommunications of the four bishops but suspended one of them, Richard N. Williamson, until such time as he recants his publicly expressed doubts concerning the new Catholic "Shoah" theology of the the religion-of-Judaism-for-gentiles, i.e. Holocaustianity; Bishop Williamson has refused to recant. The prospect of the SSPX receiving canonical status within the post-Vatican II Church has led to a pressure campaign on the part of influential rabbis and Zionists (and their media toadies), to cause the pope to either cease and desist in the reconciliation, or to somehow neuter the SSPX witness concerning Judaism before the reconciliation occurs. 

Lately, the pope has enlisted a key ally, the SSPX Superior General, Bernard Fellay, in his crusade to end the independence of the SSPX (which some view as schismatic), and integrate them back into the Vatican sheepfold, supposedly with the right to fully engage in their traditional beliefs and practices without interference from the Vatican. For several years the SSPX under Fellay, despite obtuse media generalizations to the contrary, has softened the SSPX stand against Judaism. Rumors flew in the late spring to the effect that the pope and the SSPX under Fellay were about to forge a historic unity agreement. One suspects that the Israeli lobby ("Jewish circles internationally") went into overdrive at the prospect. The proposed unification is now in limbo. As a result, the thoroughly Talmudic, Bronx, NY-born Archbishop Di Noia has been assigned the job of shaping SSPX theology into one that will not too greatly offend the Holy People, so that the SSPX will agree to submit to the pope, and his continuation of Pope John Paul II's revolutionary doctrine on Judaism (and for that matter, on Islam, Voodoo and Hinduism, all of which the late pope radically altered in the name of ecumenism).

From the website of the Italian newspaper La Stampa:

A new chapter in the Society of St. Pius X saga

Archbishop Di Noia entrusted with role in forging path to reconciliation with Lefebvrians and warding off Catholic-Jewish misunderstandings

By Lisa Palmieri-Billig 

ROME  July 2, 2012 (Excerpt)

...The Archbishop is visibly pleased at the prospect of moving back to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith as Vice Director of the Ecclesiae Dei Commission that handles relations Catholic traditionalist groups, including the controversial Fraternity of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). "I am happy to have been shown this level of trust by the Holy Father and to have this opportunity to offer some help in solving these concerns" he says. "My job will be a challenge. I am moved by the flurry of encouraging messages I have received from Vatican, Catholic, and Jewish circles internationally" he says.

What do you see as the major hurdle to overcome in the Church’s dialogue with the SSPX?

Di Noia: Our difficulty with the SSPX is that they isolate passages of Vatican II documents from the context and main message of the Council.  In Jewish terms, the error is similar to trying to interpret a Biblical passage without referring to the centuries of oral and written rabbinical commentaries on its meaning.  The message becomes distorted and problematic.”

(Archbishop Di Noia is making the outrageous assertion that if one doesn't employ the Talmudic and post-Talmudic traditions to analyze Biblical passages, God's Word becomes "distorted and problematic." Jesus Christ and the Church Fathers taught precisely the opposite. -- Hoffman).

The SSPX is reported to have accused Jews of “deicide” and used anti-Semitic stereotypes such as the infamous canard of an international “Jewish conspiracy” on its multilingual sites and in statements by its leaders.  Such concepts are contrary to “Nostra Aetate” and all post-Vatican II Papal positions. The Holocaust-denying Bishop, Richard Williamson, may be the most flagrant example, but apparently he is not alone in espousing retrograde theology and ideology….How will you handle this?

Di Noia: “Regarding Williamson, Pope Benedicts XVIth took decisive actions against him because of his refusal to retract.  He was also disciplined by Bishop Fellay (leader of the SSPX), who dismissed him as Director of their Argentinian Seminary.

 “Anti-Judaism or anti-Semitism form no part of the official position of the SSPX. Clearly, if they manifest themselves in any Catholic Church, anywhere, this must be addressed. They were wrong a  thousand years ago and they are still wrong today.  If I discover such manifestations in the SSPX I will address them as being incompatible with Catholicism. After 3 years of dialogue we still need to understand what the SSPX position is on the Jewish Community and Judaism. 

“The Church’s deep commitment to reconciliation with the Jewish People is personified today by Benedict XVI. The Ecumenical Council wrought a fundamental change. Then John Paul II, above all others, brought home Paul’s message that Judaism and Jews have a unique place in salvation history. Nobody can deny that Karol Wojtyla’s Pontificate marked a major shift in the theological understanding of Judaism within the Catholic Church. Vatican II repudiated anti-Semitism and presented a positive picture of Judaism. John Paul II took us further in recognizing the significance of the Jewish People for Christianity itself. This is a new concept which we know the Traditionalists will not be able to accept immediately. Convincing them will take time, and in this respect we will have to be patient."

Your Excellence, The last sentence in the Note issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith announcing your appointment as Vice President of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” states, “…the broad respect that Archbishop Di Noia enjoys in the Jewish community will help in addressing some issues that have arisen in the area of Catholic-Jewish relations as the journey towards the reconciliation of traditionalist communities has progressed.” I believe this denotes both Benedict XVIth’s sensitivity to the importance to both religions of our brotherly dialogue as well as his high consideration for your commitment to this area.  Can you tell us more about your background?

Di Noia: “Well, you know, I was brought up in the Bronx, in a neighborhood with many Jewish people. My older sister Rachel (note the Biblical name!) was actually the person who first inspired me to become familiar with Jewish religious customs, culture,  – and food!  I attended a private Catholic school whereas she went to a public high school and had many Jewish friends to whom she introduced me."

I am sure they appreciate the significance of your nomination.

Di Noia: "I believe so.”

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Malleus Haereticorum said...

Part and parcel of the nefarious Judaizing of the Church, begun in earnest at the time of the Second Vatican Council and well-nigh complete today.

The egregious appointment of Archbishop Di Noia has been compounded by the Holy Father inexplicably naming an avowed heretic, Bishop Mueller, Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, thus rubbing the salt of heresy into the wound of Judaization. As a result, there appears to be a growing consensus among increasingly exhausted and frustrated traditionalists that the pontificate of Benedict XVI is yet another example of post-conciliar absurdity and hopelessness. And, more, that the word "Church" should now be officially declared a perfectly apt synonym for "Collapse".

John McFarland said...

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

Am I correct in assuming that you have read little if any of the extensive recent SSPX commentary on the dogmatic issues between Rome and Menzingen, the 2010-12 doctrinal discussions, and the dealings between them since then?

Am I likewise correct in assuming that you don't have a scintilla of evidence for your version of the proposition that Bishop Fellay is going to sell out by sundown yesterday?

As for Archbishop Di Noia, you might also look at the interview with the National Catholic Register. They both demonstrate that he hasn't a clue regarding the issues at stake. The idea that he is going to craft a solution of any kind to the Rome-SSPX situation is ludicrous. The man is a complete ignoramus.

I used to think that you were a crank, but a crank with knowledge and integrity. It's now clear to me that you're the more standard issue sort of crank. You don't bother to understand those you've decided are your enemies; and when you can't come up with any evidence to support your decision, why, you make some up.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Mr. McFarland

Thank you for your comment.

Please quote the section of this column where you allege that I state that “Bishop Fellay is going to sellout by sundown yesterday.”

I don’t recall making that statement in my introduction to the interview with Archbishop Di Noia.

I would also appreciate documentation for your claim that I have said that Di Noia will “craft a solution” to the “Rome-SSPX situation.” Once again, I don’t recollect making that statement.

In my column I was endeavoring to point out that Di Noia was a Talmudist who was probably appointed to the Ecclesia Dei Commission mainly to assuage the synagogue concerning the Vatican’s proposed reconciliation with the SSPX.

I wonder how you imagine that I would consider Archbishop Di Noia, who believes that it is an error to study Scripture without the oral traditions, as anything but an ignoramus.

Catholic Mission said...


They Vatican is supported by the Jewish Left media but they have no citations for their ‘ecclesiology of communion’, ‘theology of religions’ and ‘non Catholics do not have to convert for salvation’.

The SSPX –Vatican (Ladaria-Morerod) talks were kept secret. This helped the Vatican which has no citations from the Council for their new theories and obligations.

1.Eclesiology of communion :Ad Gentes 7, Vatican Council II says all need Catholic Faith and the baptism of water for salvation.Since LG 8 and LG 16 are not explicit they do not contradict AG 7. The Curia cannot cite LG 8 or LG 16 as exceptions. They have no citations from Vatican Council II for their ecclesiology of communion.

One cannot just refer to ‘the spirit of Vatican Council II’ which could mean anything to different Catholics. It could also be used to justify sin.

2.Theology of religions:As mentioned above Ad Gentes 7, Vatican Council II says all need Catholic Faith and the baptism of water. Since LG 8 and LG 16 are not explicit they do not contradict AG 7.Neither do we know who is saved with the seeds of the Word and imperfect communion with the Church.

AG 7 is in accord with the literal interpetation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and there are no known exceptions.

Cardinals Ladaria and Koch cannot cite any exceptions from the Council.

3. Jews do not have to convert in the present time :There is no text in Vatican Council II to support this un-biblical theory. This new political view is contradicted by AG 7, the Bible (John 3:5,Mk.16:16), the dogma on salvation etc.

4.Jews are the Chosen People of God : The Bible says Jews need to convert and there is a New Covenant. Nostra Aetate 4,Vatican Council II says Catholics 'are the new people of God'.-Lionel Andrades

Catholic Mission said...


Archbishop Augustine Di Noia does the Holy Spirit teach that LG 8 and LG 16 are known to us and not implicit?

The new Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is quoted as saying that the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) needs to accept Vatican Council II.

The SSPX has accepted Vatican Council II. They have signed the doctrinal preamble and as promised they should be given canonical status.

It should not be said that the SSPX does not accept Vatican Council. It has been reported and is well known now that the Superior General of the SSPX, Bishop Bernard Fellay signed the doctrinal preamble which was accepted by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

If the SSPX is not being given canonical status it is not because of Vatican Council II.

There were new conditions that the SSPX had to accept it was reported. They are with reference (1) to the Jews and (2) the theology of the liberal version of Vatican Council II.

So it should be clearly said in public that the SSPX is not being accepted into the Church even though they accepted Vatican Council II according to Tradition but because of two other reasons.

1) They are not being accepted because of the demands from the Jewish Left e.g Jews do not have to convert, or that Catholics are not the Chosen People of God and there will be no mission to the Jews.

2) They have to accept theological conditions based on an explicit LG 8 and LG 16. They will have to assume that the baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance are explicit and visible to us and so contradicts extra ecclesiam nulla salus..So the result is that now there is a theology of religions and an ecclesiology of communion.

The Vice President of Ecclesia Dei Archbishop Augustine di Noia has told La Stampa that the Church is guided by the Holy Spirit and does not make errors.Explicit LG 16 and LG 8 is an error being thrust upon the SSPX.
-Lionel Andrades