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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Christian Allegedly Reports From Syria

Here's an e-mail reportedly received from Syria. We  have not corroborated the claims and charges made in the e-mail from “Dani  (Danial) Razzouk,” so be vigilant.

However, because reports are so one-sided from the corporate media it is worth hearing the other side  and making your own evaluation as to veracity. One thing is certain, the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq ended with a drastic reduction of Christians in that nation.

If Asssad is overthrown in Syria it is likely that Islamic Salafists will come to power and Christians will flee. We’re all for human rights and democracy in Syria, but are shadowy forces trying to diminish the position, influence and population of Christians in the Arab world, from Iraq to Syria and beyond?

The “e-mail from Syria” was accompanied by the following:

Danial is a brother who serves the Lord in Syria, in particular in the most dangerous town which is Homs!  Please read below. His English is not perfect.  adany2003@yahoo.com 

From: Dani Razzouk Jan. 29, 2012

Jesus Christ peace be with you all my sisters and brothers.

I could not before now to write to you, but we feel you through your prayers around us, and we experience God's care for us when we see death around us ,in the streets and in places we were brought up in, and we lived, we did not expect that he will one day happen murder and hatred of people We were living with them, eat and drink with them, do not want to dwell, but simply have seen the ugliest forms of fear, killing and crying and wailing of women about men and children for their parents ,and families of their daughters who were raped and cut with knives after the rape.

I have hundreds of stories about killings and rape of girls in the thirteen years and up of age and one of them raped her more than fifteen men and then killed her and they cut her body and sent it cut to her family, her fault it because she belongs to the Alawites sect, in the city of Homs, the city that grew up in and lived, occurred the ugliest forms of murder more than forty girls killed, and they made them naked and after that they killed them, and cut its members brutally, just because they are Alawites, I have friends, many of our fellow Alawites and the events taking place is a sad and painful, I'll tell you  this story and I will stop: the Muslim bad men led the  pregnant woman with twins from the hospital to their area at gunpoint and they made her naked in the streets and they tore her body when she still alive and snatched the babies— twins-- and hacked to death their mother only because they are from the family of Alawites.

 Of course, not only killing the Alawites, but also killed many Christians, and two days ago killed an Orthodox priest, and about one month put the paper on the threat of my car, in the city that our church exists by many things have happened.

In the midst of all this, we say thank to God that we now, live and move, and all this thanks to the Christ who protects us,   my parents has escaped from the city of Homs and lived in an area between Tartous and Homs in my area ministry.

My friends I'm sorry for these stories and bad news, but what is really happening in my dear country is a militant Islamist movement to implement Islamic law, up of us and others, and unfortunately the external media says that the Syrian government that is killing people, but this is not correct, what happens The government is trying to protect its people from killing and death and rape, on the roads that I travel through them they found several explosive devices , which was dismantled before the bombing.

All of this painful side of the story, but the positive side is that many of the Alawites and nominal Christians  began looking to Jesus as the only hope and Savior to them, there is fantastic news for the salvation of souls and the growth of church service and this is what we hope, two days ago I was flying from joy when we serve at one of our churches  and when I saw their enthusiasm and vision which they carry out the extension of the kingdom of Christ  and have a vision to plant 136 trees on the name of Christ Jesus, to declare to the whole world that Christ Jesus is the true Savior, and he is the God of peace and love .

I've been through many painful experiences in the past few days, and the devil fought and still fight, I know that service and travel today is fraught with danger, but every time I see the hand of God with me in a strange and different way, I do not want to dwell too long in my story, but I want to say that the message of Christ spread strongly in the middle of the evil that surrounds my country.

Please pray for my country for peace and pray to the Lord gives wisdom to the President of our beloved country and all who are in the position of obedience to the commandment of the Lord to spend a quiet life and reassuring in all godliness and reverence.

We love you from all our heart; please do not forget us in your prayers request. My peace to you and to your families and your churches, on my name and on behalf of all members of the Church here.

(End quote)


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, this piece from the supposed Christian in Homs rings a little like the "babies thrown from incubators" story which was spread before Gulf War I. I simply don't buy it! It is known, and I have had confirmed by friends on the ground there, that paid snipers and other armed thugs are being sent to kill Syrians, and then have the blame laid at Assad's feet for these killings. The funding comes from the US and other Zionist sources. Assad enjoys the popularity of the majority of Syrians. If, indeed, these atrocities are occurring,, they are being perpetrated by outsiders whose intentions are obvious: the big prize here is Iran.

Jason said...

Anon, what are you talking about? If you indeed read the post it's pretty much saying the same thing you are.

It's been well reported in years prior (outside the Zionist press) that Syria's Christian population enjoys the protection of Assad's government. If Assad's government is illegally overthrown, then as Mr. Hoffman states Christians there will be exposed to massacres and forced to flee as in Iraq and Palestine. There will be many Saints made if that day comes. May God be with them all.