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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mitt Romney: Clueless in “Israel”

By Michael Hoffman
Copyright ©2012 www.revisionisthistory.org

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney did his ritual obeisance in counterfeit “Israel,” propitiating the gods of war and holocaust denial with his former business partner at Boston Consulting Group, Benjamin “the Butcher” Netanyahu. Mr. Romney also placed a note to the Talmudic deity in the supposed “western wall of the Temple,” while wearing the obligatory yarmulke Talmudic head gear.

Of course the American media were complicit in the farce, failing to ask Romney how much a gallon of gas will cost American drivers if “Israel” bombs Iran (around five bucks a gallon). They also ”forgot” to ask him what the bill to American taxpayers will be to fulfill Romney’s scheme to base a U.S. aircraft carrier task force permanently off the coast of Iran, at a time when Republicans say we must drastically cut the Federal budget.

Romney flirted with anti-Arab bigotry from the Ayn Rand school of disembodied  economics, by opining that it was unspecified “cultural differences” which accounted for the huge disparity in Palestinian and Israeli incomes: "As you come here and you see the [Gross Domestic Product] per capita, for instance, in Israel which is about $21,000 dollars, and compare that with the GDP per capita just across the areas managed by the Palestinian authority, which is more like $10,000 per capita, you notice such a dramatically stark difference in economic vitality," Romney said, according to a media pool report.

In fact, the Washington Post reports that the difference is far more stark than that. “According to the World Bank, Israel's GDP per capita is actually $31,282. The same figure for the Palestinian areas is around $1,600.”

"Culture makes all the difference. Culture makes all the difference," Romney said, repeating the conclusion he drew from a book by David S. Landes, “The Wealth and Poverty of Nations.”

How soon we forget when the holocaust is against people who are not considered holy: during “Operation Cast Lead,” the Israelis used white phosphorus on schools and hospitals in Gaza from December, 2008 to January, 2009. They killed 1400 people, mostly civilians. They destroyed some 4,000 Palestinian homes and flattened 80 Palestinian government buildings.

 Palestinian access to their own farmland and water supplies are routinely restricted, denied or “appropriated” by the Israelis. Palestinian trade and commerce are heavily impeded. In addition to ignoring the Israeli mass murder of Palestinians, Romney did not mention that “Israel” controls all crossings to Palestinian lands. Israelis have imposed a blockade of Gaza since Hamas won an election there in 2007. In the West Bank, the Israelis continue to severely blockade Palestinian trade and movement. Romney has no clue concerning any of these destructive policies which have strangled the Palestinian economy.

Romney has to be a political illiterate or a clown to equate Palestinian workers and managers with Israelis, as if they were both competing on equal terms in the business world. This is what denial of the slow motion holocaust of Palestinians by the Israelis engenders: a make-believe foreign policy that leads America from one foreign war money-pit disaster to another, based not on pragmatic geo-politics, but  a reality twisted and warped by the demands of Israeli supremacy over the Middle East.

The Republican candidate for President of the United States ignores the slaughter of Palestinians and the mass destruction of their housing less than four years after it happened. Romney just can’t factor a little thing like the Israeli subjugation and slaughter of an occupied people when doing his libertarian economic analysis. This is beyond callous. It is merciless. While none of us is allowed to forget the smallest chapter in the Zionist tale of eternal woe from the Middle Ages to the Munich Olympics, the Israeli demolition of Gaza and the human and financial consequences that accrued from that human rights horror are already a will-o’-the-wisp.

It is said by some on the Right that Romney is the conservative alternative to Obama. If Romney was trying to conserve anything resembling western civilization he would have condemned MK (Member of the Knesset) Michael Ben-Ari who, on July 17 in Jerusalem destroyed a copy of the New Testament by ripping out its pages and terming it “garbage,” after it was mailed to him by a missionary. Romney, the tough talking “Republican conservative” had nothing to say in defense of the gospel of Jesus Christ which was traduced three weeks ago by a barbarian who happens to be a member of the Israeli parliament.

If someone in Palestine had ripped out pages of the Babylonian Talmud and called it garbage while tossing it in the trash, Mitt would have thundered denunciations of “this biased hate crime against a holy book.”

Biased hate crimes against Jesus Christ’s holy book don’t register, however.

So which God does Mr. Romney serve, the god self-made from the swamp of Judaic racial pride, or Jesus Christ who, when it comes to Zionist depredations against His Name and Word, seems to have few defenders, though many come preaching “Lord, Lord.”

Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism’s Strange Gods and Judaism Discovered, and executive editor of Revisionist History newsletter.



Anonymous said...

What an extremely dire situation the U.S. is in between the choice of Obama and Romney which in reality, of course, is no choice at all.

See this latest bit about Romney at http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/romney-iran-no-option-excluded-181728095.html

Can you imagine the outcry in the controlled media if the president of Iran paraphrased Romney by stating before the world: "No option should be excluded in stopping Romney from becoming president."

James Phillips

aferrismoon said...

Michael Ben-Ari is of course MKUltra - Member of the Knesset Ultra.


LaSalette153 said...

The "silence" of candidate Mitt Romney about the "act of shredding the New Testament" by Michael Ben-Ari of the Knesset, is not due to ignorance. I'll explain: Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and the MORMONS ARE NOT CHRISTIANS.
The Mormon sect roots come from a lost tribe of Israel led by the Patriarch Nephi. Nephi was a contemporary, and perhaps a friend of the Prophet Jeremiah. The "Mormons" left Israel circa 600BC. This tribe eventually arrived in America, and got extinct. The "Book of Mormon" is only a DIGEST from tablets given by the Angel Moroni to the Prophet Joseph Smith, which means that the LDS's Church is a sect with secret, just as the Freemason is a society with secrets. It must be said that Judaism as well as Christianity contain no secret.
The "Christ" who appeared to Joseph Smith does not wear the Five Wounds, because this "Christ" is too proud to show wounds. This is a sign that the "Christ" of the Mormons lacks the humility of the True God.
Also the Blessed Virgin Mary, essential to prove the humanity of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, is non-existant within the LDS's Church, thus proving again that the Mormons cannot be Christians.
The LDS's Church sect's liturgy goes on a three year cycle, in which the Book of Mormon, the King James version of the Bible, and a synthesis of the LDS are studied. The Mormons are therefore knowledgable about Christianity(and are able to fool everyone) while they are not Christians.
The LDS's Church sect has the same begining period of time as the Talmudic Jews, since both started during the Captivity of Babylon. Their roots concerning corruptions towards the Laws of Moses are similar: they both have been corrupted by the devil during the same time, while one was in Babylon, and the other was escaping Babylon in going to America. The result are two separate churches where one, the Talmudic Jews is composed of Satanic Jews who still renege Jesus Christ, and the LDS's Church sect that forms a gentile church of Satan. The Mormons, and the Tamudic Jews, such as Michael Ben-Ari of the Knesset worship a god different from Jesus Christ who is commonly known as Satan. This explains the "silence" of candidate Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is no dummy regarding the conduct of Israel, because he worship the same god, who is not written in the Old Testament.

farmer giles said...

there is no example of any arab country with development comparable to israel; for that matter the 3rd world in general as against the 1st.

it's very strange how the same people who are generally 3rd world in europe or the 'middle east' are suddenly some advanced but oppressed nationality of 'palestinians'. there are relatively few palestinians among the overall population of that name today; especially considering a place like gaza has grown 5 fold despite constant emigration over the last 60 years. thats probably a growth rate of near twice the average among other similar peoples.

there must have been a tremendous influx of lower class impoverished 'arabs' from around the area, over all this time. nobody moves INTO a ghetto unless they like it better than the alternative.

the bottom line is this- would the average european or american be more comfortable living among Israelis or Arabs? i think we all know the answer. everything else is irrelevant.

Malleus Haereticorum said...

And there's really no one else to whom to turn. I used to be a staunch supporter of Sarah Palin, for example, but no longer. Yes, there's much to like and admire about her -- e.g., her uncompromising pro-life position -- but I can no longer turn a blind eye to her zealous Zionism. I'm also disappointed by her surprising indifference to the ghastly threat posed by the sodomite agenda, but it's her almost fanatical commitment to the outlaw Jewish State that I find most egregious and that I can no longer countenance.

Michael Hoffman said...

Malleus - Sarah Palin supports pro-abort Condi Rice for Vice-President.

Malleus Haereticorum said...

Thanks for reminding me, Mr. Hoffman. That was indeed an unexpected and shocking development (which perhaps explains why I put it out of my mind). No one who is truly uncompromising in her pro-life position, as Sarah Palin certainly seemed, can possibly support Condi Rice for the vice presidency. There's not much left to say in favor of Mrs. Palin, except that she's beautiful. I'm hardly indifferent to feminine pulchritude, but it ain't enough -- it ain't nearly enough.

LaSalette153 said...

A little piece of history has past under the radar screen about candidate Mitt Romney, which might come back to haunt him: Candidate Mitt Romney, is "against Gay-Mariage", however is is not against adoption by homosexuals.
This is what happened in 2008: In California there was Proposition 8, a proposition against Gay-Mariage. The campaign was mainly run by Archbishop George Niederhauer of San Francisco. He was going no-where. A small group of activists came, and simply made known that Gay-Mariage was no more than a ploy for the sodomites to abduct little boys, and for the lesbians to abduct little girls under the pretext of adoption. This small group of activists, who knows the street, added that the abducted children were expected to come from pre-determined "unfit parents", and that there had been a precedent of such abduction by state troopers from the State of Texas against several hundred Mormon children of a polygamist branch of the LDS. The Mormons reacted, and brought their weight towards the proposition. Proposition 8 was won. Eventually, Prop 8 got overuled, by a triumvirate of judges.
The candidate Mitt Romney, is well aware that Gay-Mariage is an abuse against the children, but he has taken a political position that will enforce this form of child abuse. The Mormon candidate is a hypocrite, which goes in line with his "silence" told in Mr. Michael Hoffman's piece.
One little detail about this little piece of history: A day before his election, the then Senator Obama humored about a "cross-dresser strategist" during a dinner offered by the Cardinal of Boston (Senator Mc. Cain was present at this dinner). Barack Obama knew that he was going to win the presidency, as well as he knew that Prop 8 was going to be won in California. The "cross-dresser strategist", a real former cross-dresser who turned activist against institutionalized depravation, was therefore aknowledged. Candidate Mitt Romney is no dummy, as proved by his "silence" about the sacrilege comited against the New Testament, and he might be a real dummy for the scandal that he is comiting against "the little ones".