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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Special Nevada Caucus for Talmud believers

Yes, you read it right. A special Republican caucus has been added in Nevada to accommodate frum (Talmud-“observant") Orthodox Judaic persons who can’t vote until sundown Saturday, after their rabbinic, works-righteousness “sabbath” concludes.

And get this, just in case you thought there was a smidgen of favoritism at play here (perish the thought), the special Shabbat vote will be held at the Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Educational Campus in Las Vegas, a K-12 school named for the Zionist-fanatic casino billionaire and his Israeli wife.

Mr. Adelson, as many of you perforce know, in addition to having donated $11 million to a Super Pac dedicated to Newt Gingrich, is a Palestinian denier: he says the Palestinians never happened and this denial of the existence of an entire people, unlike the heinous thought crime of “Holocaust denial," has not detracted from his media cred one iota.

I asked my colleagues here at the On the Contrary office in the foothills of the Bitterroots, if they would lay aside their checkerboard and cease feeding Bertha (our wood stove) long enough to give me their cynical assessment of this development. Messrs. Cal and Ez stopped for a few moments to opine that the Nevada GOP’s decision to hold the extra caucus at the Adelsons' own school for Orthodox Judaics was probably finagled by ol’ Sheldon himself, as a way of rigging the caucus for Newt, since most Talmudists are wild about Gingrich's itchy Middle East trigger finger, and the fact that he shares Mr. Adelson’s expert opinion about the non-existence of the Palestinians.

Many Orthodox Judaics regard Ron Paul as the nemesis of their war-Zionist interventionism, consequently the special Nevada caucus for Orthodox Judaics-mainly (if not only), bodes ill for Dr. Paul and the integrity of the primary process itself.


The Contraception-Crazy Obama Administration

In other news, Cal and Ez say they have the inside skinny on Obama’s contraception rule, the one wherein he has banned religious institutions from exempting birth control from their employees' health insurance plans.  Cal and Ez say this Health and Human Services (H&HS) mandate was put into place at the urging of First Lady Michelle Obama, who has decided to stop having children herself.

It’s also predicated on the media’s claim (initiated by a recent report in the New York Times), that many female and youthful Catholics (Catholics are supposedly more irate about this mandate, although any Biblically-faithful Christian should be), are allegedly either indifferent to funding contraception or support it outright; e.g. H&HS director Kathleen Sibelius, who is an alleged Catholic and also happens to be the bureaucrat who is enthusiastically enforcing the government's conscience-suppressive contraception insurance command.

According to reporter Carol E. Lee, writing in the Feb. 2 Wall Street Journal (p. A6): “Democrats, including the Obama campaign, want to keep the focus on contraception and reproductive health, a debate for which they believe the battle lines are so clear there is little risk of alienating potential Catholic supporters...Catholics...are split on issues such as access to contraception.”

Whoa there, Carol E. Lee, is the issue really “access” — a ban on the sale and distribution of contraception, as you write?

Is it not actually an issue of coercing Christian hospitals and schools into subsidizing their employees’ use of contraception? Why are you trying to confuse us, Carol?

Carol E. Lee continues: “The calculus among Mr. Obama’s political advisers, people familiar with their deliberations said, is that support for the decision among women and young voters — including Catholics and Hispanics—outweighs any potential loss.”

If Lee’s sources are correct, then the Obama administration is betting on a revolt on the part of voters who are Hispanic and Catholic young people and women, against Biblical truth and Catholic law, in favor of the culture of death.

Contraception and reproductive health” is their indoctrinating mantra — and they call themselves “feminists."

Pregnancy is a disease? True, that was the male-chauvinist obstetricians’ view in the 1960s and 70s, but it has been replaced by an entire birth-affirmative movement led by midwives.

Obama makes birth control easily available to American women and then uses the "declining American birth rate" and "aging American population” clichés as a pretext for calling for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens, who we supposedly need to replenish our population. What a fraud!

The Democrats shoot themselves in the foot on the issues of the deprecation of Second Amendment rights, contraception and abortion. They lose big with that evil agenda. Obama quotes Christ on poverty as a riposte to Mr. Rich Romney. President Obama should be reminded that the “least" of Our Lord’s "brethren” are the unborn babies tossed in dumpsters all over America, more than half of whom are girls. A true Christian and a true feminist would never be complicit in this most brutal of all forms of oppression of the weak and defenseless.


The latest issue of our Revisionist History Newsletter is hot off the press, “Freemasons in the American Civil War.”

If there’s still hope that your pastor is not a hireling, or a Baal priest in disguise, why not send him a copy of Judaism’s Strange Gods, so that he might know the truth and be blessed with the audacity to share this important verity with his parishioners or congregation?


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