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Friday, October 14, 2011

How can Pope Benedict let go of ancient truths?


By Bishop Richard Williamson, SSPX
Eleison Comments • CCXXII (222)

London, England -- In his second volume on the life of Jesus published several months ago, Pope Benedict XVI made remarks enabling journalists to jump to the conclusion that the Jews must no longer be held responsible for deicide, i.e. the killing of  God. Worse, on May 17 the executive director of the US Bishops’ Conference’s Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs said that one cannot charge the Jewish people with deicide at any time in history without falling out of communion with the Catholic Church. Against what many people today want to believe, it is time to recall, however briefly, what the true Church always used to teach on the judicial murder of Jesus.

Firstly, the killing of Jesus was truly “deicide”, i.e. the killing of God, because Jesus was the one of the three divine Persons who in addition to his divine nature had taken a human nature. What was killed on the Cross? Only the human nature. But who was killed on the Cross in his human nature? None other than the second divine Person, i.e. God. So God was killed, deicide was committed.

Secondly, Jesus died on the Cross to save all of us sinful human beings from our sins, and in this sense all men were and are the purpose of his death. But only the  Jews (leaders and people) were the prime agents of the deicide because it is obvious from the Gospels that the Gentile most involved, Pontius Pilate, would never have condemned Jesus to death had not the Jewish leaders roused the Jewish people to clamour for his crucifixion (Mt. XXVII, 20). Certainly the learned leaders were more guilty than the unlearned people, says St. Thomas Aquinas (Summa III, 47, 5), but they all cried together for Jesus’ blood to come down upon them and their children (Mt. XXVII, 25).

Thirdly, at least Pope Leo XIII considered there to be a real solidarity between the Jews clamouring then for Jesus to be killed and the collectivity of Jews of modern times. Did he not in his Act of Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus have the entire Church, from the end of the 19th century onwards, pray to God that he turn his “eyes of mercy towards the children of that race, once God’s chosen people: of old they called down upon themselves the Blood of the Savior; may it now descend upon them a laver (i.e. washing) of redemption and life”?

But Leo XIII is by no means alone in observing such a continuity amongst Jews down the centuries. Do they themselves not lay claim today to the land of Palestine on the grounds that it is theirs by right from the God of the Old Testament? Has there ever been a race-people-nation on the face of the earth more proudly self-identifying as identical down the ages?

Originally raised by God to cradle the Messiah, alas, when he came they refused, collectively to recognize him. Collectively also, meaning there are always noble exceptions, they have remained faithful to that rejection, so that they changed their religion from that of Abraham and Moses and the Old Testament to that of Anas, Caiphas and the Talmud. Tragically, their very messianic training by God drives them to go on rejecting the one whom they hold to be a false messiah. Until they convert at the end of the world, as the Church has always taught they will do (cf. Rom. XI, 26-27), they seem bound to choose to go on acting, collectively, as enemies of the true Messiah.

How can the Pope let go of such ancient truths?

Kyrie eleison.

Emphasis and link in the preceding issue of "Eleison Comments" supplied by On the Contrary.

Listen to me, you who know what integrity means,
people who take my laws to heart: do not fear the taunts of men, 
nor be dismayed by their insults,
for the moth shall eat them like garments,
the grub devour them like wool,
but my integrity will remain forever.

Isaiah 51: 7-8 




"......How can the Pope let go of such ancient truths?"

Catholic leadership has today, it would appear, been entirely Judaised.

What is the Love of Christ when it cannot recognise the truth in the teachings of Christ?

What is the Love of Christ when it makes common purpose with the unrepentant killers of Christ?

Perhaps we need to consider the possibility of remaking a Church without any external hierarchy. Perhaps, in time, hierarchy (and its overwhelming tendency to corrupt) will be eliminated (as authority) from human affairs.

What is the point of 'cleaning up' any system when we know that 'the smoke of Satan' (as Paul VI put it)can take over the Church of Christ itself.

Anonymous said...

I am a practicing Roman Catholic. I do not know the religious status, if any, of the individual going by the name of "NO ONE TO VOTE FOR" (NOTVF).

As per NOTVF'S assertions, the Catholic leadership has not been entirely Judaized, despite any claimed appearances to the contrary.

NOTVF'S suggestion that "we need to consider the possibility of remaking a Church without any external hierarchy" is absolutely despicable and not worthy of any right thinking Catholic. In the hierarchy of jurisdiction the episcopate and the papacy are of Divine origin. The idea of "remaking a Church without any external hierarchy" is fantasy and much more importantly it is unquestionably a heretical idea. (Cf. The Catholic Encyclopedia's article on the Church's hierarchy seen at http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/07322c.htm.)

James B. Phillips

Malleus Haereticorum said...

As Sister Lucia of Fatima observed, both the world and the Church are in the grip of "diabolical disorientation". It has been thus since and because of the egregious Second Vatican Council, which remains to date the greatest Judeo-Masonic victory.

Let us take solace in the knowledge that traditionalism within the Church is thriving. And let us ever recall the promise of Our Lord that the gates of hell will never prevail, as well as the pledge of Our Lady that in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph.

With specific reference to Bishop Williamson (whom I honor), he should know that the opinions and prudential judgments of bishops and even of the Holy Father himself are not binding upon the faithful; they are not teachings of the ordinary or extraordinary Magisterium of the Church.

What the Bride of Christ has dogmatically taught as a matter of Faith or morals is authoritative, definitive, absolute, infallible, and immutable. It cannot and will not be altered or corrupted by the mere pronouncements of perfidious poltroons.

Michael Hoffman said...

I received this comment by e-mail from a Greek Orthodox believer:

Good article, except that in Orthodoxy, we do not believe that all the judaics will convert to Christ at the end times; only a small remnant will convert, approximately 10% according to Isaiah. The rest of the judaics will constitute the main power base of anti-christ, whom they will enthrone as the "King of Zion" in Jerusalem.


Jason said...

Also of note, the commentary from the 1633 Rheims NT for Apocalypse 7:4-12 points out that the specific numbers given for the elect of the tribes of Israel are specific at 144,000; while the "elect of the Gentiles to be innumerable."

Michael Hoffman said...

We are receiving submissions that are off-topic: an attempt to debate the truth or falsity of Roman Catholicism. Please direct those comments to apologetic or polemical blogs.

For publication here, comments must address the topic: Is the following Biblical doctrine still valid -- that a majority of Jews alive in Palestine at the time of Christ’s crucifixion were responsible for His death?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Peter in his famous sermon in the 2nd chapter of Acts told the Jews at Pentecost that they were guilty for the blood of Jesus Christ who God has raised from the dead. The Jew's said, "What shall we Do?" Peter said, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and ye shall be saved and receive the Holy Ghost. He said the promise was for them and as many as God would call in the future. Yes the Jew's are guilty of killing God's Son IE God. Thank you Mr. Hoffman for the truth.

Anonymous said...

What James said.

I am, or should I say, I was raised a roman catholic. I was very close to my church. Sadly over these past few years I have dropped away from her. Maybe doing away with the hierarchy is the wrong thing to do. I believe what the church needs is for the hierarchy to start behaving like their Master Jesus instead of the élite of the world. The thing that hurts me the most is the power the church has and yet it sits back and tells us to be good little citizens while our leaders cheat and steal from us and lead us into unending wars for their profit. I am sick of this. To me it means only one thing. The Catholic Church is part of the élite and have a vested interested in the status quo. As regards bishop Williams he is spot on. As I see it the only reason the Pope would say such a thing is because the church has become part of the status quo. Politically correct in its dealings with the world. They would much rather offend Christ/God than the world. I would even go so far as to agree with James.
The reason Catholics won’t admit to this is because of the fear and guilt put on them by the hierarchy. We will burn in hell if we disobey them. It’s a wonder we can still find it in our hearts to love Jesus if they are his reps on earth. I don’t believe they represent him anymore; they represent all that is corrupt in the world. When Jesus comes back, I think one of the first things he will do is a good bit of house cleaning.


The Militia Guy said...

No doubt the teaching of the Church about the Jews being responsible for deicide is still valid. Just b/c new authority comes in to give their OPINION, doesn't change the teaching. If people fall away from the Faith b/c they rely on new OPINIONS from corrupt wolves in sheep clothing, instead of relying on Church teachings, then the individual soul is responsible, not the wolf, who will be held responsible to his own deeds. Moral of the story: to distinguish between traditional Church teachings and the opinions of Judas' in the Vatican or local diocese running the ship aground.

The Militia Guy said...

Oh, one correction to the good bishop's article. It was not Leo XIII but Pius XI who issued the Act of Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart on October 17, 1925, to be said annually on the Feast of Christ the King, the last Sunday of October.